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Blog update 3 December
MaxoidMoonBelly has updated her blog again. In it, she talks about the Wii Sims, a couple downloads she made and some other things.
Read it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

New poll 4 December
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about having weather in the Sims game. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was what you think about the look of the WiiSims. Most people really do not like this new look. It's ofcourse getting used to, but it's just too different for most. 2954 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the new look of the Wii Sims?
- It's terrible!: 35%
- It's just not right...: 28%
- It's a bit getting used to, but it's ok: 17%
- It looks quite alright!: 8%
- I love the way they look!: 12%

Seasons box 5 December
The box for the 5th expansionpack has been found. This picture comes from the EA store site (though it's not for pre-order there yet).
This is also the first time we see the official name and it's simply kept "Seasons".
For those that have doubts, here is the direct link to the picture: EA store boxpicture
Thanks very much to 'Hercoules' for finding it.

Seasons officially announced 7 December
The 5th expansionpack Seasons has been officially announced at the Sims2.com. A description of the game and 7 screenshots can be found here: Seasons on Sims2.com

Global Moderator of this site's forum boines has visited Maxis a few days ago and made a big report with lots of pictures of this expansionpack. This will be posted later today.

Fan event article 7 December
As told in the former newspost, Boines has visited Maxis to check out the Seasons pack and made a detailed article about it. In it, you can find lots of info about all what this expansionpack has to offer like the new building options, the new careers, gardening, the different seasons and much more. Dozens of pictures are also included.
Find it here: Fanevent article

Fansite Season reports 8 December
Besides Snooty Sims, also several other fansites made a report about the Seasons presentation at Maxis.
Below links to fansites who finished their report. More may follow later.

- Sims Zone.de
- Sim Fantastic2.com
- The Sims Resource.com
- MySpace TS2 Group
- EdenStyle.it
- Simssuisse.com
- sims2community.com

Misc. news 9 December
IGN Pets guide
As with every Sims expansionpack, IGN makes a big guide showing all the features. The guide for Pets has now been posted on IGN and in it, they discuss the following topics: Game changes, Pets basics, designing a pet, petcare and much more. Also lots of pictures can be found in this guide.
Find it here: IGN Pets guide
Seasons article at EA Germany
The official German Sims site posted a huge article on Seasons. No less then 11 pages full of info about this pack. Though it's all in German, there are also several Season pics to be found.
Check it out here: EA Germany

More Seasons details from Boines
Boines, who went to Maxis to represent Snooty Sims, posted lots of details about Seasons in a forum topic. Many frequently asked questions are answered here: Boines forum post

New poll 10 December
A new poll. This weeks question is which season you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was what you think about having weather in the game. It seems to be quite a popular feature; 9 out of 10 people like it. 3219 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about having weather in the game?
- Yes! Weather is something I always wanted!: 67%
- It would be a good addition: 23%
- I'm not too exited about it, but it's ok: 8%
- I'm not interested in having weather in my game: 2%

Misc. news 11 December
Life Stories boxshot
The boxshot from Life Stories has been posted by Amazon. You can pre-order it there for 36.99 and it has a releasedate of January 22, 2007.
Here's the pre-order page: Life Stories on Amazon
Thanks to Jamie Lerato for finding it.
Seasons section added
There is now a section about the upcoming Seasons pack on this site. The official pics, info and links to all Fanevent articles can be found here: Seasons info

New Seasons article
The official UK Sims site has now also posted a little report on the Seasonspack. It doesn't really tell anything new, but you may want to check it out anyway.
Find it here: New Seasons article

Seasons press release 12 December
EA sent out a press release for the Seasons pack. Here's part of it:

"Show Off Your Sims' Green Thumb; make your garden blossom and reap the rewards! And as an added bonus, crops that harvest at the peak time can produce varying juices that reap special benefits, from love potions and energy boosts to cold fighters and smart juices! Time to drink up!"

Find the complete story here: Seasons press release

Fansite Season article 14 December
Another fansite posted an article about the Seasons presentation. This one is made by SP Zone. It's written in Dutch but there are several new screenshots to find in it.
Check it out here: SP Zone article

Life Stories boxes 16 December
If you're interested in knowing how all the life stories boxes look like - like the Pets Stories and Castaway Stories - the official French Sims site posted them here: Life Stories boxes
Thanks to Sims De Toi for the link.

New poll 17 December
A new poll. This weeks question is which feature of Seasons you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was which season you like most. Winter is popular under 1 out of 3 people. The other seasons are almost equally chosen. 3397 people voted and here are the results:

Which season do you like most?
- Spring: 16%
- Summer: 17%
- Fall: 16%
- Winter: 36%
- I have no real preference: 14%

PSP Pets review 19 December
Last week, Pets for PSP silently entered the shops (no announcement or press release) and now Gamespot made a review for it. They are not really positive about it, mainly because of the long loading times. It gets a 5.6 out of 10.
Find the review here: Gamespot review

Fansite Seasons article 21 December
As (probably) the last fansite to post a fanevent article, Simszone.co.uk made their preview of the Seasons pack. As can be expected from them, it's a very long and detailed article where every feature is discussed. Also lots of new pictures can be found in this article.
Check it out here: Simszone.co.uk

Sims2.com update 23 December
The past few days, TheSims2.com had several updates:
New downloads
Sam Player, Senior Producer of the Sims 2 writes in his blog that, as an early Xmas gift, Maxis gives some of the objects that will be in the Seasons pack, namely a racecar set.
Read more about it here: MaxoidSam blog
Download the objects here: New downloads
Bodyshop patch
There is a new patch for the owners of the Pets expansionpack. This patch will fix some problems with Bodyshop. You can download it here: Pets Bodyshop patch

Holiday updates
The Sims team made alittle Christmas song which you can listen to here: Holiday greetings
Also there's a new Holiday theme to choose from for your Sim pages.

New poll 24 December
A new poll. This weeks question is if you decorate your Sims house for Christmas. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was which feature of Seasons you like most. The majority chooses for the main aspect of the pack, namely the weather. The new activities, new careers and gardening are also among the favorites. 3840 people voted and here are the results:

Which feature of Season do you like most?
- The weather: 53%
- Gardening: 11%
- New activities: 14%
- Pool options: 2%
- New careers: 12%
- Other: 8%

Seasons movie at Edenstyle 27 December
Italian fansite Edenstyle, who visited Maxis to see the Seasons pack, has posted a second movie to their article. This one is titled "Let's go outside!".
Find it here: Edenstyle new movie