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Maxoid blogs 1 August
Several Maxoids have updated their blogs:
- MaxoidMel Answers some of her guestbook entries.
- MaxisLittleL About why there is no Pets neighbourhood.
- MaxoidDrea Talks about some of the technical problems of the BBS, a small bit about Pets and answers some questions.
Thanks to several people who mailed about these updates!

Summerlife pack 2 August
With the flood of Pets news, I completely overlooked it, but better late then never;
Simfantastic2 has created a Sims pack called Summerlife. It has 40 objects, 200 walls and floors and much more.
A Mini-site has been created for it and here you can find info, screens and ofcourse the download itself. It's completely free, but you may make a donation.
Find this Mini-site here: Summerlife pack

Misc. news 3 August
I may have missed this one, but for those wanting more Werewolf pics, here are some: Sims2.fr. Scroll down and click the 'Album de Zolie' link. The last few pics in this zip are about the Werewolf.

MaxoidMoonBelly made quite a long update in her blog. It's all about Pets like the strays, the great animations, the parrot and 'womrat' and much more. Read it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

A new puzzle has appeared on the Sims2.com. Here is the direct link: New puzzle
The picture of the completed puzzle can be found in the Pets section by the way.

And lastly, thesims2.com has updated with an interview with Bella Goth. Find it here: Bella interview

Bodyshop demo 4 August
EA has released a new demo of the Bodyshop program. It's meant for those without Sims 2. In this version, all Bodyshop functions are there, but only a small collection of skins.
Besides that, there's also a small piece of text introducing the Sims 2. Note that the downloadfile is almost 300 Mb in size. About 400 Mb after installation.
You can download it from EA's ftp here: Bodyshop introduction.

Misc. news 5 August
Jusinbuzz has compiled all the facts for the Pets expansion in a long list. You can find it in the Pets section here: Pets facts

2 Blog updates:
- MaxoidWarlern Answers some questions sent to him.
- MaxoidHunter About the worries and different solutions for strays in the Pets expansion.

And lastly, thesimszone.co.uk has posted their preview for the Console version of The Sims 2: Pets. Find it here: Simszone article
Thanks to several people who mailed these updates.

New poll 6 August
A new poll. This weeks question is how you prefer to get your pet. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what you though of Pets after the flood of pictures and info. For 2 out of 3 people, the Pets expansion is even better then they thought. Only a small amount of people expected it to be better. 3218 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the Pets expansion pack?
- It's great! Even better then I thought!: 64%
- It's exactly as I expected: 22%
- It's a bit less then I expected: 12%
- I'm quite disapointed in it now...: 3%

New downloads 7 August
Moonkat made again some great items for this site. 4 new outfits and 2 new hairstyles.
You can find them in the Bodyshop section here:
- New clothes
- New hair.

Happy Holiday Stuff 7 August
EB Games has a new Stuff pack for pre-order titled "Happy Holiday Stuff". This may be the same pack as the "Festive pack" found on Play.com. The releasedate is set at November 7 with a price of $19.99.
Find it here: Happy Holiday Stuff

Besides that Stuff pack, Eb Games also has the title: The Sims 2: Holiday Edition 2006. This is most likely a version just like last year; The Sims 2 game with Holiday items.
Find that one here: Holiday Edition 2006
Thanks to Tyler for the link.

Aly & AJ song in Sims 2: Pets 8 August
Maxis posted a press release about Aly & AJ having a song in The Sims 2: pets. A short video of these 2 characters as Sims came with the article.
I never heard of these 2 people but after checking I found that they make mostly songs for pre-teens and work for the Disney channel.

Looking at the reactions in the Sims2.com BBS, maybe it's not the best choice EA made with them, but check it out yourself here: Aly & AJ Song

Site news 8 August
Since I get lots of questions asking about releasedates, I made a list of all Sims titles coming out this year and their releasedates. Note that these dates are for America. Other countries usually get the games the same date or just a couple days later.
Find this list in the Extras section here: Releasedates

Misc. news 10 August
Maxis decided to change the icon in your Simspages for Family Fun. There was a small survey and you could choose between a mask and the toybox. The toybox has won and the icon will soon change.
Sun Sentinel posted a little article about how to change the Sims apearances. They asked Christina Brown (aka terrakosmos) for some advice.
Find the article here: SunSentinel.com

MaxoidDrea updated her blog with replies to her guestbook entries. Find it here: MaxoidDrea blog

And lastly, The Sims2.com has updated:
Two new Glamour Life MySim page themes.
Two new Glamour wallpapers can be found here: Wallpapers
And there's a new puzzle. Here's the direct link: New Pets puzzle

Maxoid Pets story 11 August
MaxoidGrant has started a little story on the Sims2.com using the Sims 2 Pets expansion. The description says it's a story about two Sims and a somewhat maniacal cat.
You can find it here: MaxoidGrant cat story
Thanks to Dylan for the link.

