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Showtime producer's walkthrough 2 February
EA released a new Showtime video where 2 producers tell a bit about the game. They talk about the early stages, the online features and venues.
Check it here: Producer's walkthrough

Sims turns 12 8 February
The Sims has turned 12 this month! And to celebrate, EA created a huge mosaic of Sims screenshots.
Check it out here: Mosaic
And check the press release with an infographic here: Infographic

Lunar Lakes 14 February
SimGuruTaterTot revealed info on the new downloadable world. It's called Lunar Lakes and storywise situated on an alien planet.
Find info here: Lunar Lakes

Showtime update 23 February
Sims Uk posted a bunch of new screenshots for the upcoming Showtime pack.
Check them here: Sims Uk Facebook

EA has also made a new Showtime video and this one is focussed on the social features of this new expansionpack.
See it here: New video