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Misc. news 2 August
John Daugherty, inspired by the Sims3 comparison pics, re-made the Sims 3 trailer with the help of the Sims 2. It's a very good comparison and seeing it in motion, the changes are even more spectacular.
Check the YouTube movie here: Comparison video

And for those that still have questions about Apartment Life, send them to me, cause next week I get the chance to check out this pack.

New poll 4 August
There's a new poll. This weeks question is if you're disapointed that there's no gradual aging. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about the look of the sims in Sims3. Most people like how the Sims look and many who didn't like them, changed their mind after seeing the new pictures. 1 in 5 however, still don't like the Sims apearance. 5010 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the look of the sims in Sims3?
- I love how they look!: 37%
- They're ok. Nothing special: 24%
- I didn't like their look, but now I'm starting to like them: 19%
- I don't really like how they look: 14%
- The sims in Sims3 look awful!: 6%

Official chat 5 August
The official sims site posted the news that coming thursday, there will be a chat about Apartment life. There are 2 chats actually so the Europeans can attend at a better time then usual. Below the times:
- 10 Am (us) - 19:00 (Europe)
- 04 Pm (us) - 01:00 (Europe)

Also a thanks for the many questions about Apartment Life you sent. In case they're not answered in the upcoming chat, I'll do my best find the answers.

Misc. news 8 August
The official Brazilian site and WorldSims has posted a preview for Sims 3. And with those, all sites that got to see the Sims 3 have made their report. A good time to actually see this Sims 3 tour at EA headquarters. SimVipOnline, a brazilian site, posted a movie that shows the tour from beginning to end (ofcourse without Sims 3 images). Check the links below:
- EA Brazil
- WorldSims
- EA Sims 3 tour

Yesterday, Thesims2.com had 2 Apartment Life chats. The transcripts of these chats have already been posted which you can find here:
Chat 1 - Chat 2

Lastly, many Dutch fansites were at the Apartments preview and many photos and info was gathered. I was there too and did my best to find answers to the question that you sent. Ofcourse not all since I recieved close to a hundred questions!
The reports from all fansites will be made public coming monday.

New poll 11 August
There's a new poll. This weeks question asks what reaction you have about the end of the expansionpacks. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're disapointed that there's no gradual aging in Sims 3. Most people would have preferred gradual aging. The majority however doesn't mind that much that it's not available. 1 in 5 however is very disapointed. 4089 people voted and here are the results:

Are you disapointed that there's no gradual aging?
- I am very disapointed that there's no gradual aging!: 22%
- A bit disapointed but I can live with it: 31%
- It would be nice, but it's no big deal: 38%
- No, because I prefer the Sims 2 aging!: 9%

Apartment Life previews 11 August
Last week, several Dutch fansites went to see Apartment Life. Several sites who went have now made their preview. Check them below. More previews will follow the coming days.
- Snooty Sims
- Gibbie Sims
- SimsSense

Apartment Life previews II 12 August
The rest of the Dutch fansites completed their Apartment Life preview. Check the links below:
- The Sims Zone
- Sims Network
- Sims Planet2 I - Sims Planet2 II - Sims Planet 3
- Mamma Sims 1 - Mamma Sims 2

Sims3.com update 14 August
A new Sims VIP letter was sent to those that subscribed and in it, there was the news that TheSims3.com has had a major sitedesign change. Also there were 2 new screenshots, a few more movie screengrabs a blog from Producer Ben Bell and some new info.
Check the site out here: TheSims3.com

Misc. news 16 August
Apartment Life preview
IGN posted a somewhat small preview for Apartment Life. Check it here: IGN preview

Will Wright about Sims 3
Wright gave a big interview to News.com. He talks about Spore and The sims franchise. It's also one of the first times he's asked about Sims 3. Here's a part:

I think as long as we manage the franchise well and keep the quality of the product where it should be, it'll last potentially for an entire generation.
Read the full interview here: News.com

New comic
Not on the Sims2.com yet, but a few official Sims sites have posted the fifth Apartment Life comic. Check it here: TheSims2.br

New affiliate
And lastly, I would like to mention that I have a new affiliate. It's PrimaGames.com. Though it's not a Sims fansite, their guides for the Sims games are very popular. I will always link their banner to the latest Sims guide.
Note that I do not get a percentage of a sold guide originated from here. It's merely a link exchange and they also promised to give some goodies like previews or guide giveaways.

A ninth Stuff Pack 18 August
Apartment Life may be the last expansionpack, but there will be at least one more Stuff pack. A cryptic title was posted in the EA store. There is no info what the title is and the releasedate is an unprobable December 31st.
Check it here: EA store
Note that it may be removed soon as it's probably posted in error by EA.
Thanks to Skyline who found it.

Prima guide preview 19 August
Primagames has sent us a preview of the upcoming Primaguide for Apartment Life. This preview contains the complete Chapter 3: Apartments.
This chapter gives info about roommates, noise complaints, how to make your own apartments and much more.
Check out this chapter here: Primaguide preview

5th comic 19 August
A few days ago, I mentioned that the 5th Apartment Life comic appeared on a few foreign Sims sites. It's now also available in English on Thesims2.com.
Check it here: 5th Comic

Official releasedate Sims 3 20 August
EA sent out a press release where they announce the official releasedate for The Sims 3. The press release tells that we can expect the game on February 20, 2009. So that's exactly 6 months from now.

