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Misc. news 4 August
Castaway update
There is a big Castaway update at thesims2.com. Information and screenshots have been posted for the Wii, PS2, NDS and PSP.
Check it out here: Castaway update
Sims online chat
Yet another chat about the Sims online took place a couple days ago. This time about the economy. Check the transcript here: Sims online chat

Pre-order items
The official Sims 2 site has posted info about the pre-order items you get when you buy Bon Voyage at a certain store.
See the items here: Pre-orders

Holiday for Mac
It was a known fact that Happy Holiday was coming to the Mac, but Aspyr has made it now official that this pack will be available for Mac OS X in September.
Read a bit more about it here: Macworld.com

Fashion runway
The third voting for the Fashion Runway has started. This weeks presentation is Streetware and a new movie and pics have been posted.
Check it out here: Fashion Runway

Misc. news 7 August
Survey on Sims2.com
Yesterday, thesims2.com had a little survey on their site. As usual, only for a short time. For those that missed it, here are the interesting parts of it: Survey options

It's been some time, but there's a new podcast on the official Sim site. Rod talks about all the upcoming Sims games like Castaway and Bon Voyage.
Listen to it here: Podcast

Bon Voyage preview
IGN posted a small preview about Bon Voyage. If you read the fansite articles, there's nothing new in here but you may want to check it out anyway.
See it here: IGN preview

Sims anniversary 8 August
Not sure if it's an official anniversary, but this month, August 2007, the Sims franchise is 7,5 years old. In February 2000, The Sims was launced on PC. Below some interesting facts about the franchise:

- The Sims franchise have sold more than 90 million units, generating more than $ 1 billion in sales.
- The 2 Sims pc games combined have 12 expansion packs and 5 stuff packs.
- There are more then 15 different Sims versions out or available soon. MySims, Castaway, SimStories, Urbz,etc.
- You can play a Sims game on 13 different systems like Mac, X-box, NDS, Mobile, etc.

Misc. news 10 August
EA opened a new official site just for MySims. On this site, you can find information, screenshots, minigames and much more.
Find the site here: MySims.com
Bon Voyage FAQ
MaxoidDrea posted a message on the Sims2.com BBS where she answers a couple of frequently asked questions about Bon Voyage.
Read it here: MaxoidDrea mesage

Fashion runway
The fourth voting for the Fashion Runway has started. This weeks presentation is Night Out and a new movie and pics have been posted.
Check it out here: Fashion Runway

Dutch Fan event
In about a week there will be a Bon Voyage fanevent for several Dutch fansites. SnootySims will be attending so if you have any questions left or want a screenshot of a certain event/npc/item, let me know with an email or post in the forum or guestbook.

Misc. news 13 August
New Fanday report
The official Brazilian Simsites updated with a fanday report from Simvip. Some nice pics are in the article like Bigfoot. A big movie is also posted.
Find everything here: SimsVip movie - Official Brazilian site (click yellow links).
Misc. site news
- The much requested Flashchat has now been installed. Bribble chat will stay for as long as it keeps popular.
- The menu has been changed a bit; Chatroom and Extras have a collapsible menu for easier navigating.
- I recieved alot of Bon Voyage questions for the upcoming fanevent, but feel free to keep sending them in. I will do my very best to get the answers.

New poll 14 August
A new poll. This weeks question is which accommodation on Bon Voyage you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was which kind of activity from Bon Voyage you like most. Beach activities are the most popular, Treasure hunting/Exploring is quite high as well. 4483 people voted and here are the results:

Which activity sounds the most interesting?
- Playing on the Pirate Ship: 8%
- Beach fun; Swimming, sandcastle, sunbathing: 38%
- Treasure hunting/Exploring: 27%
- Local activities; Axe throwing, Dances, Zengarden,etc: 10%
- Other; Camping, Souvenirs, Campfire, Tours,etc: 17%

Official chat 15 August
The official site posted the news that on Thursday, there will be an official chat about Bon Voyage. The chat will start at 2:30 pm PDT. For Europe that is 23:30.

Dutch Fanevent 16 August
I attended the Dutch fanevent and got a chance to see the Bon Voyage pack in action. I took many pics and gathered lots of info. I won't however turn it into a preview as there are many made already. The info will be posted in a Q & A manner, answering several people's questions that got mailed to me.
It will be finished tomorrow or in the weekend. And note: There were no Maxoids at the event so I could not aquire answers to some burning questions.

For now here are a couple of questions answered. More later:
- The 3 destinations are seperate; When you stay in an asian hotel, you can move (or walk) to another asian location but if you want to move to the mountains, you have to break off your holiday and book a new vacation.
- I could not find any new cheats (they may be added later, but don't count on it), but there were several new boolprop options. I took several pics of those.
- All objects for the vacationlots can be used at the Sims' home.
- You can build a beachlot in a regular neighbourhood. So if you want to give your spoiled Simchild a cool toy, why not give him/her a nice Pirate Ship to play with in your backyard?


