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FreeTime producer tour 2 February
The Sims UK posted a producer tour about FreeTime. Bim Majekodunmi is interviewed and is asked a lot of questions like "What are the new careers", "What is your favorite expansionpack" and lots more.
Note that there is no ingame footage and it's mostly interesting for those that didn't read any Fanevent articles.
See the movie here: Producer tour

New poll 3 February
A new poll. This weeks question is which FreeTime career you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're disapointed in the Genie being the Creature. Only a small amount of 10% is really disapointed in that fact. The rest either loves the Genie (22%) or is only a little bit disapointed (33%). 2234 people voted and here are the results:

Are you disapointed in the Genie being the Creature?
- No, because I love the Genie!: 22%
- I want the Genie AND a new Creature!: 27%
- A real creature would be better, but the Genie is nice too: 33%
- No, because I hate the Creatures and the Genie!: 8%
- Yes, the Genie is stupid. I want a real creature!: 10%

Sim Animals 4 February
John Riccitello, chief executive officer of EA, talked in an earnings conference call about some new titles they're developing. One of these titles is a new Sims title called Sim Animals.
It is unknown if this title has somehow to do with The Sims, but www.simanimals.com does redirect to thesims.com.
Read more about it here: Eurogamer

Misc. news 6 February
German gamesite PCGames.de posted 29 screenshots and a movie about the Sims 3 game in FreeTime. It's still a bit blurry but it's probably the best quality possible. The movie and pics also show how this Sims3 pc is delivered.
See it here: PC Games.de
Thanks to Krys for this news.
Castaway Stories released
The Sims Castaway Stories is now officially in stores and a press release about it has been posted here: Press release
Also, a few new screenshots have been posted here: SimsStories Sweden

FreeTime update 7 February
The Sims Holland posted another Producer tour movie. It's from Designer Lakshmi and in it, she shows scenes from the game. Though it's posted on the Dutch site, the language is in English without a voice over.
See the movie here: Thesims2.nl
And ofcourse it's Thursday which means a new Hobby magazine and a new Aspiration comic:
- Hobby magazine 8: fitness
- Comic 3: Knowledge


Misc. news 8 February
Amazon posted their pre-order for the Kitchen & Bath Stuff pack. It's a "Bright-Eyed Tiger Sweater".
Check it here: Amazon.com

Affiliate GibbieSims found 3 new FreeTime screenshots. Check them below:


New poll 10 February
A new poll. This weeks question is when you think The Sims 3 will be announced. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which FreeTime career you like most. Architect clearly won with almost 1 out of 3. Entertainer is the lowest with just 11%. The other 3 are fairly even. 3056 people voted and here are the results:

Which FreeTime career do you like most?
- Intelligence agent: 18%
- Oceanographer: 18%
- Entertainer: 11%
- Architect: 32%
- Dancer: 21%

HotRod download 12 February
The Sims2.com released the Hot Rod, a car that was previously a Nightlife pre-order bonus.
Get it here: Hot Rod download

Spore update 12 February
Normally I don't post about non-Sims games, but I will make an exception for Spore.
Spore has now finally been given a release date; September 7. Just this announcement drove shares of EA up 4.7%. Pretty impressive. Also there is news about this game on handhelds (called Spore Creatures) and the next gen consoles. Find the links below:
- Press release
- Lucy Bradshaw interview
- EA's new games lineup
- Gamespot: Spore on Next gen consoles

Misc. news 13 February
Bon Voyage patch
The second Bon Voyage patch has been released. It's strangely enough not to be found on the Sims2.com however. For those that can't wait, get it here: Gamershell.com

New releasedates
EA released some info about new Sims games. Sim Animals is given a releasedate of March 2009. MySims on Wii and DS sold very well; More then 3 million units. And so it's also coming to the PC with a releasedate of November 2008.
Also, 2 more MySims games for Wii/DS are announced: MySims Kingdoms (November 2008) and MySims Party (February 2009).

