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New poll 1 January
A new poll. This weeks question is if you will open a business when the new expansion is available. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last question was what you thought of the Holiday Giveaway objects. Most people (over 60%) are pretty satisfied with the free objects. 1948 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the Holiday Giveaway objects?
- Great! They picked very cool items: 21%
- The objects they chose are ok: 40%
- They chose the worst items!: 10%
- Don't mind. I have the holiday party pack: 29%

Tim's Europe tour 3 January
As with several other expansions, Tim LeTourneau is touring through Europe to promote Open for Business. On 12 January he will be in Brussels to tell some things about it and also those invited there have the option to play the game.
And guess what: I'm invited! So I will be going there, make pictures and write all about it. There may be a Businesschat or Tim-mails before the event but if there are still open questions by then, feel free to ask them.

Mobile movie 4 January
  It's been quiet the last few weeks, but now the holiday period is over, news should come in again.
IGN posted a small 1 minute movie about the Sims 2 for Mobilephones. You can find it here: IGN movie

Open for Business official 4 January
Although it was already confirmed, EA now sent out an official press release that "Open for Business" is the 3rd Sims 2 expansion pack. With the announcement came a new movie and 4 new pictures.
Find the press release here: Press release
And the new movie here: 4th Open for Business movie


Mascot with pre-order 6 January
  Several official Sim sites now have a pre-order page for Open for Business where you can get a downloadable Mascot. The picture on the left is an artpic from the official Dutch Sims site.
The Sims2.com also has a pre-order page which you can find here: Open for Business pre-order

OfB release dates 7 January
'Iongingtears' from the Sims bbs found another Mascot page on the Sims2.com. On this page can be read that the releasedate for America is March 1st. Find this page here: thesims2.com/mascot
For Europe, the releasedate is confirmed March 2 or 3, but most likely the 3rd expansion will be released worldwide on the same day, just as Nightlife was.

New poll 8 January
Sims2network.com has reviewed Snootysims and gave it a pretty good score of 9 out of 10. Read it here: Sims2network review

A new poll. This weeks question is what kind of new OfB news you prefer. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if your Sims will start a business. Though still a bit surprising; Most people (2 thirds) are certainly planning to start a business. 1896 people voted and here are the results:

Will your Sims start a business?
- Yes, lots of them will!: 30%
- Yes several will open a business: 36%
- Probably just a few of them: 25%
- No, I'll just get it for the new objects, clothes,etc.: 2%
- I may not even get this expansion...: 7%

Misc. news 11 January
The official UK Sims site had an Open for Business chat with Tim LeTourneau yesterday. Their chatlog has gone lost but fortunately, thesimszone.co.uk has lots of info from the chat posted.
Find it here: Chat info Simszone.co.uk

In other news, the gaming newssite Gamasutra has a feature about the music from the Sims 2 on DS/GBA. Find it here: Music feature

OfB update 12 January
The Sims2.com has updated their Open for Business page with 2 new pictures and the artpic is from EA:


Well I went to visit an OfB presentation with Tim LeTourneau and we got to play the game for well over an hour. I took lots of pics, though not all pictures came out great. Will post some of them later today and the rest tomorrow, together with some new info.

OfB presentation 12 January
Below are some pics I took on the OfB presentation. The pics are not in the best quality but it's the best I could do.


- Pic 1: Well alot of people are interested in the elevator and this is the catalog description.
- Pic 2: New building options; Several new roof types like the one you can see on this barnstore.
- Pic 3: With every expansion a new Neighbourhood. OfB gets the Businessdisctrict "Bluewater Village".
- Pic 4: A really blurry pic, but you can clearly see the gigantic statues.

- Other bits of info: Servo who comes in either male or female version, will become a member of the family when bought.
- There is a new control panel in the top right of the screen where you can check out all your store's info, like employees, loyal customers and also select which items in the store can be bought by customers. Through the cashregister, you can make all items in the store a certain price range like Cheap or Very expensive.
- There are also awnings which you can shape the way you want and come in different colors.
- There will be no new cheats. Also there were hardly any new household items like beds, kitchen equipment, or electronics. The biggest part of the new items is business related.

Tomorrow more pictures and info. Reports and pictures from other people will probably start appearing then as well.

New pictures 13 January
The French gaming site Jeuxvideo.com posted several new Open for Business pictures:


Thanks very much to Luniversims.com for finding them.

