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New interview 3 December
You can read an interesting Sims 2 interview with senior producer Tim LeTourneau at Computer and Video games. You may need to register which is free.

Designer diary 5 4 December
At GameSpot you can find the 5th designer diary and several new pictures. There is also a new video. I've taken some pics from it for those that have trouble downloading this movie. I will add the new big pictures later. Check the new pictures here: New pictures. And the designer diary here: 5th designer diary
Here are 3 of the 8 new pictures:

Chat transcript 5 December
The chat with Will Wright can now be read at the official Sims site. I've placed it in 'previews' but I removed some weird and double questions.
Bad news about CaSIE: In the chat was mentioned that CaSIE would be released yet again a month later. It's now January. Only a limited group of Sims sites will get it this month.

New pic 6 December
Maxis gave us a new Sims 2 picture:

New poll 7 December
There is a new poll. The new poll is about what your first family will be.
The last poll was voted by 580 people. It comes as no surprise that most people think The Sims 2 is going to be great. Only 2% is somewhat disappointed. Here are the results:

Do you like how The Sims 2 is going?
- It's going to be awesome: 86%
- It's looking pretty good: 8%
- Some details I don't like: 4%
- I'm alittle disappointed: 2%

New article 10 December
Well it sure is a quiet week with Sims 2 news. I'm searching all over the place and there isn't really anything new.
I found a short article from GamesRadar from about 3 weeks ago. It hasn't got much new info but it's still an interesting read. See it here: GamesRadar

New pics and movie 13 December
If you had trouble downloading the neighbourhood movie from GameSpot, you can now download it from the official Sims 2 site: Neighbourhood movie

Also today, Maxis gives us 3 new pictures:

New info 13 December
Luc from Maxis gave an explanation about the 3 new pictures:
"The assets depict a serene Asian-themed bedroom, as well as the ultimate in-door/out-door living space with a sumptuous kitchen that over-looks a pool area. The last asset depicts a comparison of a swanky bachelor pad to a sophisticated Tudor abode. Building in The Sims 2 has reached a whole new level of realism and design with the hundreds of customization options we will be providing you."

He also told that next Thursday at 3:00PM PST there will be a live-chat with Senior Producer, Tim LeTourneau. Also next week already, there will be a new Designer Diary at GameSpot where Maxis will announce, as they say, a revolutionary new game feature.

And finally a word about why CaSIE is not released this month:
"We have made some code changes to improve game speed and make custom content easier to make for 3D heads. Thoses changes were not compatible with Casie, so we have to update the code. We are trying to give you a tool that will be as likely as possible to generate content compatible with the game that ships."

New poll 14 December
Another poll has been posted. This time, the question is when you think The Sims 2 will arive.
The last poll was voted by a record number of 841 people. Here are the results:

My first sims will be...
- A Maxis made family: 14%
- A single sim family: 16%
- 2 sims together: 26%
- 2 parents with kids: 17%
- A 7/8 sim family: 5%
- With teens/todlers: 22%

Site news 17 December
Some site news: Very soon this site is changing its name into www.snootysims.com.
There really isn't anything there yet, but in the coming days I will slowly move my site over there; At one point, both sites will have the same content after which I will slowely remove this one.
The reason for this change is that I needed a new host that would give me much more bandwidth. This site has grown so fast that my current host became too small for my needs. And I took this opportunity to change the name in the process.

Misc. news 19 December
The latest chat can now be found at TheSims2.com here: Tim LeTourneau chat. Or read it in previews where I removed some double and weird questions.
Also today, a new picture can be found at the official Sims 2 site:

New poll 20 December
5 new Sims 2 pictures can be found at GameSpot. Find them here: New pictures
Here are 3 of the 5 new pictures:

New poll 21 December
There is a new poll. This one is about what you think about the fact that Maxis is already making expansions.
The last poll was voted by 798 people and here are the results:

When will the Sims 2 come?
- Januari: 10%
- Februari: 18%
- March: 44%
- April: 17%
- May: 11%

New interview 22 December
GameSpot took an interview with Will Wright. In the second part of this Q&A he talks about The Sims 2. You can find it here: GameSpot Q & A

New pics 23 December
At IGN you can find 5 new Sims 2 pictures. See them here: IGN pictures.
GameSpot also has 4 new pictures. See those here: GameSpot pictures
Here are 3 of the 9 new pictures:

New pictures 24 December
An interview with Lucy Bradshaw at TotalVideoGames can be found here:Lucy Bradshaw interview.
Also 3 new pics can be found here: 3 new pics.

Site news 28 December
Yesterday this site reached 100.000 visitors. I'm very happy about that! I think this is a good time to write some things about the future of this site.
Some have already seen it and the link is a couple posts below, but the future site can be found here: www.snootysims.com. Credit for the graphics and design goes to SimsExtremos that did a perfect job on making it. SimsExtremos will also be my second affiliate by the way.
Most links on the new site don't work yet, they are just there for testing purposes. I have no idea when it will be completely finished, especially because I want to fix and update everything.

I'm just finished with the links section. I removed some and added lots more links on there. Only sites that update at least every 2 weeks will be there. Also added there are the 2 Maxis downloads; The fansite kit and the CaSIE skinset.
That brings me to another thing: Downloads. In the future, SnootySims will have a downloads section. I will do some creating myself but also other people can send in their creations. More about that later.
Further I will rearange the pictures section so that it is more easy to navigate.

And finally SnootySims will get a forum. It will be a very small one though and is more meant to take off the pressure of the Guestbook which is currently mostly used as a forum.