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New Edenstyle movie 1 February
Italian fansite Edenstyle has posted the second part of the Seasons presentation movie.
Find the movies on the right hand side of this page: Edenstyle.it

Misc. news 3 February
Sims2.com updates
2 New blooperpics and a movie has been posted here: Sims bloopers
MaxoidSam updated his blog telling about a conflict between Pets and a video driver for some nVidia video cards. Read it here: MaxoidSam blog
And lastly, there's a new podcast from Rod Humble about Life Stories. Listen to it here: Podcast
Celebration pack update
Amazon has now a pre-order for the Celebration Stuff pack. It costs $19.99 and the releasedate is April 3. Find it here: Amazon.com
Gamespot is reporting about this upcoming Stuff pack. It does not give any info though, merely stating it has been found in an online shop.
Read the article here: Gamespot.com
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for finding this news.

Sims2 survey
There is a survey at the Sims2.com. However, as usual, only a very small amount of people are able to take it. Thesims2.co.za found all the options that are in that survey here: Survey options

New Seasons pics
Maxis is touring through Europe at the moment to promote Seasons and have just visited Spain. Fansite Capital Sims posted a couple pictures from the expansion here: Capital Sims

Misc. news 5 February
Misc. news from several fansites from around the world:

Brazilian site O Simbr.net posted some pics from the (possible) backview of the Seasons box. Also pics from a pre-order gift; A calender. See them here: O Sim br
Thanks to Simsdetoi.free.fr for this news.

Sims 3 confirmation
Spanish site Elmundo.es reports about the confirmation of Sims 3. Sam Player, who is currently in Europe to promote Seasons, has told that a Sims 3 is being worked on and also confirms there are several more Sims 2 expansions on the way.
Thanks to Simtimes.de for this news.

Seasons movies
Also from the Seasons promotion come some small movies. Noika86 from Spain posted several on Youtube. Check them out here: Youtube.com
Thanks to both Simtimes.de and Simsdetoi.free.fr for this news.

Yahoo portals
And lastly, Yahoo brings the news that they are working on setting up several portals, each with its own theme. A Sims portal has been specifically mentioned. Find more info here: Gamesetwatch.com
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for this news.

Sims 2 on Vista 7 February
Windows Vista is now for sale for about a week or so. For those that have questions about it concerning the compatibility with Sims 2, the official Sims2 site has updated with a FAQ page that may clear up some questions.
Find this help page here: Vista FAQ

Lifestories 8 February
LifeStories, the standalone laptop friendly version of the Sims 2, has been released. The official LifeStories site has been re-designed and on it, you can find some downloads, a newsletter signup, screenshots and more.
Check out the site here: Official LifeStories site

Seasons articles from France 9 February
Sam Player is still traveling through Europe promoting Seasons and is now in France. 2 New articles are made and though it's written in French, there are some nice pics and videos.
- Urbania-sims.com has several pics of objects, hairstyles and snowy scenes.
- The official French Sims site has an article with many small movies. Click on the "Cliquez pour voir la vidéo" links to load the videos.

New poll 11 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if the Sims 2 is the only game you play or not. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was if you train your Simpets. The highest percentage (36%) only trains the more important things. But all in all, most people (combined 52%) spends alot of time on their pets. 3025 people voted and here are the results:

Do you train your pets?
- Yes, I train them as much as I can!: 30%
- I train them alot but not to perfection: 22%
- I learn them a couple things, but mostly the important things: 36%
- No, I hardly teach them anything: 6%
- I don't have the Pets expansion: 6%

Misc. news 11 February
The back of the Seasonsbox has been found which you can see on the left. Thanks Henry for the tip.

LifeStories for Mac
With a press release, EA announced that Lifestories will also be released on the Mac. No dates have been given yet.
Read it here: Macworld.com

Blog update
Two maxoid have recently updated their blog. MoonBelly is very exited about Seasons and is looking forward to the movies people will make with the new pack. MaxoidDrea writes a bit about the monthly Community showcases.
- MaxoidMoonBelly blog
- MaxoidDrea blog

Seasons chat
I'm a bit late with this, but for those that missed it; Coming thursday there will be chat about Seasons at the Sims2.com. Chat time is 2:30 PM PST (23:30 for Europe).

Seasons producer walkthrough 13 February
The official German Sims site posted a new Seasons movie. This is the Producer Walkthrough where lead designer Hunter Howe talks about the pack and shows everything that's in it. It's in 3 different sizes:
- Producer Walkthrough Small (12 Mb)
- Producer Walkthrough Medium (50 Mb)
- Producer Walkthrough Large (317 Mb)
Edit: It's now also available on the Sims2.com: Seasons movie

Misc. news 14 February
Bonus item
Celebration Stuff isn't even officially announced yet, but several online shops have already put pre-orders up. Gamestop even has already a bonus when you pre-order: A Blue Celebration Dress. See here: Gamestop.com
EA buys SingShot
Gamespot posted an article that EA has bought SingShot, an online Karaoke community. The interesting part about this, is that they will work with the Sims division.
Read here: Gamespot article

Chat transcript 16 February
The chat transcript from last thursday's Seasons chat has been posted on the Sims2.com. Find it here: Chat transcript

Misc. news 17 February
New Seasons movie
A German gaming site has posted a new Seasons movie. It's all about the fall season with lots of rain and thunder.
Find it here: Cynamite.de
Thanks to Simtimes.de for finding it.
85 Million Sims sold
Austrian site Pressetext had a talk with Kerstin Müller, PR-Assistant for EA. They said that over 85 million Sims games (from Sims 1 til Lifestories) have been sold so far.
Find the (German) article here: Pressetext.at

History of EA
Gamasutra.com posted a large article with the entire history of EA. Trip Hawkins founded the now biggest games publisher in the world in 1982. It bought Maxis in 1997, saving it from bankruptcy.
Find the whole story here: Gamasutra
Thanks to Simszone.de for the news.

