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Misc. Supernatural news 1 August
GamesRadar article
A new article and a few new screenshots were posted by GamesRadar. The article is about 6 things they like about the upcoming expansion.
Find the article here: GamesRadar article

Dread Central had an interview with Assistant Producer Megan Myers and they discuss the new town, the offspring of the new Creatures and why they teamed up with the 'Plants vs. Zombies' game.
Check it here: Interview

Supernatural hands-on
Dutch fansite Sims Nieuws had an exclusive look at Supernatural. They wrote a big preview and made a ton of screenshots. A big part is about CAS but there's also lots of info about the various creatures.
Check it out here: Hands-on part 1

The Sims 3: Seasons 2 August
The Sims 3: Seasons will soon be announced. At least, that's to be expected by looking at the several pictures that were accidentally posted by EA. The small boxart, an icebar and a banner were revealed and shows some very interesting details from the upcoming 8th expansionpack:


Seasons official 2 August
The Sims 3: Seasons has been officially announced! And many screenshots, info and a trailer has been released by EA. Check the links and the screenshots below:
Trailer - Press release - IGN article - Community blog




Videochat 6 August
The videochat for Supernatural and Seasons have been placed online so if you missed it, check this 2 hour chat here: Expansionchat part 1 - Expansionchat part 2

Community blog 7 August
Two updates in the Sims3.com community blog: SimGuruHydra posted a list of all the new songs in Supernatural and SimGuruMegan writes about what happens when there's a full moon.
Check the new blogs here: Community blog

New poll 10 August
There's a new poll. The question is what you like to see in 2013; Sims 4, more expansions or none. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Supernatural creature you like most. Fairies are the most wanted Creature of this pack. Followed by Witches. It was to be expected that the updated Vampires would come in last since they're pretty well known, but the rather low score for Werewolves is somewhat surprising.
1314 people voted and here are the results:

Which Supernatural creature do you like most?
- Fairies: 42%
- Zombies: 12%
- Werewolves: 9%
- Updated Vampires: 6%
- Witches/Wizards: 31%

New articles 10 August
IGN preview
The second article about Supernatural from IGN and this time it's all about the Witches. They write about the spells, CAS, the broom arena and more.
Read it here: IGN preview

GamesRadar article
Here are the top 10 reasons why the Sim's world is better then the real world. Well according to Games Radar that is.
Check the article here: GamesRadar article

Misc. news 16 August
  Sunlit Tides
Soon available in the Sims3Store, a new neighborhood called Sunlit Tides. It's a tropical island with nice beaches, a jungle and exotic bungalows.
I guess now we know why there won't be a neighborhood in Seasons... But seriously, it is a bit odd timing to release an expensive new neighborhood close to the announcement of this expansionpack.
Seasons blog
SimGuruCharles posted a blog on Thesims3.com about Seasons, specifically about Summer. He writes about sunburn, snow cones, fireworks and lots more. The blog also contains several screenshots.
Check the blog here: Seasons blog

Gamescom livestream
Reporting from Gamescom, EA is showing a preview about both Supernatural and Seasons.
See it here: Livestream

Seasons interview
Games Radar had an interview with associate producer Ryan Vaughan about Seasons.
Check it here: Interview

Sims3Store update 17 August
TheSims3Store has been updated. First there is a Hibiscus Trio for $5,-.
Perhaps a bit expensive but SimGuruSarah posted in the Sims3 forums that they only have a handful of artists that are familiar with the tech to craft Build Mode plants.

Also new is a compilation of island objects. Be careful as it contains items from sets you may already have.
Find it here: Island Escape Compilation: 48 items for $24,- (temporarily $19,-)

Sauna in Sunlit Tides gold 21 August
Designer Alan Copeland wrote a blog on the Sims3.com about the upcoming new Nhood Sunlit Tides. Here we can read that the gold version will contain a Steam-It-Up Sauna. This sauna will contain several unique things like a massage table and an option to choose 'try for baby boy or girl'.
Sunlit Tides will be available for purchase coming thursday.
Check the blog here: New blog

Sunlit Tides is out 23 August
Sunlit Tides is now available in the Sims3 Store. The standard version contains 38 items including the Steam-It-Up Sauna. The gold version has 12 extra items including the Zen massage table.

Standard edition is 2.450 Simpoints, the gold version will cost you a lot more; 4.350 Simpoints! But fortunately, you can get it a bit cheaper the coming 2 weeks as there's a sale price of 'just' 3.700 Simpoints.
Check it here: Sunlit Tides

Misc. news 28 August
New preview
G4tv saw a Supernatural demo and wrote some things about the updated Create-a-Sim, the elixers and ofcourse about the new Creatures.
Check it here: Supernatural preview

LGR Sunlit Tides review
Lazy Game Reviews posted their review of Sunlit Tides and as always, it's quite hilarious. He shows the whole island and takes a close look at the new items like the Sauna and massage table.
See it here: Sunlit Tides review

Supernatural Q and A
SimGuruHydra posted a blog with a Supernatural Q and A with Senior Producer Kari St. John and they answer questions asked by members from the Sims3.com forum.
Check the blog here: Supernatural Q and A