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New University screenshots 5 February
SimGuruHydra posted a few new University screenshots:


Aurora Skies update 7 February
TheSims3.com posted a few screenshots of the airballoon from the upcoming new downloadable world; Aurora Skies. The balloons are a premium item and Sims can picnick and woohoo in it.


Sims3 Store update 8 February
2 new sets in the Sims3 Store:

Palace of Versailles: 32 items for $19,75 (temporarily $16,25)

Happy Mardi Gras!: 3 items for free

Preview University - Island Paradise 14 February
IGN posted a preview for University and Island Paradise with some new screenshots.
Read it here: IGN preview

Misc. University news 14 February
  Producer's walkthrough
EA released a producer's walkthrough. In this video, they follow two young adults through university and beyond.
Check it here: Producer's walkthrough

Gamesradar had an interview with Sarah Nelson, producer of University Life.
Read it here: Interview

Island Paradise info 14 February
EA posted the description and info on Island Paradise together with some screenshots.
Check all the details here: EA.com

Also, an infopage for Island Paradise was added on the Sims3.com with lots more screenshots here: Island Paradise infopage


New blogs 16 February
TheSims3.com posted 2 new blogs:

The first blog is from SimGuruTaterTot about Aurora Skies new venue "the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center".
Find it here: 'Early Learning Center' blog

The second blog is from SimGuruHydra and she writes about the community day at EA headquarters.
Find that one here: 'Community day' blog

Blaise download 19 February
Blaise, who has a Simlish song in University Life, can now also be downloaded in the game. SimGuru_UK has her uploaded on the Sims3.com.

Check the press release and the Sim here: Press release - Blaise sim

New poll 19 February
There's a new poll. The question is which of the two upcoming expansions you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about Island Paradise. A devided result; 29% thinks it's going to be awesome and an equal number is not so sure about it.
1073 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about Island Paradise?
- It sounds awesome!: 29%
- I look forward how it's going to turn out: 42%
- I'm not so sure about it yet: 29%

New patch 19 February
EA released a new patch. It's a pretty big update with fixes for almost all expansionpacks, but most for Seasons. It also includes a few free items.
See the changes here: New patch

Aurora Skies out 21 February
Aurora Skies is now available in TheSims3 Store: Aurora Skies

The standard version is $24,50. The gold version is $43,50 (temporarily $39,-).

Note that the toddler Learning Center is not yet available individually. But when it does, it will cost $19,-.

New blog 27 February
Brittany Henry, Associate Producer posted a new blog on the Sims3.com about University. The blog is about the building options and Plantsims.
Read it here: New blog