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3rd Hobby magazine 3 January
The 3rd hobby magazine has been posted on the Sims2.com here: Hobby magazine.


Site news 7 January
My apologies for the downtime. The site suddenly used an enormous amount of resources and had to shut down. I'm still not really sure what the cause was but my host made some software updates and it shouldn't happen again. I did notice that the Flashchat started using alot of resources the past weeks, so that may be the source of the problems. Just in case, I removed the flashchat and updated the Bribble chatroom as an alternative.
Mail was down so if you sent a mail the past 2 days, most likely I didn't recieve it.

4th Hobby magazine 10 January
The 4th hobby magazine has been posted on the Sims2.com here: Hobby magazine.


Free Time fanevent 12 January
The coming weeks, Maxis will be touring trough Europe (and Brazil), showing the Free Time expansionpack to selected fansites. Here are some of the dates:

UK: January 14 - Spain: January 18 - Netherlands: January 22 - Brazil: February 16

I will be attending the Dutch presentation on the 22nd. If you have some burning questions about the game, mail them to me and I will do my best to get them answered.

New poll 13 January
A new poll. This weeks question is if you need more kitchen and bath objects. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you like Free Time more after knowing more about it. It seems the hobby magazines that Maxis releases has a very positive affect; More then half of all people is thinking more positively about the pack after reading the magazines (21% from good to best, 31% from disapointed to good). 10% of all voters is not that enthusiastic about this pack. 4775 people voted and here are the results:

Do you like Free Time more after knowing more about it?
- Yes. I liked the idea, but now I think it's going to be the best pack ever!: 21%
- No, I liked it then and I still do: 38%
- I was disapointed with the theme but it's looking pretty good actually: 31%
- I'm actually starting to dislike it: 3%
- I still don't like this expansionpack idea!: 7%

Castaway Stories update 14 January
The French SimsStories site had a big update on Castaway Stories. 15 New screenshots, a (french) description and a trailer has been posted.
Check it here: French SimsStories site
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for this news.

My Sims 2 14 January
It's far away from an official announcement but The Sims team is currently working on My Sims 2. This is discovered on one of the job pages from EA.
Check it here: Jobs.ea.com.

There are actually a lot of job openings for the Sims Division, but other then the mentioned one, it never states for which game. Sims 3, a new Sims Stories game, a new mobile game, who knows. This one looks quite interesting though: Jobs.ea.com 2

Fan event reports 16 January
For those wondering "Where are the reports and screenshots from the Free Time fanevents?"; Well apparently, they are all on hold until coming tuesday (January 22nd). On that day there will be a flood of Free Time information from probably dozens of fansites all at once.
The dutch fanday is ON the 22nd, so the reports from the dutch fansites will be posted several days later.

5th Hobby magazine 17 January
The 5th hobby magazine has been posted on the Sims2.com here: Hobby magazine.


Free Time new careers 17 January
EA released a press release for Free Time. It mostly contains old info, but it does give us the 5 careers and their reward objects.
- Intelligence agent - Audio augmenter earpiece
- Oceanographer - Koi pond
- Entertainer - Star of fame
- Architect - Drafting table
- Dancer - Ballet barre

Check the full press release here: Free Time announcement

Misc.news 19 January
A bit late, but the 7th Stuff pack Kitchen & Bathroom Interior Design Stuff has now an info page here: Kitchen/Bath info
And ofcourse a thanks to Simtimes.de who found the info.

And I also wish to congratulate affliate Thesims2.co.za for their first year anniversary!

New poll 21 January
A new poll. This weeks question is if you will check all the Free Time fan event reports. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you need more kitchen and bath objects. Though first reactions of this pack were somewhat negative, those who voted are very positive as almost 3 out of 4 people like to have more of these items. Only 12% won't get this pack for sure. 3041 people voted and here are the results:

Do you need more kitchen and bath objects?
- Yes. I'm in great need of more of those objects!: 30%
- Yes, more bath/kitchen stuff is always welcome: 43%
- I don't really need it, but I will probably get it anyway: 15%
- No, I don't need have a need for those kinds of objects: 12%

Free Time creature/First reports 21 January
No need anymore to keep it secret; The Free Time creature is a Genie in a bottle.

The fans from Sweden are the first who start revealing info they gathered from the Free Time producer's tour. The screenshot on the left is from BBS member 'Snutt72'. And the first report I found is Simsnorden.blogg.se

No doubt that many will follow. There is no list of fansites who went, but I will do my best to find all participating sites and post the links to them. If you know of a Fanday report, please let me know so that everyone can see them.

New Nhood in Free Time 22 January
There will be a new Neighborhood in Free Time, called Desiderata Valley. This is seen on a screenshot sent from BBS member 'Knightlord72'. In the other pic you see the hobbies connected to the aspirations chart.
A movie of part of the presentation was posted on YouTube by Capital Sims. Find it here: Free Time on YouTube

Also, a rough translation of yesterdays posted report can be found here: L1lahM0rgan82 BBS post

Later today, both German and Spanish fansites will post their reports. The links to those will be posted a bit later since I myself will visit the producer's tour today.

Misc. Free Time news 22 January
I'm back from the fanevent and noticed lots of fansites have posted their info and screenshots. Spanish fansites will post theirs soon, so I will wait for them and will then post all the known Free Time reports.

The (bad quality) pic on the left is the career reward for the Intelligence agent career.

Some Misc. news:
The UK Sims site posted a music video of Natasha Bedingfield with the background of the Free Time expansion.
Check it here: Thesims2.co.uk

The movie from Capital Sim posted earlier today was temporarily made unavailable. It will be made public in a few hours from now.

BBS member 'TheCallumus' is collecting all the known Free Time info. I have also added a bit to that. See it here: TheCallumus BBS post

Well, as said, I've been to the producer's tour, but I will wait a few day with posting the info so I can check what the other have. Don't want to post stuff double. I got lots of original info and screenshots though.

Fanevents 23 January
As promised, all current fanevent reports are now posted in the Free Time Section here: Fanevents.
A recordnumber of 16 previews so far. A few more Dutch sites and the UK preview will be added in the next few days.

Big Sims2.com update 24 January
3 Big updates at the Sims2.com:
Comic strip
The 7 aspirations have all different effects on Free Time. Every week, one aspiration's benefits are explained in a comic. The first one is about Popularity.
Find it here: Free Time comic
Kitchen & Bath announced
The 7th stuff pack The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath is now officially announced. No screenshots yet, but you can find the info page here: Kitchen & Bath info

6th Hobby magazine
And lastly, the 6th Hobby magazine has been posted, this week the Outdoorsy issue.
Check it out here: Hobby magazine.


Misc.news 25 January
Kitchen & Bath box
EA released the big version of the box from the Kitchen & Bath stuffpack. Click the left pic to see the 1.13 Mb large box.

2007 Simsales
Gamespot posted the top 10 of best selling PC games of 2007. There are 4 The Sims titles in this list. Seasons is the best selling of these with 3rd place.
Check the list here: Gamespot 2007 list

New poll 27 January
A new poll. This weeks question is if you like the Genie. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you will check all the Free Time fan event reports. Half of all people only check the screenshot and some main info. The amount of people that wants to know it all and the people that doesn't want to know anything is almost the same small amount.1640 people voted and here are the results:

Do you check all the Free Time fan event reports?
- Yes. I check them all and translate them!: 10%
- Yes, most of them and check forums/bbs for the new info: 26%
- Yes, but only check screenshots and some info: 51%
- No, I don't want to know so much yet: 13%

Site news 27 January
My FreeTime report about the Producer's tour has now been posted online.
Check it here: FreeTime preview.

Castaway pics 28 January
The German Sims site currently has a contest for Castaway. Not sure if it's only for Germans but they did post quite alot of new Castaway screenshots.
Find it here: EA Germany
The second screenshot holds a secret link to another screenshot which in turn has also a secret link, etc.etc. Just hoover your mouse over them to find them all.

Misc. news 29 January
The Swedish Sims site posted a new Free Time pre-order bonus; Sporty female clothing. This makes it the 5th pre-order item for FreeTime. It is unknown if an American or other European store will have this item.
Check screens of all 5 items here: EA Sweden

The Sims Castaway Stories is now for sale and the official SimsStories site has updated with screens, items and a mini-game here: Castaway Stories

Kitchen & Bath pre-order 30 January
Gamestop.com posted the first pre-order for the Kitchen & Bath Stuff pack. It's a "Miss Handy Toilet Roll Holder".
See the pre-order here: Gamestop.com
Thanks to Simtimes.de for finding it.

Sims2.com update 31 January
A very big update at the Sims2.com:
- 10 screenshots of the Kitchen & Bath Stuff pack have been posted here: SP7 Screenshots
- Over a 100 renders of the items from this pack have also been posted here: SP7 Renders
- The 7th Hobby magazine has been released here: Music & Dance magazine
- And lastly, the 2nd FreeTime Comic was posted here: Fortune Comic
- Not on the Sims2.com yet, but the Kitchen & Bath trailer was posted here: EA Sweden