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New poll 2 January
It's been some time since there was a new poll. With the arrival of bodyshop, this weeks question is if you download alot of custom content. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what other 'in-between' age you would like. Pre-teens are the most wanted, followed by old adult. 2541 people voted and here are the results:

What other age would you like to see in an expansion?
- Between baby and toddler (old baby): 5%
- Between toddler and child (young child): 9%
- Between child and teen (pre-teen): 43%
- Between adult and elder (old adult): 30%
- I don't want another age: 13%

Site news 3 January
As you can see on the left, I changed the Menu since Snooty Sims now also has a walls and floors section. There is not alot there yet, so I hope people will send in their creations. I tried to make some myself and found that it's pretty easy to do. But I'll be making a step by step tutorial how to create floors very soon.

I also found that adding walls and floors are much easier to add to the site then clothes, so everything that is sent in can be placed online within 2 days. Also they will always be available for everybody to download.
LeeRoy made the first contributions to this section. I myself made 2 items.

New University pics 4 January
From the official German Sims site, come 4 new University pictures and a packshot. Note that this packshot may not be the final version.


New preview 5 January
A new University preview has appeared on Gamespot. Go check it out here: GameSpot preview.
GameSpot also has a Developer interview movie here: Developer interview.

New University pics 5 January
From the official German Sims site, come several new University artpictures.
From the official Italien sims site, a new picture.


Sims 2 hacks article 6 January
Security Focus posted an article titled 'Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses'. Although this is an already known issue, it's still an interesting article where different aspects about this are presented.
Read this article here: Security Focus.

New interview 7 January
Fragland had a little interview with Tim LeTourneau. Interesting questions like 'will sports be added' and 'can sims get drunk' were asked and answered.
Go check it out here: Fragland interview.

Tim Mail 3 8 January
Tim LeTourneau sent another mail with new University info. Go read it here: Tim Mail 3.
The mail came with 2 new University pictures and a movie about the cow-plant:


New poll 9 January
A new poll. This weeks question is how many neighbourhoods you have. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you download much Custom Content. It's about 50-50; 45% download lots of items while 55% hardly download anything. 1533 people voted and here are the results:

Do you download much?
- Yes, almost everything I can find!: 15%
- I have download fair amount of items: 30%
- No just a couple items I really like: 28%
- I haven't downloaded anything yet!: 27%

University event 9 January
Tim LeTourneau is traveling all over Europe to promote the University expansion pack. Several pictures and articles have arived from those who visited this event.
- Translation of press event.
- Simsnetwork. Dutch presentation. Pictures are at the bottom.
- More pictures from a Polish site.

Thanks very much to SPZone for the links.

Site news 10 January
I constructed a floortutorial. It is made so that even the most novice user should be able to make some great looking floors.
Go check it out here: Floor tutorial.

New University pics 10 January
From the official Spanish Sims site, come 4 new (somewhat small) University pictures.


University release date 11 January
Today the official UK sims site announced that University will be released 2 months from now, March 11. The USA date will most likely be a couple days earlier.

New patch 12 January
The official Sims 2 site, released a new patch which fixes the Custom Content browser, support for Asian territories and fixes bugs related to downloadable objects.
Go download this new patch here: Updated patch.

University trailer 12 January
Gamespot posted the first official University trailer. In this trailer, you see a couple sims playing pool.
Go here to see it: University trailer.

New designer diary 13 January
The second Designer diary has appeared on Gamespot. Go read it here: Designer diary 2.


New movie 13 January
As Gamespot did yesterday, now Gamespy also posted a new University movie. Go see it here: University movie.

New object 13 January
Simday is here and it gives us a new object. It's a decorative room divider.
Go download it here: New object.

University release dates 14 January
Electronic Arts announced the official releasedate of University. The shipping date will be March 1 and it will be in the stores on March 3.
Several sites mention this news like Gamespot and Gamespy.

The releasedate for Europe is March 10 by the way.

New pictures 14 January
From the official site and from the official Spanish Sims site (Thanks to SimsExpress for finding these), come some new University pictures. The last 2 have been posted before, but now they are in full size.



Site news 16 January
In 'Walls and Floors' are 2 new sections added; a 'murals' and a 'collections' section. All creations in these sections are made by Schweighshr.
Schweighsr is very talented and also has made some beautiful walls. Go check them out!

New poll 16 January
A new poll. This weeks question is if you use the 'testingcheats' cheat. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was how many neighbourhoods you have. Most people (70%) just have a few neighbourhoods. 1159 people voted and here are the results:

How many Neighbourhoods do you have?
- Just the 3 that came with the game: 34%
- Made 1 extra. So 4: 36%
- I have 5 Neighbourhoods: 14%
- 6 Neighbourhoods for me: 8%
- Quite alot! More then 6: 8%

New University preview 18 January
The Sims Resource has posted a preview about University. They had a session with Tim LeTourneau who gave lots of info about the game as well as answering several questions from the members from the TSR's forum.
Go read this preview here: TSR preview.

Site news 23 January
Having made a floortutorial 2 weeks ago, today I constructed a walltutorial. This tutorial is also made very easy to follow so that everybody should be able to make some great looking walls.
Go check it out here: Wall tutorial.

New chat announced 24 January
At the official Sims 2 site, is announced that coming thursday there will be a chat with Tim LeTourneau, Kevin Hogan, Charles London, and Hunter Howe about the new items and gameplay from University.
The chat will be at 3 PM for America. For Europe that's midnight.

Gamespy article 25 January
Gamespy published the first of several articles about a Sim visiting University.
Go read the 'letters home' article here: Gamespy article.


New interview 26 January
The members official UK Sims site's forum could ask some questions about University which Tim LeTourneau would answer. Today he did just that.
Go read this Q and A here: Interview.

New pictures 26 January
Today some new University pictures arrived. The first 2 come from the Sims 2 scoop and the others are from the official Spanish sims site.


New object 27 January
Simday is here and it gives us a new object. It's a Snowman Construction Set.
Go download it here: New object.

Chat transcript 28 January
The chat transcript has been posted at the Sims2.com. Go read it here: Chat transcript.

Poster importer 28 January
A new unofficial tool has arrived. You can use this to import your own custom posters. It's a bit like custom paintings although posters made with this program look a bit better since it has a frame around the poster and they are a bit bigger. Also you can choose the price and fun/room rating.
Go download this tool here: Poster Importer.
Clicking 'Help' on the program, gives a small tutorial and is really recommended to follow.

Tim Mail 4 29 January
Tim LeTourneau has sent another Tim-mail. In this mail is a new fansite kit with several pictures, the University trailer and the final University boxshot. The kit is about 40 Mb in size.
Go download it here: Fansite Kit.
Read the Tim-mail here: Tim-Mail 4.


Site news 30 January
Well here should be the announcement of the new poll, but bravenet seems to have some technical dificulities. Let's hope they fix it soon.

Might as well mention that coming tuesday there will be a big update to the downloads section; both the walls/floors and bodyshop section will have lots of new content.

New poll 31 January
It's been some time since a new poll. This weeks question is if you often visit a communinity lot. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you use the testingcheats. Quite alot of people haven't heard about this cheat. And those that do, about half use it. 1817 people voted and here are the results:

Do you use the testing cheats?
- No, I prefer not to use it: 20%
- Just every now and then: 18%
- I used it several times: 10%
- Yes, I use it all the time!: 14%
- I never heard of it before: 38%