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Misc. news 1 December
Create-a-World soon
German fansite Sim Times found out that the Create-a-World tool will be here very soon; December 10. They found this information here: EA Germany Facebook page

Gamespot review
Big gamesite Gamespot reviewed World Adventures and gave it a pretty good 8,5 score. For those that don't have the game yet, they also posted many screenshots.
Check it here: Gamespot review

Sims 3 Store update 3 December
The Sims 3 Store has been updated with a few new items. First, there's a new set called 'Modern Minimalist'. There's also an exterior castle set with columns, castle doors and windows. And a few other things like hair and clothings.
Find the sets here: Modern Minimalist - Castle Exterior set - Hair

New free stuff in Sims 3 Store 8 December
7 New free items have recently been added to the Sims 3 Store. There are free cowboyhats, a clock, some clothes and the 2 items in the left picture.
'Walden95' from theSims3 forum has put these and all other free items in a topic here: Free store items topic

Misc. news 10 December
Christmas trailer
EA released quite a humourous Christmas movie. Check here: Videogamer.com

Free Christmas items
The Sims3 Store has updated with 6 free Christmas objects. Get them here: Sims3 Store

Shop mode in Sims 3
A newspost on the Sims3.com gives info about an upcoming update for the game: Shop mode. In this mode, you can access the Sims3 Store from inside the game.
There's also some info about the upcoming Create-a-World that was supposed to come out today. Most likely it's not going to happen though as they only mention 'December'.
View the full message here: TheSims3.com

Misc. news 14 December
Create-a-World blog
SimGuruRain posted a blog in the Dutch Sims3 forum about the Create-a-World tool. Simprograms posted the blog in English.
Read it here: Create-a-World blog

New sale at Sims3 Store
TheSims3.com posted news about a new sale at their store. No less then 5 clothing sets have their price slashed in half! This sale lasts for one week, til December 21st.
Check it out here: Sims3 Store sale

New poll 15 December
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is what you think of the World Adventures tombs. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you have already spent some of your free Simpoints. Almost half of all voters say they don't have World Adventures yet! That's quite remarkable. But for those that did buy it, half of them did not buy anything for their free points yet. Just 14% spent all of it.
2000 people voted and here are the results:

Have you already spent some of your free Simpoints?
- Yes, they're all used up already: 14%
- I used some of it: 13%
- Nothing yet. I'll use them for later: 28%
- Didn't buy World Adventures yet: 45%

More Create-a-World info 15 December
IGN posted a big article full of new info about the upcoming Create-a-World tool.
Check it out here: IGN article

Misc. news 16 December
After a long wait, the much anticipated Create-a-World tool has now been released.
Get it here: CAW download

New patch
Another big update at TheSims3.com is the arrival of a new patch. It contains a super long list of fixes and changes including the in-game Sims3Store.
Find the list of changes here: Patch list

Holiday tunes
From the Sims audio team come a few Christmas songs. They can be found on the same page of the patchlist above.

Sims 3 wins PETA award 31 December
Animal rights group PETA has awarded the Sims 3 a Proggy Award for 'Most Animal-Friendly Game 2009'. And that's because you have the option for making your sim a vegetarian.
Read the full story here: Gamasutra article

Also on Gamasutra is a top 12 of best games of the decade. The Sims got a respectable 11th place.
Find this list here: Gamasutra top 12