Misc. news 12 August
MaxoidMoonbelly made quite a big update in her blog. She writes that it took the animators 9 months to make all the pet animations. Also interesting is that Pets will be in Beta stage next week. Further she writes about how to get to work at Maxis and that she made a BBS post asking for information about Bodyshop tutorials.
Find this blog here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

If you like to know some of the features coming in the future at Snooty Sims, I made a post in the forums outlining them. Find it here: Future features

New poll 13 August
A new poll. This weeks question asks your opinion about the Aly & AJ song in the Pets expansion. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was how you were going to aquire your pets. More then half of all people (52%) prefers to make it themselves. The least atractive option is adopting a pet from over the phone with just 6%. 3366 people voted and here are the results:

How do you prefer to aquire your pet?
- Make them in Create-A-Pet: 52%
- Adopt over the phone: 6%
- Take one from the streets (strays): 10%
- Buy them in a store: 19%
- Recieve from a neighbour: 13%

Misc. news 13 August
Thesims2.com had a very short clip of the Aly & AJ song. The complete video, with several shots of the Pets expansion, can be found at Yahoo Music here: Chemicals React song
Thanks to 'gilbahgirl' for the tip.
About a week ago, a 'Holiday Edition 2006' was found on EB games. This title has now been confirmed by EA Germany on the following page from Gamestar.de: Release list
Thanks to Simszone.de for the link.

And lastly, Telegraph.co.uk has posted a long article about girls learning to build houses, spend money wisely, raise children, etc. by using the Sims games.
Find it here: Telegraph.co.uk article

Misc. news 15 August
A couple days ago, MaxoidGrant started a story on the Sims2.com using the Pets expansion. Part 2 of that story is now online.
Find it here: MaxoidGrant story part 2
Open for Business for Mac has been declared Gold by Aspyr and will be in stores next week. That's 2 weeks earlier then originally announced.
Thanks to Simszone.de for that news.

Campus News had a story on a project , titled "SIMVeillance: San Jose,". Surveillance cameras captured images of passersby of the San Jose Festival (Which took place last week). And then used The Sims 2 to create a virtual version of the plaza, filling it with avatars of those people.
Find the story here: Campus News

Aly & AJ also on YouTube 14 August
If you had trouble viewing the Aly & AJ video from Yahoo music, it has now also appeared on YouTube here: Chemicals React song
Thanks to 'Skirmis' for the tip.

Extra items for pre-order Glamour 16 August
The official German Sims site brings the news that if you pre-order Glamour Life (or buy it in a certain store), you get an extra Glamour object.
For now this is only for Germany, but it is likely that other countries will get a similar action.
Find more info here: DieSims.de

New Pets pics 17 August
The Sims2.com has updated their Pets section. There are new pictures for every version; Console, Handheld and PC.
Find them here: Sims2.com Pets


Pets training paper 18 August
The Sims2.com has started a "Pets training paper". This newsletter will give new info about the different breeds, pet personalities, and more. In the first issue it's all about Create-A-Pet.
Find it here: Pets training paper

There's also a new Pets puzzle. Here's the direct link: New pets puzzle


Maxoid Blog 20 August
MaxoidMoonBelly is a Maxoid that regularly updates her Blog. Yesterday she again wrote a couple things. One thing she talks about is the fact there are now several fans at Maxis for the 'Played By' campain.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

Later today, there will be a big site update here; A colorchange feature, the announcement of a new affiliate and more.

Site news 20 August
As promised, the site has now some new features:
Colorchange feature The most important one is ofcourse the Colorchange feature. Simply click on a color and the whole site changes. This is a great, and long awaited feature and I hope you all like it.
Since Snooty Sims is made out of almost 200 pages, with 3 new colors there was no way to test all 600 pages. So if you find an error, please let me know.

New affiliate Another thing is that to save some space, the Affiliates are now scrolling. This also made it possible to take an extra affiliate. I have chosen for Gibbie Sims
Gibbie Sims is the fastest growing Dutch Sims site. Only started a couple months ago, it's already quite a large site. Daily newsupdates, many downloads, a forum and much more. They will also soon have a new layout.

Search And lastly, there is a Search feature. It's not so sophisticated but it may be useful. It's from Bravenet but I had to edit it a bit so that it would fit into the site, so I hope it still works correctly.

That's all for now. To add all this to the site took so much time that the new Poll will come tomorrow together with the news updates.

New poll 21 August
A new poll. This weeks question is if you have a pet. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you like the Aly & AJ song. Quite a devided result. All close or in the 20%. Most people voted for the option of not knowing them good enough. A lower amount of votes then expected for those that don't want the song in their game. 2849 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the Aly & AJ song?
- Oh I just love that song!: 20%
- It's ok I guess...: 21%
- I really don't want them in the game: 12%
- I don't mind. If I don't like it, I just turn off the song: 20%
- I know to little about them to give an opinion: 27%

Misc. news 21 August
A couple little bits of info:
Posted some time ago, but may still be interesting; DSx2 posted some new Pets pictures for the NDS and the GBA.
Find them here: DSx2
Thanks to affiliate GibbieSims for finding these.
From the official German Sims site comes the news that The Sims 2: Nightlife has been nominated for a Golden Joystick award. Find more info here:
Official German Sims site
Golden Joystick award

