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New poll 1 February
A new poll can be found in the poll section. This week an obvious question about the delay; Have you lost interest in The Sims 2 after the news of the delay?
Last weeks question was about if you plan on marying NPC's. Lots of people are indeed planning to do that. 745 people voted and here are the results:

Will you marry an NPC?
- Yes, sounds fun!: 55%
- I probably will: 20%
- Don't know. Maybe: 21%
- No way!: 4%

Luc's mail 2 February
Luc's weekly mail arrived and in it, he told alittle something about the delay.
Read it here: Luc's mail.

New pics 5 February
2 New Sims 2 pictures were posted at the official Sims 2 site.

New pics 7 February
Again, the saturday brings us some new Sims 2 pictures. They are from a filmstrip, but they are cut out so it's more easy to view:

Site news 7 February
Alittle site news: Since the old forum is really very limited, I have now a new forum. You won't find it under the 'forum' link yet, cause I want alittle transition time between the forum change. For now you can find it here:www.snootysims.com/forum.

New poll 9 February
There is a new poll. This weeks question is when you think The Sims 2 will arrive. I asked it before but since the date changed, I thought I repeat it.
Last weeks question was if you still have interest in The Sims 2 after hearing the news about the delay. It seems that only a small amount of people have lost interest. 865 people voted and here are the results:

Are you still interested in The Sims 2?
- Yes, I sure am!: 66%
- It's alittle less: 25%
- I lost alot of interest: 7%
- Completely lost interest!: 1%

Mc.Donalds cd 10 February
I bought the McDonalds Sims 2 preview cd from E-bay a couple days ago. I just recieved it and if you want to know what Sims 2 things are on it, visit the following page: McDonalds preview cd
The following new picture was on the cd:

New interview 11 February
Homelan had an interview with Tim LeTourneau about The Sims 2. In it, he tells about the several new features in the game.
Read it here: Homelan Interview.

Chat transcript 13 February
The chat transcript of yesterdays chat with Luc Barthelet can already be found at the Official Sims 2 site.
Read the transcript here: Chat transcript.

Valentine 13 February
Maxis wishes everybody a happy valentine's day:

New pics 15 February
At Gamershell and Avault you can find 5 new Sims 2 pictures.

New poll 17 February
Sorry that this weeks poll is alittle late. The question for this week is how badly do you want rain in The Sims 2.
Last weeks question was when you thought the Sims 2 will arrive. The answers are quite devided, but most people expect the game in July/August. 895 people voted and here are the results:

When will the Sims 2 come?
- June: 27%
- July/August: 39%
- September/October: 18%
- Novemer/December: 7%
- 2005: 8%

New pics 18 February
At the official Sims 2 site, there are 2 new pictures as a continuation of one of the pictures from 2 days ago:

New affiliate 20 February
I have added a new affiliate. The site's name is: Another Sims 2 Site.
This site is recently relaunched and offers the latest Sims 2 news. It also has downloads, screenshots, a forum and much more. Go see and check it out!

New pics 21 February
Maxis gave us 4 new Sims 2 pictures:

New article 22 February
At 'popular science' there is a new short Sims 2 article. Here's part of it:

"Each time a Sims character acts, the game's program engine calculates how his mood is affected. If he's hungry when he cooks a meal, his overall happiness will rise more than if he's not. If he has cooked in the past, he'll bring skills to the action, further increasing his enjoyment."
Read the whole article here: Popular science article.

Luc's mail 22 February
Luc's weekly mail arrived, and in it he explains some things about yesterday's new pictures.
Read it here: Luc's mail.

New movie 27 February
A new Sims 2 movie has been released by Maxis. Find it here: New Movie.

New pictures 27 February
I found 2 new pics. 1 was posted by amberjo16 from the Sims BBS and is from the April issue of Gamepro. I made it alittle smaller so it's more easy to view.
The other one is from a French site and they are pictures from the former startup page from the official Sims 2 site.

New pics 28 February
Maxis gave us a new filmstrip. I cut them out so it's more easy to view.

Luc's mail 29 February
Luc's weekly mail arrived and in it he spoke about the music in the Sims 2. Here is a quote from the mail:

"The Sims 2 will include a rich variety of new musical choices that add an extra acoustic touch for those special moments in your Sims' lives. In The Sims 2, you will be able to choose new music genres including R&B, Salsa, Bluegrass, and Heavy Metal. Plus, you will be able to drop your own MP3s directly into the music directory and play the tracks back on the stereo. You can even use shortcuts to where you keep your MP3s."

With the mail, he gave an MP3 of the song you could hear in the twin sisters movie. Download it here: MP3.

New poll 29 February
I've been alittle slack with the polls but from now on the new poll will always be on time. This weeks question is if you would like to get the chance to play the Sims 2.
The last question was if you want rain in The Sims 2. More than half of all people indeed hopes that Maxis can still put this feature in the game. 1116 People voted and here are the results:

Do you want rain in the Sims 2?
- Yes, I hope they can put it in the game: 56%
- I can wait for it in an expansion: 17%
- Rain would be nice but it's not totally neccesary: 22%
- I don't care about rain: 5%