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Site news 2 January
Today I have added the forum. The guestbook, e-mail, affiliates, topsites and poll will be added once the site is completely ready. Today I'm going to try to finish the pictures page.
The Sims 1 section will be added after the site is done; Until then, I will just link it from the old site. The reason is that this part is going to take too much time to add it.

Site news 3 January
I finally finished the picture pages. Well, I want to add a couple more but there's no rush in those.
Finishing all those pictures took so much time that I haven't got time to make a new poll on the old site, so that will be tomorrow.

New poll 5 January
There is a new poll. This one is about if Maxis should have pre-made families in The Sims 2.
The last poll, do you have a sims site, was voted by 741 people. Most voters said that they hadn't or don't plan to have a simssite, but still 116 people plan to have one in the future. Also almost 1 of 10 voters currently has a simsite. Here are the results:

Do you have a Simssite?
- No and I never will have: 68%
- I had one but not anymore: 4%
- I will have one in the future: 16%
- I work for one: 3%
- Yes, I have a Simssite: 9%

Designer diary 6 6 January
The 6th designer diary can now be found at GameSpot. See it here: Designer diary.
There are also 4 new Sims 2 pictures here: New Sims 2 pics.

New pics and movie 10 January
There is a new preview at ActionTrip with 2 new Sims 2 pictures here: ActionTrip preview.
Also, a new moview can be found here: New Sims 2 movie.

New poll 11 January
Another poll has been posted. This poll is about if you still play The Sims 1.
The last poll, was voted by 618 people. Here are the results:

Should Maxis have pre-made families in the game?
- Yes, so I can start playing right away: 33%
- That would be nice: 41%
- I don't really care: 18%
- No, I will remove them anyway: 9%

New info 11 January
Luc Barthelet gave some more info regarding the camera mode (which you can read about in the 6th designer diary). Read it in Previews.

New poll 18 January
A new poll has been added. This weeks question is what kind of movie you would like to see next.
Last weeks question was about if you still play the Sims 1. A somewhat surprising result of 41% that hasn't played the Sims 1 for weeks. 639 people voted and here are the results:

Do you still play the Sims 1?
- Yes, even more! 10%
- About the same: 21%
- I play less: 28%
- I haven't played in weeks!: 41%

I found 2 new CaSIE pics at bonusweb.cz.

New Faq 19 January
Luc Barthelet gave a new Official FAQ. It gives the answers to some many asked questions. Read it in Previews. He also said that we can expect lots more movies in the future.

Countdown 20 January
The much requested countdown is back up. I have set the date to May 1st. You might say that this date is pretty late considering that many sites have the date at March. However Maxis said that the release date would be in Spring and this May 1st is mid-spring.

Sims 2 Scoop 21 January
The new Sims Scoop is out and it gives us 2 new Sims 2 pictures:

New pics 22 January
Some new pics can be found at 'the sims 2 creation'. The pics are rather small but still worth a look.
See them here: Sims 2 creation pics

Chat transcript 23 January
The chat transcript of yesterday can already be found at the official Sims 2 site. I have added it in 'previews'.
Read it here: Latest chat transcript

New pics 24 January
This saturday brings us 3 new Sims 2 pictures::

Site news 25 January
You can find a 'new' movie in the movie section. It's the Pc gameplay movie. It's pretty old but only with the new host I now have, I'm able to place it online.
Also you may notice that the official pictures are now 10% bigger then before. I have used the original pictures for this so they even look alittle better. I'm not completely done though; hunting down the originals and replacing them takes quite some time, but about 90% is done.

New poll 25 January
It's sunday so there's a new poll. This week a silly question about if you will marry the npc's.
Last weeks question was about what movie you would like to see next. Almost half of all voters want a movie about a special event like a wedding. 792 people voted and here are the results:

What kind of movie would you like to see next?
- A special event. Like a wedding: 48%
- Downtown: 8%
- A party: 3%
- build/buy mode: 15%
- A normal day: waking up, eat, etc.: 22%
- Other: 3%

Sims 2 later 28 January
As somewhat expected, The Sims 2 is now officially pushed back several more months. There is no definite date, but Maxis says it will arrive 'in the later half of Calendar Year '04'. No word about CaSIE is mentioned. Read the official announcement here: Releasedate news.
With this news, I have set the countdown to August 1st.

Chat transcript 29 January
The chat transcript has been posted at The Sims Resource. Not much new info in it, but still worth a read.
Read it here: Chat transcript.

New pictures 31 January
Just as last week, this saturday brings us some new Sims 2 pictures: