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New poll 2 December
A new poll. This weeks question is which Sims 1 object you would like in a next expansionpack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you will stop playing Sims 2 when Sims 3 arrives. More then 1 out of 4 will instantly stop playing Sims 2 and more then half of all people will play both games together for some time. Interestingly though is that 7% say they will never get Sims 3! 3028 people voted and here are the results:

Will you keep playing Sims 2 when Sims 3 is here?
- No, I will stop play Sims 2: 27%
- I'll play Sims 2 a bit longer and then switch to Sims 3: 26%
- I will probably play both games for quite some time: 27%
- I'll wait with Sims 3 for a very long time, but will eventually switch: 13%
- I will never get Sims 3!: 7%

First Free Time information 4 December
LeninaSim from the Sims BBS found a product page about Free Time on Toys r Us here: Free Time info.
Lots of interesting info about the 7th expansionpack: There will be new careers, soccer, dance contests, activities for toddlers, new aspirations, trainsets and much more.

Free Time box 5 December
Swiss site ABC software.ch posted the Free Time boxshot on their pre-order page which you can find on the left.
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for the news.

Free Time officially announced 6 December
The 7th expansionpack has been officially announced. TheSims2.com has updated their site with screenshots and info.
Check it all here: TheSims2.com

SnootySims has ofcourse also been updated and in the Free Time section you can find all the screenshots, artpics, movie and info.
Check it here: Free Time section
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for finding the artpics.


Misc.Free Time news 8 December
Pre-order items
Three Pre-Order items are known at this point and it looks as if their a bit less spectacular then the former ones:
- A ballerina poster from the EA Store
- A "Get Fit Kit" from GameStop
- A Modelshelf from Walmart
Free Time trailer download
For those that want to download the Free Time trailer (in high quality) to their PC, you can download the 44 Mb movie here: Movie download

Free Time logo
And lastly, the hq logo and boxshot from Free Time has been added to the Logos section here: Sims 2 Logos

New artpics 10 December
Capitalsims found 3 new artpics from Free Time:


New poll 10 December
A new poll. This weeks question is which Creature you would like in Free Time. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Sims 1 object you would like in a next expansionpack. The spiral stairs is the most wanted Sims 1 object with more then 1 third of all votes. The Chemistry lab and Children's playground are also popular. The other options all got around 10%. 3232 people voted and here are the results:

which Sims 1 object do you want in a next expansionpack?
- Spiral stairs: 35%
- Genielamp: 10%
- Chemistry lab: 13%
- Basketball hoop: 9%
- Children's playground: 15%
- Costume trunk: 8%
- Something different: 10%

Interview 11 December
CNet had an interview with Rod Humble, head of EA's Sims studio. He's interviewed about the several Sims games, the history of the franchise, the culture at EA and much more.
Read it here: News.com

Hobby magazines 13 December
The official Sims 2 site has started a weekly Hobby Magazine. In every magazine, they cover a specific subject from Free Time. The first issue is about restoring a car.
There are 4 new Free Time screens posted. A 5th screenshot from this magazine (not shown there), you can find on the left.
Check the magazine here: Thesims2.com

Site news 16 December
A few weeks ago, I mentioned a rating system. It has now been added to every expansionpack and Stuff pack page. So please give your vote so that we can get a good view on the popularity of each pack.

New poll 17 December
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about these Sims Carnival games. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Creature you would like in Free Time. A fairy is pretty popular with almost one third of all votes. Dragon and Mermaid come next. All the other options are under 10%. 12% of all people prefer to not have a Creature at all in Free Time. 4201 people voted and here are the results:

Which Creature would you like in Free Time?
- Fairy: 30%
- Medusa: 6%
- A Clown: 7%
- Mermaid: 14%
- Frankenstein monster: 8%
- Dragon: 16%
- Other: 7%
- I don't want no stupid creature!: 12%

Misc. news 17 December
Bon Voyage for Mac
Aspyr sent out a press release telling that the Bon Voyage expansionpack for the Mac has been released.
Check the press release here: Aspyr.com

Sims Online is 5
December 17, The Sims Online celebrated its 5th birthday! Well there's not much to celebrate cause the game kinda failed, but it's still alive. And the game is under big construction right now by people like Luc Barthelet. See more about that here: TSO-E
Thanks to ronnie for letting me know about this.

SecuROM removal tool
A bit late, but I still like to give attention to it; For those afraid of SecuROM, Maxis posted a removal tool on their website. There's a version for every expansion/simgame that came with SecuROM.
Download it here: SecuROM removal tool
Thanks to 'YoungOldPrude' for the tip.

Free Time Prima guide 19 December
Prima games has posted some highlights of their Free Time guide. No new info but for those that normally buy these guides, it may be interesting to know what's in it.
The releasedate is February 26, the same day as the game will be released.
Read the guide details here: Primagames.com

Hobby magazine 2 20 December
The 2nd Hobby Magazine has been posted on the Sims2.com. This episode is about sports and contains lots of information.
Check this magazine here: Thesims2.com

Misc. news 22 December
Castaway for mobile
The UK Sims site has added an info page for Castaway for the mobile phones. There's a bit of info and 4 screenshots to be found there.
Check it here: Thesims2.co.uk
Thanks to Simtimes.de for this news.
Sims Christmas tunes
The Sims2.com has added a nice Christmas tune as a way of holiday greetings from the Sims team. The Brazilian Sims site has posted another Christmas tune. This tune however has a long bit of silence at the beginning. Fansite Thesims2.co.za has edited this file and posted it without this beginning. This file is also much smaller. Check all links below:
- Seasons greetings
- Brazilian sims site
- Thesims2.co.za music file

New poll 25 December
A new poll. This weeks question is if you like Free Time more after knowing more about it. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about these Sims Carnival games. Looking at the results, most people (7 out of 10) don't like it at all that EA is placing the Sims in front of these puzzle games. I must say that I agree. The Sims is the best selling PC-game franchise in the world and shouldn't be used like that. And so you won't be seeing any news from those games on this site. 2125 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about these Sims Carnival games?
- I like it! It's a good way of expanding the Sims brand!: 3%
- I don't mind. These games look quite fun: 6%
- I can't be bothered about it...: 20%
- EA shouldn't place the Sims name onto everything: 43%
- EA is degrading the Sims brand by releasing these non-Sims games!: 28%