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World Adventures officially announced 3 August
The first expansion for The Sims 3 has finally been announced. As expected, it will be somewhat similar to Bon Voyage as you can travel to 3 destinations and discover new cultures. The game will hit the stores on November 16.
A press release and a small newsmessage on the Sims3.com give some more details about this pack:
Press release - Sims 3.com

IGN has posted a big Q and A with Producer Lyndsay Pearson: IGN Q&A
And another interview can be found on 4Players: Interview


New poll 4 August
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you're happy with the news of World Adventure or rather had something else. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what rating you would give The Sims 3. 1 Third of all people give the game a good 8. But almost 40% give either a 9 or 10! Only 7% rate the game below 6. After calculating all votes, the Sims players give The Sims 3 an average rating of 8 (or 7,96 to be precise).
2419 people voted and here are the results:

What rating would you give The Sims 3?
- 10: 12%
- 9: 27%
- 8: 32%
- 7: 15%
- 6: 7%
- Below 6: 7%

Sims 3 sells big 4 August
Kotaku gave another update on the sales figures of the Sims 3; It sold 3.7 million copies during its first month on the market. Kotaku also writes that EA is still in some financial downfall but thanks to games like the Sims 3, they're doing not that bad.
Check the story here: Kotaku.com

Misc. news 5 August
World Adventures desktop
Normally I don't post about creations from others but this one looks so good, I had to post it. Simprograms made a very nice World Adventures desktop wallpaper in quite a few resolutions.
Get it here: World Adventures desktop
Future Store themes?
Sim Media gave me news about possible future Sims 3 Store themes. They recieved a survey which contained questions about this. Here are the options that could be chosen:
Space age futuristic - Rock 'n roll 1950s - Summer beach living - Historical time periods - Flights of fancy and magic - Wild west - Everyday comfort - Psychedelic 70s - High end contemporary luxury.

Ben Bell about creating Sims 3
Fora.tv posted a small movie where Ben Bell talks about the very early beginnings of Sims 3. All the way back when it was nothing but a 2D simulation. A very interesting bit of info to check out.
See it here: Fora.tv movie

Site news 6 August
Snooty Sims has 2 new affiliates!
- German site Sims Exchange is a news site and has info about every Sims game out there. From Sims 3 to SimAnimals. It also has some nice downloads and a forum.
- Sims 3 Fanatics is a dedicated fansite about the Sims 3. It has all the latest news, but also has a big focus on legacies.
Check out the new affiliates here!

Sims3 Store update 6 August
A big update for the Sims3 Store; 3 new sets have been added.
There is a youth version of the Ultra Lounge set (for kids and teens). A castle theme and a Jet Set clothes for both adult and Teen.
Check the new items here: Sims3 Store sets

Misc. news 7 August
Sims 3 on PS3/XBox?
Gamespot posted a small article where they speculate the chance of Sims 3 appearing on PS3 and XBox. This speculation is after finding out that software developer Edge of Reality is collaborating with EA on "multi-platform titles with The Sims Studio.
Find this story here: Gamespot article

Wright: Sims was an experiment
A small press release was released where Will Wright talks a bit about his future plans and past games. Interesting is what he mentioned about The Sims:
"The Sims" was always an experiment," said Wright. "We never thought it'd be a mainstream thing. We simply did a game and started adding expansion packs and did a sequel and added more expansion packs".
Check the whole article here: Yahoo article

New patch
And lastly, a new patch was released recently. Note that this one is really just a fix for the former patch and does not contain anything new.

New poll 12 August
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you would like a Creature in future expansionpacks. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're happy with the news of World Adventure. Most people are not convinced yet about this first expansion. 1 out of 4 already says no to it. A bit more then a third however waits to see what else this pack contains.
2651 people voted and here are the results:

World Adventure. Yes or No?
- YES!: 38%
- NO!: 25%
- Maybe...: 37%

New World Adventures screens 14 August
EA has released 2 new World Adventures screenshots:


World Adventures update 15 August
Gamespot posted a new article on World Adventures with 2 new screenshots. Interesting part of this preview is that you can choose to go on a normal vacation or go on a treasure hunt instead. A lot of people were worried that this adventure was the only option in the game.
The rest of the article mostly covers the adventure part like meeting mummies and the like. The 3 new skills are: Martial Arts, Photography and Nectar Making.
Find the article here: Gamespot article


Misc. World Adventures news 18 August
IGN (and a few other gaming sites) posted the first trailer of World Adventures. They also posted a preview though it did not really contain new info.
Check the trailer and preview here: IGN article

EA sent out a press release with the news that there will be new Simlish music in this expansion, performed by several artists like Nelly Furtado and Pixie Lott.
Check this story here: Press release

Site news 19 August
The traits infopage has been completely updated. Not just a list with a vague description, but every option and social for each of the 63 traits can be found here.
A big credit goes to Maty where I got lots of info. But I also checked the games' xml files, searched through forums and guides and ofcourse from gameplay.
There may be still some missing data, but all in all it's a pretty detailed list.
Check it out here: Traits info

World Adventures cover 21 August
Sim Times found the cover for the upcoming World Adventures expansionpack. EA confirmed that this will indeed be the cover. It's interesting since it shows a little bit of the other 2 countries.

World Adventures news 21 August
Sim Times posted a few pictures from World Adventures taken on the Gamescom. You can see the Egypts Nhood and some adventure shots.
Check the screens here: Sim Times screens

French site Tom's Games is on Gamescom as well and wrote a small article. In it, there are a few new details like there is an adventure journal and the amount of adventures in the French part is minor.
Check the (translated) article here: Tom's Games article

GamesCom presentation 22 August
EA Germany posted 2 movies on YouTube about the presentation of World Adventures at GamesCom.
Check them here: Part 1 - Part 2
Thanks to Sims3Nieuws for the find.

Cheesy sale Sims Store 22 August
TheSims3.com is advertising their Sims 3 Sale for the past few days, but now that day is here, there is nothing but confusion. One point there are a few items available, the next moment they're gone. You would think that digital items can't sell out so it's a bit odd. What I hear, you're not missing much; Those few items that do show up occasionally are not exactly the cream of the crop. Mostly a few silly hats.
You can check out this 'sale' here: Sims 3 Sale

World Adventures preview 25 August
Dutch Sims site Sims3Nieuws posted a big preview of the presentation of World Adventures at GamesCom. It contains some interesting new facts like the new traits and the options concerning holding a vacation.
Check the preview here: Sims3Nieuws preview

World Adventures update 28 August
EA released the official cover for World Adventures as well as 2 new screenshots:


New poll 31 August
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you use Create-a-Style or just use the default options. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would like a Creature in future expansionpacks. It seems Creatures are very popular. Almost half of all people want definitely a Creature. For about 1 quarter however it depends on the type. 12% rather sees this Creature tradition gone from the game.
4165 people voted and here are the results:

Would you like a Creature in future expansionpacks?
- Yes, most definitely!: 48%
- It depends on the Creature: 27%
- It doesn't really matter to me: 13%
- No, I don't want any Creature in the game: 12%