FreeTime update 14 February
TheSims2.com has updated with the 9th Hobby magazine and the 4th Comic:
- Hobby Magazine: Cuisine
- Comic: Pleasure


Sims 3 announced soon 15 February
In a gaming forum, Rod Humble said that The Sims 3 will be announced soon. No further details, but it's also apparant from his response, that FreeTime is indeed the final Sims 2 expansionpack.
Check the forum here: Quartertothree.com

New poll 18 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if you need a patch for your game. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was when you think The Sims 3 will be announced. The later the date, the more votes. All in all, most people don't expect an announcement very soon. 3692 people voted and here are the results:

When do you think The Sims 3 will be announced?
- Before FreeTime is released (Feb.26): 3%
- Between FreeTime and Kitchen Stuff: 18%
- Right after Kitchen Stuff is released (April 8): 27%
- Several weeks after Kitchen Stuff: 52%

Sims Carnival Beta 18 February
EA has now opened the Sims Carnival site. According to the site, here you can create your own games. The site is still in Beta but you can sign-up for a Beta membership.
Check it out here: Simscarnival.com

New FreeTime interview 19 February
Arena51.be has posted a video interview with Bim Majekodunmi, taken at the Dutch FreeTime event. There's not really new info, but she talks about how dedicated the team is and things about the game like that it's a really creative pack.
Check it out here: FreeTime interview

Misc. news 20 February
FreeTime chat
TheSims2.com posted the news that tomorrow, there will be FreeTime chat. It will take place at 2:30 PM PST. For Europe that is 23:30.

Bon Voyage patch
For those that did not yet downloaded the 2nd Bon Voyage patch, it has now been posted at the official Sims 2 site.
Get it here: Bon Voyage patch

Almost 100 million Sims
Gamespot posted a little article about the fact that next month, the 100 millionth Sims copy will be sold. EA's vice president for global brand development of The Sims label, Steve Seabolt is almost ecstatic about the fact how much money the game generates.
Read the story here: Gamespot article

Genie pics
And lastly, Osimbr.net posted the first screenshots of the Genie:


Misc. news 21 February
Several European Sims sites have posted a new car download. It's a Montgomery Hawker from the Burnout Paradise game.
Check it out here: Car download

And thursday means a new Hobby magazine and a new comic:
- Hobby Magazine: Modern Media
- Comic: Romance


Sims2.com update 22 February
Sims merchandise
The Sims2.com added a new section with Sims merchandise. Here you can order items with the Sims logo like T-Shirts and caps.
Check it out here: Sims merchandise
Chat transcript
The FreeTime chat transcript has been posted on the official Sims site.
Read it here: Chat transcript

Sims team asks for input
MaxoidDrea posted a message on the Sims BBS from the Sims Team. They ask for stories from Sims players how the game influenced their life. Also she mentions a 'huge announcement from the Sims team'.
Read more here: MaxoidDrea message

Fanevent article 24 February
As probably the last fanevent article before FreeTime is in the shops, brings Sims2maniacos their report. It gives some new information like the Genie options and new interactions.
Read it here: Sims2maniacos.net

New poll 25 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if you like the idea of Sims merchandise. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you have bugs in your game. The majority of you (74%) either doesn't have bugs or only a few minor ones. A small group of people however has quite a few. 2019 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have bugs in your game?
- Yes, a massively amount of them!: 6%
- I got several yes: 20%
- A few but nothing serious: 56%
- Not a single bug in my game!: 18%

Australia has FreeTime 25 February
Several people from Australia report that they have the FreeTime expansionpack. In several topics in the Sims2.com BBS, they post info and screens.
Check them here: Sims2.com BBS

Misc. FreeTime news 26 February
FreeTime Icon
The Icon for FreeTime has been added to your Simpage on the Sims2.com. This binocular pic will show up when you register your game.
Prima guide
You can now download the FreeTime E-guide from Prima. However, it is recommended that you wait. Many people on the SimsBBS are complaining that only the first 2 chapters are in this download. The latest news is that Prima is aware of the problem. To be continued.
'Srikandi715' from the Sims BBS posted quite some interesting info from these first chapters here: SimsBBS post

Walmart download
Online shop Walmart always gives away their Redemption code for their pre-order item. So you're free to download the 'Modelshelf' object.
For the link and code, check the following website: Walmart.com

Misc. news 27 February
Prima guide
Prima has fixed the FreeTime guide and can now be safely downloaded. They also posted a preview of the guide of several pages.
Check it here and choose 'Try it out': FreeTime guide

First reviews
Gaming sites are slowly adding their FreeTime revies. IGN gave it a good 8.3 and Gamezone a decent 7. Check the links below:
- Gamezone

Site update
The first FreeTime updates have been added. The FreeTime cheat is added in the Cheats section and a Genie info page in the Infocenter here: Genie wishes

Misc. news 28 February
TheSims2.com added a new download. It's a poster of several bugs.
Get it here: New download

With a press release, EA let everybody know that FreeTime is now worldwide available.
Check it here: Press release

Maxoid blog 29 February
The Maxoids don't blog as much as they used to, but MaxoidMoonBelly updated her blog a few days ago.
Read it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog