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Medieval announced 3 August
The Sims: Medieval is now official. EA sent out a press release with a few screenshots. As can be read in the press release, it's totally different then the regular Sims series and almost looks like they only use the Sims in the name to attract more people to it. Well we have to wait for more info to see if that's the case.
Check out the press release here: Press release

New poll 3 August
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is what your opionion is on Medieval. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you like Vampires. Well it's a popular creature; 42% will love to see these creatures in the game. Only 13% preferred another one while 15% can do without any creature.
2149 people voted and here are the results:

Do you like Vampires?
- Yes Vampires rule!: 42%
- They're ok: 30%
- I'd rather had something different: 13%
- I don't like all those creatures: 15%

Fast Lane trailer 5 August
The trailer for the 2nd Stuff pack, The Sims 3: Fast Lane, has been released. In this movie, you see several of the cars and accesoires, and several EA people talking about this pack.
Check it here: EA.com video

New Store sets 6 August
A few new sets are available in the Sims3Store. Below the sets and their prices:
- Pushin’ Pedals: 9 Items (of which 6 are bikes) for $12,50
- Romanza Bridal Party: 18 Items for $11,-
- Haute Hip: 19 Items for $9,50
- Provence: 16 Items for $7,-
- Weba Yayfoo!: 3 Items for free.

New poll 9 August
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is which career in Ambitions you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what your opionion is on Medieval. Though not hugely popular, there sure is some interest. Over a third think it's interesting or better, while 41% is not so sure about this new upcoming game yet. Only 1 out of 5 rejects it right away.
1810 people voted and here are the results:

What's your opionion on Medieval?
- Looks pretty good!: 17%
- It's interesting: 20%
- Not sure, I need to see more of it: 41%
- No I don't like it: 22%

Late Night preview 11 August
TheSims3.com posted a small preview about the Late Night expansion.
Check it here: TheSims3.com

Late Night preview 14 August
IGN posted a new Late Night preview with a few new screenshots.
Check the preview here: IGN.com


Gamespot Late Night preview 16 August
Gamespot posted a new Late Night preview. They had a Hands-on with the game and the preview covers many things, like info about the new town Bridgeport, new traits, careers and vampire info.
Check the preview here: Gamespot.com

New poll 17 August
Added a new poll yesterday with the question what Late Night feature you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which career in Ambitions you like most. Fire Fighter is the most popular with 19% and Architectural Designer a good second with 14%. Almost 1 out of 5 though have no real preference. 15% doesn't have Ambitions (yet).
1819 people voted and here are the results:

Which career in Ambitions do you like most?
- Architectural Designer: 14%
- Fire Fighter: 19%
- Ghost Hunter: 12%
- Investigator: 12%
- Stylist: 9%
- I have no real preference: 19%
- I don't have Ambitions: 15%

More Late Night previews 17 August
First I would like to congratulate Simprograms with their 10th birthday. For a news/info site that's quite a feat since simsites of this type don't survive that long. They're planning a site design change and several other new features so keep an eye on them.

Now for the previews. 2 small new Late Night previews have been posted. Check the links below:
- Gamepro - Gamesradar

The Sims: Medieval updates 18 August
Snooty Sims will not closely follow The Sims: Medieval, but a lot of info has recently been released so for those interested, check out the updates below:
- Gamespot: Preview.
- Joystiq: Screenshots and trailer.
- Sims3Nieuws: Preview and exclusive screenshots
- Simsplanet2: Preview (in Dutch language).
- IGN: Preview

T-Mobile giveaway 21 August
SimGuruHydra posted a message on the Sims3.com forums about a T-Mobile promotion where they give away a few items for the game. There are 5 items in this Music pack.
The T-Mobile page can be found here: T-Mobile.ea.com
And the instructions to get them in the game are here: SimGuruHydra forumpost
Note that you can only download 1 item every 24 hours.

The Sims 3: Deluxe 23 August
EA has announced The Sims 3: Deluxe. There is not much to say about it other than it's combo of The Sims 3 and Ambitions. For those that don't have the Sims 3 yet, it's a nice price saver. Releasedate is September 28.
Check more info here: TheSims3.com

New poll 25 August
A new poll is posted with the question if you are collecting a lot in the game. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Late Night feature you like most. A very devided result but most people are looking forward to Vampires, the new CAS options and going out to the clubs. Getting new objects is definitely not the biggest reason to get the new pack.
1603 people voted and here are the results:

Which Late Night feature do you like most?
- A new neighborhood: 14%
- Vampires: 20%
- Sims can start a music band: 10%
- Going out to clubs and bars: 16%
- New build options: 12%
- New CAS options: 21%
- New objects: 4%
- Other: 3%

New screenshots 26 August
A few new screenshots from Fast Lane are published as well as the large cover of Late Night. Thanks to Sims Domination for the find.


New Nhood in Sims Store 31 August
With a press release, EA has announced an upcoming downloadable neighborhood called Barnacle Bay. Unknown yet what the price will be, this neighborhood contains 2 dozen new objects, new lots, and cas items. Releasedate is around Fall.
Check the press release for more info here: el33tonline.com.

IGN has posted a small interview with EA about this pack though they seem to be confused in thinking that this is an expansion pack: IGN interview