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Misc. news 1 February
  German site PCgames.de posted some new OfB pictures. Except for the cashregister, there's not much interesting to see in the pics though. But check them out here: PCgames.de
Thanks to Simszone.de for finding it.

Dutch newspaper "Brabants Dagblad" talked to Tim LeTourneau on his Europe tour. I translated the article which you can read here: Tim LeTourneau article
Thanks to SP zone for finding it.

  And lastly, a somewhat late review from Gamespot for Sims 2 on Mobile phones. They give it a low score of 6 out of 10. IGN gave it earlier a better score of 7.9.
Read it here: Gamespot Mobile review

Open for Business podcast 2 February
A couple days ago, Maxis was asking for questions for an Open for Business podcast. The podcast is finished although for now it's only available on Itunes. No doubt it will be available on the Sims2.com soon, but if you can't wait, click the following link to find it: Podcast
The podcast is about 11 minutes and many questions are answered.
Update: The podcast can now be downloaded from the Sims2.com here: Podcast

Open for Business movie 2 February
  Gamespot posted a new Open for Business movie. In this Designer Walkthrough, Hunter Howe talks and shows some things from the game.
Check it out here: Designer walkthrough

The movie can now also be found on the official Sims 2 site here: Walkthrough Sims2.com

Hunter mail 2 3 February
Hunter Howe sent another mail in which he talks about the new building options; Awnings, elevators, split-level floors and new rooftypes.
Read this mail here: Hunter mail 2
With the mail came 5 new pictures:


New poll 5 February
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the new Shopping pack themes. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you would like a Pets expansion. Though the majority would like to have pets, still almost 1 out of 5 people could do without them. 2293 people voted and here are the results:

Would you like to have a Pets expansion?
- Yes, that would be the best pack ever!: 47%
- A Pets expansion would be nice: 34%
- I will get it, but not specifically for the pets: 11%
- That's not a pack I'm looking forward to: 8%

New OfB pics 7 February
     From the official Swedish Sims site, come 2 new Open for Business pictures.

Sims 2.com update 8 February
  A big update from the Sims2.com:
First 2 new downloads. Specially for upcoming Valentine's day, MaxoidMonkey made a nice decorative painting and a teddybear. Download them here:
- "I Heart Art" painting
- "Sergeant Cuddles" bear
  Update: Now there's a special Valentine page at the Sims2.com with all Valentine objects and skins here: Valentine at Sims2.com

Secondly, there is a new patch for those that have Nightlife. The list of changes/updates as well as the download can be found here: Nightlife patch

And lastly, a second part of the Open for Business podcast has been published. Listen to it here: OfB podcast Pt.II

Sims 2.com update II 10 February
  Again an update from the Sims2.com:
First there is a new Valentinecard. For that one, click here: Valentine Postcard

Then there is a new OfB podcast where Kajagoogoo talk about singing in Simlish. Listen to it here: OfB music podcast

  And lastly, there's a funny OfB quiz. Test your business skills here: Business quiz

New poll 12 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if you're lucky with chance cards. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you find the new Shoppingpack themes interesting. The result is that more then half of all people like both themes. 2559 people voted and here are the results:

Do the new Shoppinpack themes sound interesting?
- Yes, they both sound great!: 57%
- The Family Fun pack sounds the most interesting: 16%
- The Glamour pack sounds the most interesting: 12%
- Couldn't they think of something better?: 15%

The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff 13 February
A couple weeks ago, 2 new shopping packs appeared on Australian online shops. Now one of these packs is available for pre-order on Amazon as well.
The pack is now called: The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff, has a price of $19.99 and a releasedate of 18 April. Find it here: Amazon.com

New OfB movie 13 February
  The official Sims 2 site has 2 new Open for Business movies. - Valentine style!
You can find them both here: New OfB movies

Misc. news 14 February
Electronic Arts announced today that The Sims 2: Open for Business, has gone gold. It will appear in stores on March 2.
Found this news on DailyGame.com but an official press release should come out soon.

There is a new video on the TheSims2.com. It's taken when Howard Jones met MaxoidMonkey discussing his involvement in Open For Business. Find it here: Videocast

And lastly, a petition about bringing Sims 1 stuff into the Sims 2. Since I'm still hoping for several items like the poolslide, basketball hoop and guineapig, I'll support this petition. Go vote here: TheSimsFusion petition

New pictures 15 February
From the official Sims 2 site come 4 new Open for Business pictures:


Misc. news 15 February
     On the left you can see an ad for Open for Business. It's from Teen People magazine and ZemiZem6 from the Sims2.com BBS was so kind to scan it for everybody to see.
A picture of the back of the OfB box was found by corida6 and callum91.

And as mentioned yesterday, Maxis now made an official press release about Open for Business going gold. Find it here: Open for Business gold

How do you play ads 17 February
  From the Sims2.com comes the news that there are several new 'How do you play' ads. In total there are 6 ads, 3 of them being movies and 3 a set of pictures.
They contain a hairdresser, Robot shop and robots harasing a lemonade seller.
See them here: 'How do you play' ads

Simprentice 2 18 February
  After a long wait, the second part of 'The SimPrentice' is finally placed online by Gamespy.
Find it here: The SimPrentice 2
Also 3 new pics came with the article, which you can find here: New pictures

Misc. news 18 February
  Here you see 2 new ads for Open for Business. The one on the right was scanned by ZemiZem6, who also scanned the first one a couple days ago.
The one on the left was sent to me by Mitch, the actual person from the ad. He says that this one will only be used in Europe.

Simszone.de found 13 new Open for Business pictures on German site Gamestar. Find them here : New Open for Business pics

New poll 19 February
A new poll. This weeks question is what feature of Open for Business you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if your lucky with Chance cards. It seems that is the case with quite some people. 2026 people voted and here are the results:

Are you lucky with Chance cards?
- Yes, I've gotten several great ones!: 38%
- Got a couple good ones, but nothing spectacular: 35%
- Just some average ones: 12%
- No, I alway's pick the wrong choice: 15%

OfB podcast 21 February
A new podcast can be found on the Sims2.com. In this one, pop-star Howard Jones talks to MaxoidDano about contributing music to the Open For Business soundtrack.
Listen to it here: New podcast

New OfB movie 22 February
  A new Open for Business movie titled 'Web Party' has appeared. Not on the Sims2.com yet but on sites like GamersHell and GameTrailers. This movie is about an employee that likes to party in the store after closing time.
Find it here: Gametrailers.com or GamersHell.com

Misc. news 23 February
The official Sims2.com site released some new, small pictures from the Mascot Kit. See them below. The 3rd pic is from the official Italian Sims site.
The 'Web Party' video can now also be found on the Sims2.com here: OfB movies


Cheats in Open for Business 23 February
Even though it's several times mentioned by Maxis that there will be no new cheats in the Open for Business pack, according to the Primaguide, there are at least 3 new cheats:
- AddneigbortoFamilycheat [on/off]: With this cheat activated, you can SHIFT + left click on an NPC to add one to the current household.
- Forcetwins: With a pregnant Sim selected, using this cheat will transform the pregnancy into a twin birth.
- Plumbbob toggle [on/off]: Makes the overhead plumb bob invisible.
This information comes from rosierealea from the Sims BBS who made an info topic here: Info from Primaguide.

Gamespy OfB update 24 February
Gamespy has a big Open for Business update:
First they posted their 3rd part of "The SimPrentice". Find it here: SimPrentice part 3
Gamespy also made a big, 3 page review and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Find it here: Open for Business review
And lastly, they posted 19 new pictures which you can check out here: New pictures


Open for Business for sale 24 February
  In Switzerland and Austria, Open for Business is already for sale. Now in the former expansionpacks, there was an ad with some details about the next exp.pack. This time however, there is an ad for the already known shopping pack 'Family Fun stuff'.
This picture comes from Yanu from German site Simtimes.de.

OfB movie 24 February
Several people are now getting their copy of Open for Business. raye1forTS2 from the Sims BBS has even made a movie already. Find it here: Open for Business movie

Many new OfB pictures 25 February
Some more Open for Business pictures have appeared.
German site Krawall.de posted 35 new pictures here: Krawall OfB pictures.
Thanks to Simszone.de for finding it.

Also german site Simtimes.de posted some new pictures here: Simtimes OfB pictures

From the Belgian gamesmagazine 'PC Gameplay', come 25 new pictures. Dutch fansite The Hub posted them in their forum here: PC gameplay pictures


New poll 26 February
A new poll. This weeks question is if you have pre-ordered Open for Business. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what feature you like most. Most people can't decide on a specific feature but starting a business sounds the most interesting. 2874 people voted and here are the results:

Which feature do you like most?
- Starting your own business: 28%
- More stuff for kids and toddlers: 12%
- New building options: 10%
- Robots: 8%
- Can't decide; I like it all!: 42%

Part of Prima guide 28 February
The Sims2.com posted part of the Open for Business Prima guide on their site. A couple of pages from several chapters are available to see.
Find it here: Part of Primaguide

New pictures 28 February
15 new Open for Business pictures from the official Swedish Sims site:




Press release and new movies 28 February
EA sent out a press release that Open for Business has been shipped. Read it here: Press release
With the press release came 2 new movies:
- "Food" movie High
- "Food" movie low
- "Furniture" movie High
- "Furniture" movie Low
Update: Now the press release and movies can also be found on the Sims2.com