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New neighborhood announced 5 August
EA has announced a new downloadable world called Hidden Springs. Releasedate is August 25. It's a luxurious resort town near a lake, surrounded by mountains and the fountain of youth is hidden somewhere in this world.
Check the links for more info and screenshots:
- Press release
- Interview
- IGN preview


Sims3 Store update 6 August
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Luxury Resort Attire: 22 items for $16,50
- Luxe Lounge Spa: 8 items for $5,25
- Back 2 Skool: 7 items for $7,-
- August 2011 Compilation: 37 items for $24,50

New Pets screenshots 15 August
Simcookie found 3 new Pets screenshots:


New Pets trailer 16 August
EA has released a new Pets movie.
Check it here: Pets trailer at Gamespot.

Pets updates 17 August
German gameshow Gamescom is underway so we can expect lots of details about Pets the coming days as several fansites will be visiting the show.
German fansite Simfans.de already posted some screenshots from the new neighborhood Appaloosa Plains, which you can see here: Pets screenshots

But also some gamesites posted previews: Eurogamer and Gamespot

Misc. Pets news 18 August
IGN posted a small fact sheet on Pets where they compare the PC with the Console versions.
Check it here: IGN article

And Simfans.de keeps on making screenshots at the Gamescom show. This time items from the buy mode: Simfans.de

New poll 21 August
There's a new poll. The question is which animal besides cats, dogs and horses you like most Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which object with special actions you like to see in the Sims3Store next. 1 in 4 people like the Basketball hoop the most, with a good second place for the Rocking chair. The fishing rod is the least wanted item.
1596 people voted and here are the results:

Which object do you like best?
- Bearskin rugs: 16%
- Rocking chair: 22%
- Improved fishing rod: 4%
- Hammocks: 17%
- Stereo with dance moves: 15%
- Basketball hoop: 26%

Misc. Pets news 21 August
German gameshow Gamescom is still bringing in lots of information about Pets. Below news from the past days:
German fansite Simfans.de has posted new screenshots from buymode items and small animals here: Pets screenshots

Simfans also posted a few movies here: Horses and Cats and Dogs

EA posted a 1 hour livestream of a Pets chat here: Gamescom chat

And lastly, a big Pets preview from Sims Network here: Pets preview

Misc. news 23 August
EA released a few more screenshots of the upcoming world Hidden Springs on their Facebook page here: EA Facebook
SimsVip found out the shocking price of this world on the Polish Facebook page: $25 dollars!

A new preview of Pets was made by Platinum Simmers, which you can find here: Pets preview

UK Facebook posted a pretty long interview with Graham Nardone about Pets. Check it here: Facebook Uk

And lastly, screenshots. We've seen quite a bit already, but the following 2 websites show everything from the game; Every new cloth item, buy/build mode, even the new floorpaint. So don't check these if you want to discover at least something for yourself.
Daily Sims Create-a-Pet - Blacky’s Sim Zoo screenshots

Hidden Springs released 25 August
Hidden Springs is now for sale. The downloadable world that's a bit bigger then Barnacle Bay but a lot more expensive; $24,50, but for the first month it's 'only' $22,50, making it more expensive then a Stuff pack even with the discount.
You can get this world here: EA Store

Simfans created an interactive map of this world which you can find here: Simfans

Hidden Springs reviews 29 August
If you're still not sure if Hidden Springs is worth buying, then a few reviews may help you:

Sunset Valley Times - Cinema Blend
Pasimfic Wiki - Platinum Simmers
Infinite Sims - Kmart Gamer

New Stuff pack in february 30 August
The Stuff packs keep on coming! February 10, we can (probably) expect The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff.
This title showed up on a South African online gameshop. It's not yet confirmed by EA though.
Thanks to Sims True Life for the find.