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Women like Sims 1 August
Yahoo news posted an article about there not being many female game programmers. The last part is about EA who try to get more women in the gaming business.
Here's part of the article:

"It's the best-selling PC game of all time, and about 55 percent of the buyers were women, says EA spokeswoman Tammy Schachter. She also notes that there were more women on the Sims' development team than on most of EA's video games.
Go read this article here: Yahoo news article

Releasedate Nightlife 2 August
The official Sims 2 site posted the official release date for Nightlife: September 15
A bit odd though since that's also the official releasedate for Europe, which usually get it a couple days later.
You can find this info on the the Sims 2.com

New pics 5 August
From eaplay.com come some new Nightlife pictures. The last one is familiar bit still a bit different.


New poll 7 August
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if the original Maxis families are still in your game. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you try to fullfill your Sims lifetime goal. Most people try that with at least soms Sims. Just a small percentage (14%) can't be bothered to achieve it. 1603 people voted and here are the results:

Do you try to achieve your Sims' lifetime goal?
- Yes, with nearly every sim!: 20%
- Yes with several Sims: 19%
- Only with some sims: 37%
- No, I don't pay attention to it: 14%
- I don't have University: 10%

Misc. news 7 August
     A note about the Console section; Nearly every part of it has been updated. All the latest pictures, previews and movies for these Sims 2 versions can be found here: Console section

Occasionally I like to post a link to an article other then Sims 2. The Herald Tribune wrote an article about EA making nothing but sequels which may be the reason of their bad first quarter results.
Go read it here: Herald Tribune article

New article 8 August
GamesMainFrame posted a small article about The Sims 2 for consoles. Most of this article they talk about the differences between the console and PC version.
Go read it here: GamesMainFrame article

Nightlife previews 9 August
Besides the big gaming sites like Gamespot, IGN, etc, some smaller sites made some previews about Nightlife as well. Some are frome a couple weeks ago, but you may find them interesting. Click on the links below to read them:

The Gamers' Temple

Pre-order item 11 August
  On the official Sims 2 site, you can find a picture of the bonus car which you get when you pre-order Nightlife.
Read about it here: Thesims2.com

Console update 12 August
For those interested in Sims 2 for consoles, IGN posted seven new pictures. Go see them here: IGN console pics

Another pre-order item 12 August
Pre-ordering Nightlife through EBgames and Gamestop gives you an exclusive new car. Now when you pre-order through Amazon.com you get some Exclusive Music which are music remixes from the game's soundtrack.
Read more about it at TheSims2.com and at Amazon.com

Misc. news 13 August
  Gamespot posted a Video Feature about The Sims 2 for consoles. In this feature you see the neighbourhood and they talk about story mode, the social aspects and the wants and fears.
Watch this video here: Gamespot Feature

Yesterday you could read that you can get some Nightlife music when pre-ordering. On the official Brazilian Sims site, you can hear some samples of these. Go find it here: Nightlife music

New poll 14 August
A new poll. This weeks question is if you plan to pre-order now you get these extra's. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you still have the original Maxis families in your game. Surprisingly is that 70% has most of them still intact. 1592 people voted and here are the results:

Do you still have the original Maxis families?
- No, they're all gone: 6%
- No, but their (grand-)children are still in the game: 8%
- Some of them are intact, but most aren't: 16%
- I don't play them much so most of them are still in the game: 70%

New Nightlife pics 15 August
  The official Japanese Sims site has made a Nightlife info page. On this page are 20 new Nightlife pictures. They are unfortunately a bit small, but certainly still worth a look.
Go see them here: New Nightlife pictures

Misc. news 16 August
  Thesimszone.co.uk went to see Maxis and brought back lots of pictures from Sims 2 on Consoles. They will be added later this week to the Consoles section so for now see them here: Simszone Console pictures

Also, Kotaku posted the news that several stars like Paris Hilton visited a real Sims party which was sponsored by Sims 2 Nightlife. Perhaps we hear more about it later.
Go read it here: Kotaku article

Gamespot Nightlife update 17 August
Gamespot made a big Nightlife update:
A big 2 page article can be found here: Gamespot preview.
Also no less then 22 new pictures were posted here: New Nightlife pictures

Nightlife pics 18 August
  German fansite, Thesims.de went to the Games Convention in Leipzig and took some nice Nightlife pictures.
Go find them here: Thesims.de (Scroll a bit down to see some more pics.)
Thanks to SP Zone for finding it.

