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Misc. news 1 February
First I would like to say sorry for the lack of updates the past week. There were some server issues I had to take care of. It seems to be fixed now though. It should also have fixed the problem of the site not loading at times or loading very slow. I hope to go back as usual with updates from now on.

10 Years of Sims
This February, The Sims series is 10 years old! It all started in Feb, 2000 with The Sims, an experimental game by Will Wright. Now the most popular game franchise in the world, back then, not many people believed it could work.
Most likely, EA will have some specials this month to celebrate this milestone.

Free sets
The first special has already been posted on TheSims3.com. EA will give free items on a daily basis, the first being 2 paintings, one with Bella and the other from a familiar clown.
See the news about this special here: Thesims3.com

Sims art
EA teamed up with artists to make art based on the Sims 10th anniversary.
See some interesting results here: thesims.society6.com.

High-End Loft
And this february is ofcourse also the time of the first Stuff pack being released. It's already for sale in some places and first reactions seem to be very positive.
See also the official trailer for this pack here: Stuff pack trailer.

Misc. news 2 February
More gifts
EA continues with their 10th anniversary gifts! Today 2 more wall decorations. The good old pink flamingo and a grilled cheese painting.
Get them here: The Sims Strike Back

New patch
Also info about the new patch was posted on TheSims3.com. Just a few minor fixes, but with EA patches, you never know what to expect. So before install, better check a forum or two to see what it really does.
Check the middle of this page to see the fixes: TheSims3.com news

Upcoming podcast
Kotaku posted an article about an upcoming podcast with MJ Chun, associate producer of Sims 3, and Charles London, Sr, art director for the franchise, as guests.
Check here for all the details: Kotaku.com

More gifts 3 February
Gift giving continues with 2 more free items to download: A Sunset Valley painting and children's clothing.
Get it here: Let there be Sims!.

Misc. news 4 February
Anniversary article
Gamesbeat posted an article on the anniversary of The Sims series and the fact that it sold 125 million copies. The article isn't that interesting; Just a gathering of known Sims facts that most of us already know, but you may find it interesting anyway.
Check it here: Gamesbeat article
Also on Gamesbeat is an interview with Tim LeTourneau on 10 years of making The Sims. They discuss what makes the Sims so popular and the changes in the games over the years.
Find it here: Interview

Kotaku podcast
A few days ago, I reported about a podcast where a few EA people would talk about the Sims. According to Sim Programs it was very disapointing.
Check here what the podcast was all about: Simprograms article

Sims 3 Store update 5 February
New sets at the Sims3Store. The 50's theme can be described as an old fashioned 50's diner. And it also includes clothing from that period. Can be purchased in 2 seperate parts or together (which is ofcourse cheaper). 23 Items for $9,-.
The second new set is BahHouse and contains all square doors and windows. 21 Items for $12,-
Check out the new sets here: I heart the 50's - BahHouse

For the Sims 10th anniversary, these sets are reduced in price by 10% until February 14th.

Misc.news 10 February
Sims 3 on consoles
Very much expected but now it's confirmed; Sims 3 will come to the consoles. No info about these versions yet though, but releasedate should be at the end of this year. More coming EA titles are mentioned as well.
Check this story here: Gamasutra.com.

New patch
And yet again another new patch has been released and again it's a small one. Check the fixes here: TheSims3.com

Misc. news 19 February
More free Storestuff
More free items at the Sims3Store; This time a jester hat for carnival.
Get it here: Male hat - Female hat

Another next expansionpack sighting
InfiniteSims found another Hobbies and Professions sighting at a South-African store here: Take2.co.za

Activision Passed on The Sims
Here's a funny story by IGN where they mention that gamecompany Activision had an opportunity to buy Maxis but did not think it was worthwhile.
Check this story here: IGN article