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New item at Sims2.com 1 December
At the official Sims 2 site, you can download a new object. It's an urbz game that sims can buy in a community lot. Go download it here:

Urbz game object.

Also the 'university' section is updated with some new pics that has come out the past couple of days.

New object 2 December
Yet another object available for download at the official Sims 2 site. This time a decorative menorah. Go download it here:

Menorah object.

New poll 5 December
Time for a new poll. This time, the question is if you play the game often. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you thought about University. Most people seem to like it but still about 30% would rather see a different theme. 2047 People voted and here are the results:

What do you think about Univesity?
- I love it! Just what I was waiting for!: 30%
- I like it. It sounds pretty good: 41%
- I'm not that thrilled about it, but it's ok: 22%
- I don't like this University idea at all!: 7%

Chat announced 7 December
Coming thursday there will be a chat on the Sims2.com about the first Sims 2 expansion; University.
The chat starts at 3 PM (midnight for Europe) and several members of the designteam will be attending.

New hack 9 December
Normally I don't post about new hacks but this one is so special that I wanted to mention it.
At www.simtosim.com, you can find a hack where teens can not only woohoo, but also can become pregnant. Although it's still in testing mode, many people have used it without problems.

Chat transcript 10 December
The chat transcript has now been posted at the official sims2 site. Go read it here: Chat transcript.

Christmas downloads and pics 10 December
At the official Spanish sims site, you can download several christmas outfits for your sims.
You can find them here: Christmas skins. Just click on a particular age group to see the skins.

Further more, SimsExpress found some interesting christmas artpictures on the official Spanish sims site.

Tim mail 11 December
A new mail has arrived from Tim LeTourneau where he gives lots of information about the University expansion pack. Go read it here: Tim-mail 2
The mail also contained 2 new University pictures.

Objects on fansites 12 December
No more waiting for Maxis to finally making an object creation tool; You can already download several new re-colored objects at both TSR and welldressedsim. Check them out here:
The Sims Resource
The Well Dressed Sim

New poll 12 December
Time for a new poll. This time, the question is if Maxis should make christmas objects. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what how often you play The Sims 2. About 3 quarters play it more then often. 1766 People voted and here are the results:

How often do you play The Sims 2?
- Every free moment of the day!: 26%
- I play Sims 2 pretty often: 47%
- I play it occasionally: 17%
- Not too much. Every now and then: 10%

University info 14 December
IGN has posted a new article about University. Go check it out here: IGN article.

Here is also a small University fact sheet posted by GameGuru: Fact sheet

New interview 15 December
The Sim's Stash has posted an interview they had with Tim LeTourneau. In this interview you can read some interesting things like that we can soon expect new tools to create new wallpaper and floors. Also that there will be at least 100 new objects in University, and that there will be a new Bodyshop released that contains the new 'young adult' age.
Read the entire interview here: Sim's Stash Interview

Simday 17 December
Simday is here and Maxis is in christmas spirit: 3 new christmas wallpapers can be found here: Wallpapers
Also, a christmas tree is now available for download at the exchange:

Christmas tree.

Site hacked 20 December
Well, it seems my site has been hacked. I'm in the process of restoring but it will take many days to get it the way it was.
Update: the poll is back up. I know it's not the most interesting part of the site, but it was the easiest to fix.

Forum back up! I did alot of searching around and managed to get the forum back up! It's now the 2.011 version so no more hacking should occur (the old forum version was the cause of this hacking). Everybody with a forum lower then this version is HIGHLY recommended to upgrade.
Although the forum still says it's version 6, it should be really version 11. Need to check that out. Also since it's a higher version, not everything may work the same.
I contacted my host and they will try to bring back the rest of the site. They should bring it back to the status it was about 2/3 days ago.

Thank you all for all the support you gave. I really apreciate it.

Site back up 21 December
As said yesterday, my host had a pretty good backup and now I completely returned the site as it was. Just the things I did on sunday need to be added like the new clothes.

New Uni pics 24 December
Well, I'm glad everything is back to normal again. Sorry for not updating the news or answering mails but bringing the site back, was my top-priority.
I have alot of catching up to do, but for now, here are all the new University pictures released in the past days:



Misc. news 26 December
Friday the pictures, today the important links that came out the past days.
At the official Sims 2 site, you can download a new Sims 2 object. It's a so-called Kwanzaa, a decorative candle. Go download it here: Kwanzaa download.
Also Homecrafter plus came out which you can download here: Homecrafter Plus.

A small interview with Sims 2 tool designer Darren Futa can be found on Gamespy. Check that one out here: Gamespy interview

And lastly, a University info page on the official Sims 2 site can be found here: University info page

New downloads 27 December
A new page of clothes can be found in the Downloads section. Below you can see some of these.
Contributers to these new downloads are: Brinas Creations, Schweighsr, Tanya, Ali-poon and SwtLissa04. Thank you all for your contributions.

University infopage 30 December
A University infopage can now be found on eagames.com. On this page, there is a new artpicture, the known small facts and the system requirements which seem to be the same as the Sims 2 game.
Go check out this page here: EA info page.

New pic 31 December
A new University picture from the official French Sims site....