They also mention a Sims 3 collectors edition which will include the full game along with additional collectable Sims merchandise and a bonus in-game Italian-Style Sports Car.
Read the full press release here: Releasedate Sims 3

New Sims 3 pictures 21 August
Europe's largest games exhibit, the GC 2008 opened and EA is showing all their future games. Sims 3 is shown too and many German fansites took photos of the game. It's the first time we can see the control panel, options in CAS and many other things. The criminal and politics career is now also confirmed. Check the links below:
- Sim World - Sim Forum
- TheSims.de - Sims2 fans

Misc. news 22 August
Apartment Life walkthrough
TheSims2.com has updated with a producer walkthrough of Apartment Life. In this movie, Lakshmi Yayapalan gives a tour of the Neighbourhood, showing the new community places and ofcourse talks about the apartments theme.
Watch it here: Apartments walkthrough

New Apartment Life screenshots
PTgamers posted over 200 screenshots of Apartment Life! Check them here: PT Gamers

New Sims 3 preview
IGN was at the GC show and made a little preview of what they saw there.
Check it here: IGN preview

GC demo movie 23 August
Gamespy and IGN posted a small part of the Sims 3 presentation on the GC08 show. Not much new info is revealed other then maybe the musician career is confirmed. But it does show a few new images from the game.
Check the movie here: IGN
Besides this movie, Gamespy also posted a small preview. Again, not much new info but here's an interesting part about traits:

"Fulfilling a Sim's wish can give you points that you can spend to purchase special bonus traits -- such as "Haggler" (pay less for stuff you buy in stores) or "Steel Bladder" (you don't have to use the bathroom anymore)."

Check this preview here: Gamespy preview

Misc. news 23 August
Australia gets Sims 3 a week early
Princedeej28 from the Sims BBS posted that Australia's Sims 3 releasedate is a full week earlier then the rest of the world: February 12. Check this message with the link to the press release here: Releasedate Sims 3
Note that the releasedate for Holland, Sweden and Norway is February 19.

Site news
In some of the screens taken at the GC08 fair, new Sims 3 traits were discovered. I have now updated the traits list with that info.
Check the renewed list here: Sims 3 Traits

New poll 24 August
There's a new poll. This weeks question if you follow every little detail about The Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question asked your reaction about the end of the expansionpacks. About half of all people are more or less disapointed, but many don't mind as this means that their Sims 2 game is now complete. 8% is in denial and 12% of my visitors is not that interested in Sims 2...
3726 people voted and here are the results:

Apartment Life the last expansion. What is your reaction?
- NOOOO! I want more expansionpacks!: 13%
- I don't believe it! I'm sure there will be more packs: 8%
- I would have like one more, but it's ok: 29%
- Good! Now my game is finally complete!: 38%
- I don't mind. I don't play Sims 2 much anyway: 12%

Misc. Sims 3 news 25 August
Developer interview
German games site PC Games had a small interview with one of the Sims 3 developers. She talks a bit about goals, the AI and some other things. Not much new info but it's always nice to hear a developer talk about the Sims 3.
Watch the interview here: PC Games.de
New Sims 3 report from GC08
German fansite Sim Times posted an article about what they saw at the GC08 show. The article includes some nice close-ups of several control panels.
Check the article here: Sim Times

Collectors edition preorder
Amazon.com has posted the pre-order for the Sims 3 Collectors edition. The price is $20 dollar more then the regular version. Check it here: Amazon.com

New Sims 3 movie 27 August
A section that was long overdue was a linkspage for Sims 3 movies. This is now added to the site. Here you can find all Sims 3 movies that have been made public sofar. There are 4 movies currently and the last one is no doubt new to you. Found on a foreign site, I couldn't make it downloadable and so made it streaming.
Check the movies page here: Sims 3 movies
Getting this movie online was made possible with co-operation with Infinite Sims

Site news 28 August
You may have noticed that this site was a bit hard to reach the past few hours. The new Sims 3 movie posted on this site was so popular, that it was slowing down the site to a crawl. So I have now replaced the link to this movie with a YouTube channel (from InfiniteSims) and that should help a lot.

New Sims 3 movie 28 August
The official Sims 3 site has updated with a very large behind the screens movie where producers of the game talk about the Sims 3.
Check it here: The Sims 3.com

Gamespot preview 29 August
Gamespot.com has posted a new preview for the Sims 3. They write about Character Creation, Socializing, Careers, and More. Here's a part:

Like in The Sims 2, in the sequel, should your sims give birth to a little bundle of joy, the new addition to the family will share facial and body features from both parents, though the genetic makeup of your children will be a bit more consistent this time around.

Check the full article here: Gamespot preview

Stuff pack 9 30 August
The name of the 9th Stuff pack is known: The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff will be in the shops on November 5. This was posted on the VideoETA.com site.
Thanks to Sim Times for this news.