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Career patch screens 14 December
The site got moved to a new server and I was unable to update during the move. Fortunately not much happened the past weeks.
Upcoming though is a new big update for the game; Two new careers will be added in a few days from now. Some screenshots have been shared with some of the new career reward items:


New careers 16 December
The new patch has been released and it comes with two new careers: Business and Athlete.
You can also now download a Holiday Celebration pack which includes some Christmas items.

SimGuru Daniel wrote a blog about this update: New blog

Check the patch info here: Sims 4 update

Outdoor Retreat 17 December
Simsdomination and Simscommunity dug into the new patchfiles and found some information about the first Sims 4 dlc. A new world where Sims can go camping.

Check all the details here: Sims Community info

Outdoor Retreat official 19 December
Outdoor Retreat is now official. It will cost 19.99 and will be available in January.

Kotaku had an interview with EA and they give some details about the pack.
Read it here: Kotaku article

A tiny trailer can be found here: Trailer

Site news 21 December
The Infocenter is updated with the 2 new careers Athlete and Business.
Also, promotion requirements have been enormously simplified in the latest patch by removing all requirements except for skills, so these have all been updated.
Check the Careers infopage here: Sims 4 careers

And finally, the cheats section is updated with the new cheats: Sims 4 cheats

Unlockable items 29 December
I added a new addition to the Extras section: Unlockables. With a cheatcode, you can unlock many objects which are not available in buy/build mode. For now, only trees and grass plots but more is under way.

Check it here: Unlockables

Update: Added rocks: Rocks