New interview 13 January
Eurogamer posted a preview about Open for Business and also has an interview with Tim LeTourneau.
Find it here: Eurogamer article

OfB presentation 13 January
My report about the Open for Business event is finished. Find it here: Open for Business presentation

More OfB presentations 14 January
2 new reports about the Open for Business event have appeard.
The first is a very detailed editorial about every little feature in the game by The Simszone.co.uk. Find it here: Simszone.co.uk editorial
The second is from the Dutch site SP Zone. Though the report is in Dutch, there are quite alot of pictures as well. Find it here: SP Zone report

Gamespy OfB update 14 January
More Open for Business news: Gamespy posted part 1 of their "SimPrentice" story. In this feature, they follow a business up from the ground level.
Find it here: Gamespy "SimPrentice" part 1
With the article came 17 Open for Business pictures. Find those here: Gamespy OfB pictures


New OfB presentation 14 January
A new report about the Open for Business event has appeared. This one is from SPsimsdepot. Prior to what I thought, it seems there are a few new household items after all. 2 new beds, 2 couches and 2 chairs.
Find it here: SPsimsdepot article

New OfB pictures 14 January
Tim's tour trough Europe continued in Germany. German fansite Simszone.de posted quite alot of pictures they got from this meeting. No less then 30 high quality pictures.
Find them here: Simszone OfB pictures


More new OfB pictures 15 January
More pictures from the OfB event are appearing. Simsplanet2.com posted some more pics here: Simsplanet2 OfB pics.

Also German site SimTimes.de posted lots of pictures from Tim's Europe tour.
Find them here: SimTimes OfB pictures


New poll 15 January
A new poll. This weeks question is if your opinion about Open for Business has changed with this big amount of pics and info that came in. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what kind of OfB news you prefer. Most people prefer new pictures, followed by those that prefer movies. 1754 people voted and here are the results:

What kind of info would you like to see more of?
- I prefer pictures over everything: 38%
- More movies please!: 20%
- How about a Business chat?: 18%
- Previews/Interviews from gaming sites like Gamespot: 12%
- When is the next Tim-mail?: 12%

The Sims 2: Spooked 17 January
  Though it seems to be finished since Spring 2005, I just found out about it. Students, sponsored by Maxis had gotten the asignment to create an expansion using Maxisís Edith programming tool. This resulted in a fully working expansionpack called The Sims 2: Spooked! It is unsure if this pack will be ever out for sale (or part of it) in a shopping pack.
It is interesting though that this idea was an option in a survey about a year ago: Sims 2 survey options
  For those that like to read more about it:
Official project site
Game manual (pdf)
Thanks to Fwkhd from the Sims2 BBS for letting me know.

Hunter mail 17 January
Tim LeTourneau is still in Europe so that's why there is now a Huntermail or H-mail instead. In this mail is talked alot about businessranks and some examples of business rewards.
Find the mail here: Hunter mail.


Open for Business chat 17 January
From the official Sims 2 site, comes the news that coming thursday at 3 PM PST (midnight for Europe) there will be a chat with the Open For Business game team.

Sims 2 in best selling list 18 January
The NPD group, a company that tracks the sales of Videogames, sent out a pressrelease about the best selling pc games of 2005.
An interesting fact is that 2 Sims 2 titles are in the top 3. Here's the list:
- 1. World of Warcraft: 957.000 units.
- 2. The Sims 2: University: 574.000 units.
- 3. The Sims 2: 559.000 units.
Find the press release here: Annual 2005 PC sales.

Another press release from the NPD which also covers the console/handheld games can be found here: Annual 2005 videogame sales. No Sims titles in that list, though 5 out of 10 titles are from EA.

New survey 18 January
The official Sims 2 site has again started a survey. It's quite long and is mostly about shoppingpacks, next expansionpacks and what kind of items/places/situations you would like to see in it. And yes a pets expansion is one of the options. Other things to choose are more building options and my favorite; More pool options.
Take the survey here: Sims 2 survey.

Update: The survey can no longer be taken.

New OfB pics 18 January
From the official Italian Sims site, come 6 new Open for Business pictures. Some look a bit similar or a cutout from a full pic but that's the way they were posted:



New interview 19 January
While Tim LeTourneau was in Germany on his Europe tour, he had an interview with the official German Sims 2 site about Open for Business. A translation of this can be read here: Interview with Tim.

Chat transcript 20 January
The chat transcript from yesterday's chat has been posted on the official Sims 2 site.
Find it here: Chat transcript

Misc. news 20 January
  On the left you see nothing other than a Sims 2 magazine! Only in France you can get this magazine though, but I thought it was still interesting to post about it. Source: Official French Sims site.