Chat 18 August
On the official Sims 2 site is announced that next Thursday, August 25, there will be a chat about the new expansion pack with the Nightlife team. It will be held at 3 PM (American time) and that's midnight for Europe.

New poll 21 August
A new poll. This weeks question is if you plan to enter the chat at the official site. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you will pre-order now you you get these extra's. Most people won't pre-order but still hope to get the bonus car. Surprisingly is that almost one third is not interested in the extra's. 1569 people voted and here are the results:

Will you pre-order, now you get these extra's?
- I was already planning to pre-order: 15%
- I wasn't at first, but for the extra's, I will: 7%
- No, but I still hope to get the bonus car somehow: 44%
- No, those extra's don't interest me at all: 31%

Nightlife minisite 22 August
Someone from the official Sims BBS, (Larnica89) found an interesting Nightlife minisite. On this site, you can find a couple of small video's, send some pick-up lines to someone and more.
Go check it out here: Nightlife minisite

Console news 23 August
There was a small Sims 2 for Consoles meeting at Maxis a couple days ago, and here are 3 articles about it:
The Sims Zone.co.uk
The Sims Resource

Tim mail 24 August
Tim LeTourneau sent his sixth mail and in it, he talks a bit about the day/nighttime look of the neighbourhood and the Sims 2 for Consoles meeting. Go read the mail here: Tim Mail 6
2 new pics came with the mail. The 3rd one comes from the Sims2.com.


University for Mac 24 August
Today, Aspyr announced that it will publish the expansion pack The Sims 2: University in November.
Read more about it here: MacWorld.com

Chat transcript 26 August
The chat transcript from Thursdays chat at the Sims 2.com has already been posted.
Go read it here:Chat transcript

New Nightlife pics 26 August
From the official Spanish Sims 2 site come 3 new Nightlife pictures. Thanks to Sims Express for finding them.


More new Nightlife pics 26 August
  With the releasedate getting closer, more info and pictures become available. The German site 'Gamestar', posted no less then 42 new Nightlife pictures. Go find them here: Gamestar.de
Thanks to Simszone.de for finding it.

Simszone.de posted a Nightlife special from the Leipzig Convention. Though the text is in German, there are also some Nightlife pictures in this article. Go find it here: Simzone special

Console update 28 August
Here's a small update for Sims 2 on consoles:
A preview from Gamespot about the Consoles version can be found here: Console preview
Some new Console pictures from Gamespot here: Console pics
And lastly, a small preview for Sims 2 on DS, also from Gamespot: DS preview

New poll 28 August
A new poll. This weeks question is if which Nightlife location you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you enter the official chats. Most people don't go to the chats but are still interested in the transcripts. 1552 people voted and here are the results:

Do you enter the official chats?
- Yes, whenever I can!: 13%
- Sometimes. It depends on the subject: 11%
- I want to,but they are always at a time that I can't: 27%
- Not interested, but I do read the transcripts: 44%
- Not interested in the chats AND the transcripts: 8%

Site news 28 August
A small site update:
A new list with the University scholarships can be found in the 'info center' or here: Scholarships
Thanks to 'sims all the way' from the forums for the info.

Also the 'featured fansite' is back. Every 2 weeks, a new site will be in the spotlight. If you have a site and want your link there, just send a mail.

Nightlife is gold 30 August
Today, Maxis announced that Nightlife has gone gold. Meaning the game is ready and is off to production.
Many gaming sites mention this including IGN, which you can read here: Nightlife gone gold

Nightlife preview 30 August
  IGN posted a big 2 page preview about Nightlife. In this article they talk about the fortune teller, the dating meter, downtown and much more. Go find this preview here: IGN article

Included with this article were 20 new screenshots. You can find those here: New pictures

Sims survey 31 August
Yesterday, Maxis had a new survey on thesims2.com. This survey could be taken for only a very short time, so for those that missed it, here's what it was about.
This survey asked if you're interested in "Booster Packs". These are small, themed expansion packs that should cost $19,95. Here's a quote from the survey:

"Deck out your Sims' homes with all new furniture, d├ęcor, flooring and wallpaper options. Select from dozens of new outfits including new hairstyles and clothes. Build out their neighborhood with all new lots and houses, or even choose from a variety of new landscaping items."

Update: Here's some more info what was in the survey: Survey options