Blog update
And lastly, MaxoidSam updated his blog. He writes about how to to tell the Maxoids about bugs.
Read it here: MaxoidSam blog

New poll 20 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if you prefer expansionpack info from the sims2.com or info from fansites. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was if you play other games then the Sims 2. A pretty high percentage of people (66% combined) has Sims 2 as their main game they play. Much higher then expected. A relatively small number (9%) plays mostly other games. 3260 people voted and here are the results:

Do you play other games then The Sims 2?
- No, the Sims 2 is really the only game I play: 24%
- Sometimes I play another game, but mostly Sims 2: 42%
- 50-50. Half the time Sims 2. The other half other games: 23%
- I don't play Sims 2 much. Mostly other games: 9%
- At the moment, I don't play any games: 2%

Seasons out in Switzerland 21 February
It seems that in Switzerland, the Seasons pack has gone for sale already. Someone has told about it to the German fansite Simszone.de. This person, Mirena68, has even scanned in the flyers that game with the game. No info about the 6th expansionpack but it shows a bit about Celebration Stuff.
Thanks very much to Simszone.de for this news.

Misc. news 22 February
Celebration Box
Amazon has the boxshot from the next Stuff pack "Celebration" on their pre-order page. It shows several artgraphics from the game.
Thanks to thesims2.co.za for finding it.

New Seasons movie
Edenstyle has posted several Seasons movies and a couple days ago, they posted yet another one. See it here: Edenstyle.it

Seasons screenshots
Mirena68, who scanned in the Celebration flyer, has now also made several screenshots from the game. You can find them at Simszone.de here: Seasons pics

Misc. Seasons news 23 February
How do you play campain
3 very nice movies from the 'How do you play' ad campain have apeared on the 'Simsplayedby' site. The movie are about a weathermachine gone wrong, a fall scene and an evil snowman.
Check them out here: simsplayedby.com
Seasons screenshots
raye1forTS2 from the SimsBBS has the game and posted a whole bunch of screenshots. It shows many of the new objects and the walls and floors. See them here: raye1forTS2 yahoo photos

Seasons info
Many people are starting to recieve the Seasons Prima guide. Lots of questions are being answered in several threads at the Sims2.com BBS. Here are a couple of them:
- rosierealea - vibrateforyou - mman5797

Wii Sims 24 February
A short break from all the Seasons news, here's some info about Sims for Wii. Paul sent me the scans of the Nintendo Power magazine which had a big article on this game. Read the pages below:


First Seasons review 25 February
1Up has the honor to be the first commercial website to post a review of Seasons. They are quite postive about it, since they gave it a good 8 out of 10 score.
Find it here: 1Up review
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for finding it.

New poll 26 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if you will buy the Prima guide for Seasons. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was if you prefer expansionpack info from the sims2.com or info from fansites. For more then half of all people (56%) it doesn't matter where the news comes from. But a still pretty high 1 out 5 people prefer info from fansites who visited Maxis. 3244 people voted and here are the results:

What do you like better? Official or Fansite info?
- I really like Official info much better: 24%
- It's both fine for me: 56%
- I like fansite info much better then the Official stuff: 20%

MySims officially announced 26 February
EA has just announced MySims; The Sims game specifically made for the Nintendo Wii and DS. With this announcement, the official site has also been launched here: www.mysims.com.
The press release can be found here: MySims press release

Seasons has arrived 27 February
February 27 is the official releasedate of the Seasons pack. Most people should be able to see it in the store now. For those that have to wait a bit longer, here are some links with more Seasons screens:

Coworker of this site 'jusinbuzz' has the game and posted lots of screenshots in the forums. Check both pages to see all the pics.
Jusinbuzz Seasons pics.

Also the first stories with a Seasons theme are starting to appear on the Sims2.com Exchange. Find the links to them below:
- Poogleking994 - Bijou0410 - imadragonfly - anecik2k

Misc. Seasons news 28 February
Seasons Weather tool
No mini-game this time, but a desktop weather tool. The official UK sims site has updated with this item. Install it, and see what kind of weather it is outside.
Find it here: Seasons Weather tool.
UK Chat transcript
The official Uk site also posted the transcript for the chat that took place February 27.
Read it here: UK Chat transcript

Seasons reviews
2 More Seasons reviews have shown up. Yahoo games gave it a 4 out of 5 rating. As a con, they think $30,- is too expensive (That's cheap if you consider in Holland, it's 40 Euro, which is over $52,-).
Read it here: Yahoo Games review
EuroGamer gives it a 7 out of 10. They like the game and say the weather effects are wonderful, but that it doesn't change the gameplay enough. Eurogamer review

Blog update
MaxoidMoonBelly updated her blog and writes that she made some of the Seasons clothings and houses and she also talks about the glass roofs. Read it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog