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New downloads 1 February
In the 'Walls & Floors" section are several new walls added today. In the Walls section, 9 new walls made by Shimonade and in the Collections section, 20 new walls and several floors made by Schweighsr.

I wanted to add some Bodyshop items too, but I've been working on some other parts of the site. So those will be added coming weekend.

Will Wright interview 2 February
The members from the forum from the official UK Sims site could ask some questions to Will Wright. This interview took place and you can read it here: Will Wright interview.

Simday 3 February
Simday is here and it had several news items:
- The Sims 2 Receives Simulation Of The Year Award. This award was given by The Academy Of Interactive Arts & Sciences.
- The Onion interviews Will Wright. It's just alittle bit about Sims 2, but it's still interesting to read some things about the creator of the Sims. Go read it here: Will Wright interview.
- New The Sims 2 University Screenshots. A small article with some screenshots but no new pics though. Read it here: Uni article.

New Unipics 4 February
From the official Swedish sims site come some new University pictures:


Site news 4 February
The cheats section is updated with the latest cheats. Most of them were already mentioned a couple weeks ago, but now they are easily devided into sections. Some new ones are added as well.

Object creation tool 6 February
I may be a bit late with this, but a couple weeks ago, the site 'Mod The Sims 2' released a mesh tool that makes it possible to create entirely new objects into the Sims 2. Since Maxis said never to make an objectcreation tool, we can be very thankful for those that helped to create this tool.
Dozens of new objects have already been released. Check out the following forum where creators have published their objects for testing. ModTheSims2 forum

Also several sites have already started to create new objects like Sunair sims, Simfantasy and Simagination.
Later today, the Links section will be totally updated with more download sites and tomorrow I'll have some other link news.

New poll 6 February
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is how many expansions Sims 2 will get. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you often visit a community lot. It seems that not many people visit often. 1427 people voted and here are the results:

Do you often visit a community lot?
- I'm there almost all the time!: 2%
- Yes I go there often: 9%
- Every now and then: 56%
- No hardly ever...: 33%

5 year anniversy Sims 2 7 February
This month, the Sims franchise celebrates its fifth anniversary. EA announced this in an official press release.
Some figures:
The #1 selling PC game in four out of the last five years. Since 2000, the franchise has spawned 7 expansion packs, been translated into over 17 languages and has sold more than 54 million units worldwide. The Sims 2 became the fastest-selling PC game. In just five months, sales have already reached over 4.5 million units worldwide.

Read the complete press release here: Press release.

Misc. news 10 February
Lots of news today: There is a new trailer to be found at Gamespot where 2 rival groups show who makes the best music band. View that movie here: Trailer 3.
Simday has several news items, like they show us an interview with Tim LeTourneau on 1Up. Interview.

Also Gamespy posted the second 'letters home' article. Read that here: 'Letters home'



IGN preview 12 February
IGN posted a new University preview with some new pictures. Go read the preview here: IGN preview


Featured Fansite 13 February
As you may have noticed on the right, there is now a Featured Fansite.
I get alot of requests for sites wanting to affiliate with Snooty Sims. To prevent getting a huge list, I keep the list to 4. However, I still like to give some attention to other sites; Either small, starting sites, or sites where you can find interesting things.
Every 2 weeks, there will be another fansite on there. This is a great way for sites to get noticed or get more attention. If you have a fansite that wants to be featured, just mail me. Otherwise I will just pick one from the Fansites section.
Sites that won't be featured are 100% adult simsites (some nudeskins is ok though) seeing lots of young people visit this site, and also paysites with no free content.

New poll 13 February
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you're exited for University yet. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was how many expansions Sims 2 will get. Most people expect Sims 2 will get the same amount of expansions as Sims 1. 1329 people voted and here are the results:

How many expansions will Sims 2 get?
- Less then 6: 13%
- 6: 15%
- 7, just like Sims 1: 44%
- 8: 12%
- More then 8: 16%

New object 14 February
For valentine, Maxis created a special object. It's a decorative sculpture of Cupid.
Go download it here: New Maxis object

New pictures 14 February
The official Dutch website has a Sims 2 screensaver for download. In it, there were some new University pictures:



Tim-mail 5 15 February
The fifth Tim-mail arrived and it's a bit of a continuation of valentine with also a new picture.
Check out the mail here: Tim-Mail 5

New movie 16 February
IGN posted a new movie about University. It's a pretty long movie (8 min.) and is about 34 Mb. In this movie, Tim LeTourneau takes a tour through several aspects of the game like moving into the dorms, using influence on other sims, having parties, studying, and much more.
Check out this movie here: University movie

Simday 17 February
Simday is here. First of all, for those that had trouble with the rival musicbands movie from Gamespot; It's now on the Sims2.com site here.
Also there are 3 new wallpapers for your desktop here: Desktop wallpaper.

