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Simpoints bundle gift 1 April
TheSims3Store has a new 'gift' when buying Simpoints bundles. You're not getting anything for $10,- and $20,- but with a $40,-, bundle you get 1 item free, $80,- gives you 2 items and for the low (ahem) price of $160,- you will get all 3. The gift set is called "Support Little Kids Rock Gift Set".
See it here: Simpoints bundles

First Generations pic 2 April
Without telling the name of the next expansionpack, EA placed the first Generations screenshot on their Facebook page

Generations boxart 4 April
Swedish online store Webhallen.com posted the Generations box on their site together with a full description. Releasedate is June.
Check it here: Webhallen.com
Thanks to Simsvip.com for finding it.

Generations screenshots 4 April
More Generations screenshots are found. The ones below thanks to Sims Slovenija


Surprise is the announcement 5 April
No surprise really, but the Super Secret Surprise is the official announcement of Generations. Hopefully in the future, EA will not wait forever with announcing something cause this was done really unprofessional and was quite annoying for all Sims fans.
Check it here: Sims UK Facebook

Generations trailer/box/logo/press release 5 April
   The Generations logo and English box has been posted by EA. If you want them in a huge HD version, get them here: Sims 3 logos

Sims Facebook UK has put the official trailer of Generations online. It's a bit different then the one posted before.
See it here: Generations trailer

And here is the press release: Press release

Generations update 5 April
New articles and screenshots have been posted:

CVG posted a small interview with producer Ryan Vaughan. No real info is given about the expansion but it goes more about the Sims community and how they listen to its wishes.
Check it here: Generations interview

Gamespot posted a more in depth article and discusses the imaginary friend, pranks and bachelor parties.
Read it here: Gamespot article


New articles 6 April
2 New articles about Generations:
The first one is an interview with producer Ryan Vaughan. Here you can read that 2 new Traits (Nurturing and Rebellious) will be added, as well as a Daycare profession. Also more info on parties, memories and the video camera.
Check it here: Generations interview

Another small article is posted by Game Revolution. Here some info about imaginary friends and interesting uses of the video camera.
Read it here: Game Revolution article

New article 6 April
A new Generations article was released by Gamesradar. It's a small article but it gives a bit more info about the 2 new traits.
Check it here: Gamesradar article

Sims3 Store update 7 April
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Frontier Finds Kitchen: 12 items for $5,50
- Street Couture - Kids and Teens: 12 items for $7,50
- Sweet Escape Nursery: 10 items for $6,50
- Compilation pack: 34 items for $17,-

Generations update 14 April
After some silence, new bits of info for Generations is coming in as several fansites visit a Generations fanevent.
Simprograms translated an article from Simway.net, though it does not have a whole lot of new info: Generations info from Simway

SimsVip posted a translated article from Sims-3.net where we can read that most likely we won't get a new neighborhood and that the professions from Ambitions are extended a bit.
Read it here: Generations info from Sims-3.net
Update: Simfans.de posted an interview with producer Graham Nardone: Simfans.de interview

Note: Today, several more fansites will visit a fanevent and others already went, but they aren't allowed to post anything about it til next tuesday.

Gamespot Q & A 18 April
Gamespot posted a small Q & A on Generations. Ryan Vaughan is asked what new things there are for each age group and if they plan game fixes for the current game. Other then that, not much new info can be found in this article.
Check it here: Gamespot Q & A

Note that tomorrow, the fansites who visited the Generations fanevent, will publish everything they learned there including screenshots, interviews, and more. Stay tuned!

IGN Generations article 18 April
And another article on Generations. New pictures too!
Check it here: IGN article


Generations fan reports 19 April
Below you can find the reports from several fansites about what they saw at the Generations fanday:

- SteveB from TSR
- BlackGarden from TSR
- DuckPieEgg from TSR
- SimFans.de
- L'Universims.com
- Sunset Valley Times
- Fraizes Aux Sims3

- Centrum Simow
- Girl Gamers
- Simcookie.com
- Simway.net
- Simtimes.de
- Daily Sims
- Urbania Sims

- SimExchange.de
- Sims Nieuws
- DeSims Hyves
- Sims Galore
- Sims Vikito.net
- Sims Minitroll
- Extrasims.es

Previews and interviews 20 April
Strategy Informer had a hands-on session with Generations and made a preview and had an interview with Associate Producer Graham Nardone. It's an interesting interview where they ask if Medieval gameplay will be in future Sims packs, why there's no new neighborhood and they even ask if Pets will be the next expansionpack or not.
Check it here: Interview - Preview

PC Gamer also posted a small preview here: PC Gamer preview

Another interview was posted by Digital Spy where they also speak with Graham Nardone. They speak about potions, the new Generations events and the treehouse.
Check it here: Digital Spy interview

And yet another interview with Graham Nardone! Here he speaks to Gamerzines.com: Gamerzines interview

Parody movie 21 April
EA posted a new movie called "Royal Wedding Parody Trailer" and features items from all expansionpack including Generations.
See it here: Parody Trailer

Huge Generations Q&A 23 April
Still questions about Generations after all these fansite reports? Perhaps you'll find an answer in Simgoodie's huge Q & A they had with the Sims team!
Check it out here: Simgoodie Q and A

IGN Generations preview 27 April
IGN posted a small Generations preview with some new pictures. It's mostly about the children's age stage though it doesn't contain much info.
Read it here: IGN Generations preview

Generations kids info 28 April
EA released a fact sheet with info about the kids age. There's info about the imaginary friend, tree houses, costume chest, strollers and toys.
Check it here: Kids fact sheet