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Sims3Store update 1 August
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection: 19 items for $14,- (temporarily $12,-)

New poll 12 August
There's a new poll. The question is what kind of graphics you would like for Sims 4. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you send your Sims to University. Most people (39%) only send a few. And 13%,sends nearly all of their Sims to university.
721 people voted and here are the results:

Do you send your Sims to University?
- Yes, nearly all of them: 13%
- Not all, but still a fair amount: 27%
- Just a few: 39%
- I don't have University Life: 21%

Site news 12 August
I am aware that the Infocenter is very out of date and my apologies for that. However, I'm very busy updating all sections. I started with my favorite part, the Traits, which are now completely finished. The plumbot and pet traits have been recently added.
I will try to update the rest of the Infocenter asap.

Also I added a gallery viewer to the site. I will update all galleries the coming days but for now you can check the Into the Future page how it works.

Misc. news 15 August
Plumbot blog
SimGuruBritt wrote a blog about the Plumbots from the Into the Future pack. She explains what several trait chips do and also writes a bit about Create-a-Bot and Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium.
Check the blog here: 1010 Things You Should Know About Plumbots

Movie Stuff trailer
Here's the (very short) part 2 of the Movie Stuff trailer: The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Trailer - Part 2

Sims 4 renders 15 August
Simsdomination.com found the first Sims 4 pictures:


Check The Sims 4 section for all the other screenshots and info.

Sims3Store update 15 August
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Dreams of India: 27 items for $15,50 (temporarily $13,50)

Site news 17 August
Added a Miscelaneous screenshots page to the Sims4 section here: Misc. pics

Sims 4 reveal 20 August
Games Com 2013 is about to start and The Sims 4 will be (officially) revealed. Keep an eye out on the two links below so you won't miss anything:

- Games Com Webcam and EA live
- The Sims live feed

The Sims 4 trailer 20 August
The Sims 4 trailer has been released! Actually there are 2 trailers. Check them here: Sims 4 trailers

And the press release is here: Press release

Associated Press went to visit EA last week and had a talk with The Sims 4 producer Lyndsay Pearson and she explains a few things about the game. Check that article here: Associated Press

Misc. Sims 4 news 20 August
Limited Edition
On Amazon.de, you can pre-order a very special edition of The Sims 4. Besides the normal extras, in this Collector's Edition (around 100 Euros), you get an interactive Plumbob-Statue. Other editions like from EB Games do not contain this statue.
See this special edition here: Amazon.de
Thanks to Simtimes for this info.

Digital Spy posted a preview where producer Ryan Vaughn talked about the emotional states and multi tasking.
Read it here: Digital Spy preview

Official site online
The official Sims 4 site is now online. Here you can watch the trailers, find info about the game, check out the forum and more.
See it here: Official Sims 4 site

Misc. Sims 4 news 21 August
Sims 4 CAS
German fansite SimTimes posted some great info and screenshots from Sims 4 Create-a-Sim.
Check it here: SimTimes
Fansite AlalaSims has also posted a bunch of CAS screens here: Alalasims.com

More CAS
Another CAS hands-on has been written by website 'The Verge".
Check this one here: CAS hands-on

New renders
EA released 3 new Sims 4 renders which you can see on the right.

The press conference on GameCom, where The Sims 4 was revealed has been posted online.
See it here: Press conference

Q and A
Ryan Vaughan gives us a developer Q and A on the Sims 4.
Check it here: Q and A


Create-a-Sim 22 August
Here are some of the Sims that people made on GamesCom:

Capital Sims
Sims Vip
Alala Sims
Sim Nieuws
Dot Sim
The Sim Supply
Centrum Simów

Livestream 22 August
Check the broadcast here: Live broadcast
The live broadcast is over. The link is for the rerun. Sims 4 starts at 57:42. Into the Future at 03:09:27.

New poll 25 August
There's a new poll. The question is if you're still interested about Into the Future after seeing all the Sims 4 stuff from GamesCom. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what kind of graphics you would like for Sims 4. Not many voted for cartoony and though Sims 4 can't really be called that, it's a bit closer to that than the other two options. The game is still in early development though so who knows how it turns out.
959 people voted and here are the results:

What kind of graphics would you like for Sims 4?
- Cartoony: 8%
- Sims 3 HD graphics: 41%
- Photo realistic: 51%

Misc. news 25 August
Screens from GamesCom
The Sims 4 was not the only Sims game on GamesCom. Into the Future and Movie Stuff was shown too. Simified made tons of screenshots from those games.
Check them here: Info the Future - Into the Future CAS - Movie Stuff CAS

Sims 4 poster
Free in the Sims 3 Store; A Sims 4 poster! Get it here: The Sims 4 Poster

Round walls?
Sims Globe found something very interesting. In the live broadcast, the camera was moving around the game floor and for one second, it focussed on a monitor showing Sims 4 buildmode. Here we see a rounded fence. Perhaps there are round walls too?

Sims 4 Hands-on
The Sims Resource posted a large 5-page article on Sims 4. Anything from CAS to Sims emotions, you can read it in this preview.
Find it here: Sims 4 Hands-on

Masterclass 2
Edenstyle posted their second Sims 4 Masterclass. This one is about the Sims emotions.
Check it here: The Sims 4 Masterclass 2

Info from Sims Camp
Sara's Sims and Games posted their findings on GamesCom. Check it here: Sims Camp - Sims 4

Here's Lazy Game Reviews take on the Sims 4: LGR Sims 4

IGN preview
IGN posted a big Sims 4 preview where they talk with Sims producer Ryan Vaughan about Sims' emotions.
Find it here: IGN preview

Into the Future trailer 27 August
There's a new trailer for Into the Future.
Watch it here: Producer Walkthrough

Misc. Sims 4 news 29 August
Edenstyle had an interview with Sim Guru Jill about Create-a-Sim.
Read it here: Interview

Sims 4 content sharing
Videogamer.com posted an article about how you can share creations with others. For example, it is possible to check out a house that a friend made without leaving the game.
Read this article here: Videogamer.com

Video interview
Ryan Vaughan gave an interview to Dailymotion here: Video interview

Site news
I added a page in the Sims 4 section with the most interesting Sims 4 articles and previews. Also added some screenshots from GamesCom to the 'Misc. screens' section.
Find it here: Previews - Misc. screens

Misc. Sims 4 news 30 August
- Curse.com had an interview with Sims 4 producer Rachel Franklin: Video interview
- Softonic went to GamesCom and wrote the following preview: Hands on with The Sims 4
- Another hands-on article made by Gamerzine: Hands on: Toying with humanity
- DusDavidGames interviews Graham Nardone: Video interview Note: It starts in Dutch but interview is in English.

Cows 31 August
SimGuruTaterTot twittered a picture from the upcoming new Store set, to be released next week. Cows will be a nice addition to everybody's farm.