Designer diary 3 18 February
Gamespot posted their 3rd Designer diary, together with the news that University has gone gold. In this diary, designer Hunter Howe, tells some things about finalizing the game.
Read it here: Designer Diary 3
3 New pics came with the diary. The art-pic is from the official French sims site.


'Letters Home' 3 19 February
GameSpy posted their 3rd 'Letters Home' article. In this, she is in her junior year and talks about the secret society.
Check it out here: Letters Home 3

New article 20 February
A new Sims article can be found on Digit Online. They take a looks at the team behind The Sims series.
It's an interesting article where several members of the Maxis team look back how it all started and some of their own experiences.
Go read it here: Digit Online article.

New poll 20 February
I didn't have much time to add many downloads since I've been busy on other parts of the site, but I did add 5 new clothings though. Brandon B, maxwelldemon and Sonja made some nice items.

Now for the new poll. This weeks question is if you will send your sims to University or not.. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're exited for University yet. Most people are indeed quite exited for the expansion; 80% is really looking forward to it. 1462 people voted and here are the results:

Are you exited for University yet?
- Yes I can't wait for it to arrive!: 48%
- Yes, I'm looking forward to it: 32%
- Just alittle bit: 12%
- No not really: 8%

Sims 2 scoop 21 February
The Sims 2 scoop gives us 2 new University pictures:


New article 22 February
Again a new Sims article. This time from The Wall Street Journal.
This article is about how some people are making modifications to overcome the G-rated boundaries of the game.

"We don't host naked Sims on our own site, and we try not to link to that stuff. But we also try not to pass moral judgments upon our users," says Caryl Shaw, manager of online services for Maxis.

Read the full article here: Wall Street Journal article.

IGN preview 23 February
IGN posted a 2 page preview 'The College Years, part 1', with no less then 40 new pictures!
Read the preview here: IGN preview
And see the new pictures here: New University pics

Simday 24 February
It's simday and an unusual download this time; A neighbourhood! Go download it here: Ying-Yang Island

Also IGN already posted part 2 of their 'SimJim: The College Years' with new pictures. Go check it out here: IGN article

Prima guide 24 February
On the official German sims site, you can download a part from the German Prima guide about University. Although all the text is in German, the pictures are not and so it's still quite interesting.
You can download it here: German Prima guide
Just click on 'Jetzt herunterladen'.

To add to this, tifferoo004, a user from Thesims2.com BBS, already has this guide and has written lots of info from it. Go read this topic here: Prima guide info from tifferoo004

Gamespy update 25 February
Gamespy has several updates. First of all, they posted their 4th 'Letters home' article. Go read it here: Letters Home 4
They also have a review with a pretty good score of 4.5 out of 5. Read this review here: University review
Further more, they posted some new pictures here: New pictures


Sims 2.com update 26 February
Today, the official Sims site has several updates. First of all, they posted the TV commercial for University. Go see it here: University TV commercial
Also 6 new University pictures were posted. The other news was already posted here before.



Misc. news 26 February
The 4th 'SimJim: The College Years' article has been posted at IGN. Go see it here: IGN article
This time also with a movie about this article. See that one here: IGN movie

Based on the info from tifferoo004 taken from the Prima guide, I've made list of the new University careers with all the requirements. See that one here: University careerlist

Also the first 2 University cheats are known:
boolprop dormspecific-toolsdisabled false To modify existing dorms, while in the dorm
changelot-zoning dorm To make a dorm from scratch on a residential lot in a blank neighborhood.
Although they aren't tested yet, they are from the Prima guide so they should work.

And finally, 5 new pictures from the official German sim site:


Will Wright interview 26 February
Gamespy posted the first part of a pretty long interview with the creator of the Sims, Will Wright. In this interview they go way back in the past and talk about how The Sims all started.
Go read it here: Will Wright Interview

The Sims 2: Nightlife? 27 February
On Modthesims2.com, someone posted a picture of the supposedly next Sims 2 expansionpack named: "The Sims 2: Nightlife". It comes from the University case. Although this may be a hoax, it looks pretty good.
Update: On both www.whois.com and www.betterwhois.com, you can see that www.thesims2nightlife.com is registered by EA.

New poll 27 February
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is (no suprise) what you think about the next expansion, Nightlife. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you will send your sims to University. Most people indeed will do that; 90% will send most sims to Uni. Alot of voters this time; 1703 to be exact. Below are the results:

Will you send your sims to University?
- Yes all of them!: 38%
- Not all, but most will go: 52%
- Maybe just some sims: 9%
- No I only get it for the new objects: 1%

Misc. news 28 February
EA made a press release about University being shipped. Go read it here: Press release

Also, Gamespot has quite some new things. First of all, a review with a fair rating of 7.9.
Go read it here: Gamespot Uni review
Next some new movies here: Gamespot Uni movies and some new pictures here: Gamespot Uni pictures

And lastly, after having published part of the Will Wright interview on saturday, today Gamespy posted the complete interview. Go read it here: Complete Will Wright interview