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Site news 2 August
I promised a poll and also to add the new MM pics. I didn't do that yet, because i'm working on a complete re-design of this site. The owner of Sims Extremos made an incredibly cool new layout and I'm hard at work to implement it to all pages of this site. It's going pretty smooth and it should be done tomorrow.
I've added a 3rd page to my new-object tutorial that goes into some problems you may encounter when making objects.

Site news 3 August
As you can see, I have now changed my layout. Not everything though; I need to change a couple more pages, but I can say that 95% is done. I hope you all like it!

New Sims 2 info 6 Agust
Some German games magazine has some new info about The Sims 2!. Like there will be some sort of communal space where you can buy different food and clothes.
Read it all in my Sims 2 section.

New interview 8 August
A new interview about the Sims 2! Computer and Video Games interviewed Destry Davison, associate producer of The Sims 2. Read it here: Computer and Video Games interview

New poll 9 August
I have now a poll in my Sims 2 section. This poll is about which sims 2 pictures you want to see next.

New pictures 12 August
I finally added the German magazine pictures in my Sims 2 section. It took allitle longer cause I wanted to do the right thing and ask for them instead of just placing them. Thanks to The Sims 2 addiction for these pictures. I only have the pictures and not the whole scans cause I guess not many can understand German anyway. In the 'articles' section you can read some things that are in the magazine.

New preview 15 August
I found a small preview about The Sims 2 on a Belgium site. There was 1 new picture that I placed in my Sims 2 section. There was not much news but here's something that was interesting:
Currently about 60 people are working on the Sims 2 including several female developers.
About expansion packs the developers said: "We will continue making expansion packs for The Sims 2 until the cows come." (That means they will do that for a long time to come).

Box cover 16 August
The official boxcover for Makin' Magic has finally be revealed. Maxis has chosen for a blue cover for this expansion. View it here: Makin' Magic box cover

New poll 17 August
There is now a new Sims 2 poll. This weeks question is: how badly do you want The Sims 2?
463 People voted for the last poll. Almost a third of you want to see pictures of the basement, about 20% want more pics of the baby's/toddlers and another 20% is really waiting for pictures of the Sims 2 in daytime.

Site news 18 August
I noticed that some people are spreading Sims 2 rumours as being facts. All this is very confusing for many people so I will make a facts list that only contains facts from interviews with Maxis people. So you know those facts are 100% true.
Today I added the interview from the Gamespot movie for the people who missed it. You can find it in the '3 small previews' in my Sims 2 section.

Designer diary 2 19 August
The second designer diary is now at Gamespot. There are also 5 new Sims 2 pictures. See it all here: GameSpot designer diary 2

The Sims Double Deluxe 20 August
The Sims double deluxe has been officially announced at the official UK Sims site. The pack contains the original game, Livin' Large, House Party, Unleashed and 2 exclusive decorating sets. See the official announcement here: The Sims double deluxe

Site news 23 August
Just a quick note saying that I'm on vacation for a couple of days. I didn't have the time to add the Gamespot pictures, so I'll do that as soon as I'm back.
The Sims 2 poll will now be every 2 weeks instead of weekly so that more people can vote for it.

Site news 31 August
Well I'm back from vacation! I have alot to update, but for now you can find a new Sims 2 movie at The Gamershell.com. I will take some screenshots from it and place them on my site.
There are also some new Sims 2 pictures to be found at 'to the game'. See them here: New Sims 2 pictures