Misc. news 17 August
Bon Voyage Blog
The official Sims 2 site updated with a blog about Bon Voyage and contains 3 new official screenshots. This first update is about a small overview of 3 locations.
Read it here: Bon Voyage Blog
Chat transcript
The transcript of yesterdays Bon Voyage chat has been posted. You can find it here: Chat transcript

Fashion runway
The fifth voting for the Fashion Runway has started. This weeks presentation is 'Let's go to the beach' and a new movie and pics have been posted.
Check it out here: Fashion Runway

Teen Style info
Fansite Sims Rewolucja has posted a description of Teen Style Stuff on their site and say they will post screens of this Stuff pack later.
Check the site here: Sims Rewolucja

Misc. Bon Voyage news 18 August
Dutch fanevent
Pics and info from the Dutch fanevent are coming in. Dutch fansite SimsPlanet2 posted 2 articles with several screenshots. TheSims2.co.za also has some screens.
Find it all here: SimsPlanet2 - TheSims2.co.za
Maxoids answer BV questions
On the Sims2.com BBS, a topic was opened where people could ask questions that weren't asked on the chat. It's closed now, but many questions were answered by MaxoidLittleL.
In addition, MaxoidSam also started a Q and A topic and is still open.
Check it out here: MaxoidLittleL thread - MaxoidSam thread

New BV article 19 August
Dutch fansite SP Zone has posted their article about Bon Voyage. For the non-Dutch people, there are several interesting screenshot in the article.
Check it out here: SP Zone

Fanevent article 19 August
A bit later then wanted, but real-life obligations slowed things down; Snooty Sims' article from the Fanevent is now posted in the Bon Voyage section.
As said earlier, it's not a real preview but a Q and A of questions that people mailed me. Though I couldn't answer all questions, I think you will find the article quite infomative. Questions that answered are; The new turn-on's/off's, examples of the Momentos, Music, new boolprop options and much more.
Find it here: Bon Voyage article

Misc. BV news 20 August
New BV preview
Dutch fansite DMS2C has posted their article about Bon Voyage. The language of writing is both Dutch and English. And ofcourse there are several cool screenshots included.
Check it out here: DMS2C.net
Thanks to TheSims2.co.za for finding it.

BV walkthrough coming soon
In a SimsBBS post, MaxoidSam told that there will soon be a Producer Walkthrough on the official site. Find this message, as well as answers to questions in the following BBS post: MaxoidSam message

Sims Launcher FAQ
In another BBS post, MaxoidSam posted a large faq concerning the new Sims Launcher which will be included in the Bon Voyage pack.
Read all the details here: Sims Launcher FAQ

Teen Style Stuff announced 24 August
The 6th Stuff pack has been spotted on several online shops weeks ago but now Teen Style Stuff has been officially announced by Maxis. The official sims 2 site has updated with some info and the first screenshots.
Find this infopage here: TheSims2.com

But of course you can also find all the info and pics on SnootySims as well: Teen Style info

Bon Voyage screens from GC 27 August
3 German fansites visited the Games Convention and made a Bon Voyage article from the things they saw there. Find the articles here:
- Sim Times
- Simworld
- Thesims.de

New Bon Voyage screens 29 August
Portuguese site PTGamers posted (probably) the first Bon Voyage review. Though the text is not English, they posted an enormous amount of screenshots together with the article. Well over 200 screenshots!
Find it here: Review - Screenshots
Thanks to S1mg1rl19 for finding it.

BV Prima guide 30 August
The Bon Voyage Primaguide is out and some people have already recieved it. In the Sims BBS you can find lots of new info from the guide. Like the 45 momentos, voodoo doll options, community weddings, etc.
Below are links to a couple of interesting bbs posts. There are several more; just scroll through the messages in that bbs.
- Answers to BV questions from Mmmyrs2
- Collectables. From photogsim
- Momentos. From photogsim

Misc. Bon Voyage news 31 August
BV walkthrough
Just in time before the game is released, is the Bon Voyage walkthrough video posted on the official Sims 2 site. Lyndsay and Lakshmi guide you through the game and show the different vacation spots.
View the movie here: Bon Voyage walkthrough
Gamespy preview
Gaming site Gamespy posted a small preview of Bon Voyage. They don't give much new info but the article is nicely written.
Read it here: Gamespy

Vacation homes info
Sims2.com BBS member 'rosierealea' has the Prima guide and wrote some interesting info about Vacation homes.
Check it out here: rosierealea BBS post