Affiliate Sims2 network found the following info: The site Feng zhu design has the Sims 3 listed as a project for Electronic Arts. Though it's not a big surprise that they're working on it, since they were working on Sims 2 when the Sims 1 just came out, this is really the first evidence about a Sims 3. Seeing that Maxis wants at least 7 expansions, the earliest releasedate won't be before 2008.

And also, happy birthday to both Tim LeTourneau and Will Wright. Tim's birthday was Jan. 19 and Will turned 46 today.

New poll 22 January
A new poll. This weeks question is when you think the Pets expansion will come. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if your opinion changed for OfB now there's so much info about it. Interesting is that a couple weeks ago, about 50% liked the idea, and now it has grown to a full 90%! 1816 people voted and here are the results:

Has your opinion changed about Open for Business?
- I loved this expansion then and I still do!: 55%
- I didn't like the idea much, but I'm starting to like it: 35%
- I loved it, but now I'm not so sure anymore: 5%
- I hated it then and I still don't like it!: 5%

Nightlife for Mac 23 January
Aspyr has announced the second Sims 2 expansionpack is coming to the Mac. It should arive in stores somewhere in March.
Read more about it here: Macworld.com

Sims 3 update 24 January
After the discovery of some companies are working on Sims 3, IGN asked EA and they gave the following reply:

"EA knows that fans of the Sims just can't get enough of the franchise," an EA spokesperson told IGN. "As a company we are always exploring new ideas for how we can bring more great Sims games to these gamers, but until EA announces that a new Sims game is in the works, any speculation would be premature."

Find that article here: IGN.com

New OfB pics 24 January
       On the left you can see 3 new artpictures. The first 2 are ofcourse from the OfB box and the other is a lemonadestand.

They were posted by the French site Europe2 and many thanks to Luniversims for finding them and pointing them out to me.

Gamespot OfB update 25 January
Gamespot has a big Open for Business update:
First they have a preview named: "The Sims 2: Open for Business Impressions - Running a Store, Managing the Wage Slaves". Find that here: Gamespot preview
Then there are 4 new gameplay movies which you can find here: 4 OfB movies
And lastly a whole range of new pictures have been posted here: New OfB pictures


OfB questions asked 25 January
Maxis is planning a podcast with Producers Tim LeTourneau and Don Laabs in which they will answer questions about Open For Business. MaxoidKane started a thread at the Sims2.com BBS where you can ask them. There are an enormous amount of questions asked already, but if your's wasn't mentioned, do so here: Podcast questions

IGN OfB update 26 January
As Gamespot did yesterday, today IGN has a big Open for Business update.
They wrote a big, 3 page preview here: IGN 'Hands On' OfB
With this preview came 14 new Open for Business pictures. Find those here: IGN OfB pictures


Site update 26 January
The Open for Business section is updated; The reports from Tim's tour through Europe, the previews from the commercial sites like Gamespot, etc. have been added and there is an extra page with several pictures from sites like Simszone.de, IGN.com, etc.
- Reports and Previews
- Misc. pics from other sites

Misc. news 27 January
Businessweek.com comes with the news that Electronic Arts considered placing known brands into Open for Business (product placement), however the game's ad and design staffs decided against it.
Read this interesting story here: Businessweek article
Thanks to Simszone.de for finding it.

Thesims2.com has updated; An Open for Business wallpaper can be found here: Sims 2 wallpapers
And also they posted a link to a new Open for Business preview. Most of the info in that preview is known though. Find it here: 1Up OfB preview

New poll 29 January
A new poll. This weeks question is again about pets; Would you like to have a pets expansion? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was when a pets expansion would come. 2 thirds expects that it will be the next expansion after OfB. 2357 people voted and here are the results:

When will the pets expansion come?
- It will be the next expansion after OfB!: 66%
- Just as Sims 1, the pets will be exp.pack nr. 5: 22%
- It will be the 6th expansion pack: 6%
- Save the best for last? The 7th pack: 6%

OfB presentation 30 January
  Now here is a presentation that I comletely overlooked. It was posted more then a week ago, but have just found it;
The German fansite Thesims.de made quite a big 'Ersteindruck' (First impression) for Open for Business. Though it is written in German, there are several new pictures and also some small movies taken on Tim Letourneau's Europe tour.
Find it here: Thesims.de presentation

New shopping packs coming 30 January
It seems that Holiday was not the last Shopping pack; At least 2 more will come. On several Australian online shops, the following 2 packs can be found:
- The Sims 2: Family Fun Release date: 26 April
- The Sims 2: Glamour Release date: 21 June

As said, several sites mention them, among them are dstore.com.au and Gamehead.com.au
Thanks to those who mailed me about them.