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New patch 1 December
There's a new patch for the game. It fixes a huge amount of bugs for all expansionpacks and base game.
Check the list here: Sims 3 Game Update

Sims3 Store update 2 December
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Frontier Finds: 12 items for $7,-
- Indulgent Living: 33 items for $17,-
- Happy New Year '11: 2 items for free

Outdoor Stuff announced 7 December
Outdoor Living Stuff has offically been announced. On the left the boxcover.
The official Sims3 site has some details: TheSims3.com news

Late Night review 17 December
Gamespot posted their review for Late Night and gave it a respectable 7.5.
Check the review here: Gamespot.com

New poll 20 December
There's a new poll. The question is if you like the old or new Sims3 box better. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if your Sims do laundry. Surprisingly many people let their Sims do this task. Half of all people let most Sims do laundry and just 21% can't be bothered with this feature.
2712 people voted and here are the results:

Do your Sims do laundry?
- Yes most of them do: 50%
- Only some of them: 29%
- No laundry for my Sims: 21%

More free objects from T-Mobile 21 December
T-Mobile has added a couple new objects to their Sims pages. It's called a 'Hoops pack' and contain sport items like sports clothes and decorative objects. Use the code GetConnected to dowload them.
Get it here: T-Mobile