MaxoidGrant, who started the Pets story on the Sims2.com, updated his blog explaining the reason how he has pets in his story.
MaxoidGrant blog

And lastly, a couple days ago you could read that in Germany you get a bonus object when you pre-order Glamour (or buy it in a certain store). Now this option is also available for America. Buy it at Target and get a gold record, Wal-mart a modern painting and Best buy gives you a new TV.
Find it here: Glamour exclusive items
Thanks to Tyler for this update.
Note, Brazil has now also this offer: Official Brazilian Sims site

Misc. news 22 August
On several European Sims sites, a Glamour minigame has appeared. It looks a bit like the Family Fun one, but this one has a couple more options.
Below some links to different languages:
- England
- Deutchland
- Nederland
- France
- Espaņa
- Norge
- Brasil
MaxoidGrant has posted the third and final part of his Pets story. Find it here: MaxoidGrant story part 3

And lastly, a clever person from the Sims2.com BBS (Riggleby) has already found the icon for Glamour. It's a pic of a sculpture.

Glamour on EA Downloader 23 August
Glamour Life will be in the shops in about a week from now. But you can already download a 99% version from EA Downloader and get the rest on the releasedate.
Find more info here: Glamour order

I would personally not recommend it though. For the same price, you're not getting a cd and case, no info booklet and ofcourse no special item like the TV. And be prepared for a huge download; Even with a fast connection, it will take well over an hour.

Bonus for pre-order Pets 23 August
When you pre-order the Pets expansionpack at Gamestop (or EB Games), you get an exclusive, unlockable Bandit Cat as a special bonus.
Find the pre-order here: Gamestop.com
Thanks to Tyler for the link.

Pets artpics 24 August
EA has released a couple of nice artpictures from the Pets expansion pack. Below you can find some, see them all here: Pets artpics


Misc. news 25 August
The Game convention in Leipzig Germany is underway and several sites are starting to post some pictures. The first one is the official German Sims site.
Find it here: DieSims.de
Other sites with reports and pics from this event will follow soon.
A new pets puzzle can be found on the official Sims 2 site. Here's the link: New puzzle

Even though it's not available officially for some days, some people already have the Glamour pack. raye1 posted in my guestbook with the following link as proof: Glamour case

And lastly, MaxoidDrea updated her Blog with the message of an easter egg for Glamour. A secret link on the Glamour info page brings you to a memory game.
Try to find it here: Glamour info page

Leipzig update 26 August
Some more sites have info and pics from the Leipzig convention. The Sims.cz made an article with some pictures here: Thesims2.cz

Again a big blogupdate from MaxoidMoonbelly where she writes about the convention, Create-A-Pet, the DS version and more.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

And Lastly, TheSims2.de has brought back many pictures from Leipzig. Find those here: TheSims2.de

New poll 27 August
A new poll. This weeks question is if you are interested in the Console/Handheld versions of Pets. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you have a pet. Quite many voters indeed has one and just 14% doesn't. Most people have more then one kind of pets and second comes those with a dog. 2646 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have a pet and if so what kind?
- A dog: 28%
- A cat: 20%
- Guinea pig/Hamster: 3%
- Birds or fish: 5%
- A combination of different pets: 28%
- Other: 2%
- No pets for me: 14%

Misc. news 28 August
Simtimes is another German Fansite who went to Leipzig to see Pets. They made several pictures and even a small movie.
Find this site here: Simtimes.de (scroll down a bit for the pics)

Gamestop and EB games gives you a Bandit cat skin when you Pre-order Pets; Amazon will give you a 'Purple Pug' skin. Find it here: Amazon.com
Thanks to 'lostatcore' for the link.

Glamour is almost here and some even have it already. raye1 updated her photo-album with many screenshots from Glamour.
Find it here: Glamour Life pics
Also in a topic in the Sims BBS, Raye1 wrote that the first Glamour Life bugs have been encountered. Read it here: Raye1 BBS post

And Lastly, Riggleby from the Sims BBS posted every clothing item from Glamour. Find those here: Riggleby BBS post

Gamespot Pets update 30 August
Gamespot posted a big Pets update. New pictures, movies and also a big 'hands on' preview. Find the links below:

- Preview
- Pictures
- Movies

Sims2.com update 31 August
Maxis posted the news on the Sims2.com that Glamour Life is officially available today. Also 2 other Glamour updates:
A second "Game Secrets" has been posted and it's all about Glamour. Lyndsay Pearson (MaxisLittleL) is interviewed with several questions about this pack.
Find it here: Game Secrets 2
MaxoidMoonBelly updated her blog with the following; She made several houses with the Glamour items which you can all download, she talks about the cheats she used and also that she made several Glamour clothings which you can download through her Simpage.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

Gamespy preview 31 August
As Gamespot did a couple days ago, now Gamespy also posted a preview for Pets.
Find it here: Gamespy Pets preview