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Misc. news 2 April
   Ambitions blog and pics
In a blog on the Sims3.com, 2 new Ambitions screens have been revealed. See them on the left.
Check the blog here: Ambitions blog.
New sets in the Store
Some new sets have been added to the Sims3 Store:
Ultra Lounge Kitchen and bath: 22 items for $9,50.
Hacienda Luxury: 16 items for $9,50.
Runway Riot: 25 items for $14,00.
Quite expensive I must say, but fortunately they added a free dress. Get it here: Diva dress.

New article on Ambitions 9 April
Gamespot posted a new preview on expansionpack 2, Ambitions. Grant Rodiek talks a bit about the creative careers like Sculpting and tattoos.
Check it here: Gamespot article.

Ambitions: No change in old careers 17 April
Beefjack.com posted a small article where they talk about the fact that in Ambitions, the old careers will not be enhanced and the workplaces stay rabbitholes. The only career affected by the expansionpack will be the medical career.
Read the article here: Beefjack.com.

Renault deal 19 April
EA announced a multi-year agreement that will enable you to integrate Renault's forthcoming range of electric vehicles into the Sims 3.
The first free download is the Renault’s Twizy Z.E Concept car which is part of an 'Electric Vehicle Pack', which also includes items like solar panels and a windmill. The use of the these items will have positive results by reducing the weekly household bills.
Read more about it here: Press release.

Info on heroic careers Ambitions 24 April
Associate producer Grant Rodiek gave more info about the upcoming Ambitions expansionpack. On Gamespot he gave an interview about the Heroic careers like Firefighter and Docter.
Read the interview here: Gamespot.com.

Grant also posted a new blog on the Sims3.com. In this blog is also more info on the 3 heroic careers.
Check it here: TheSims3.com blog.


Sims 3 on consoles confirmed 27 April
EA has officially announced The Sims 3 on consoles. Coming fall, the game will appear on Playstation 3, X-Box 360, Wii and Nintendo DS. This version has some unique features only to be found in the console version like Karma powers and on the Wii, a Life Moments game.
Read more about The Sims on consoles here: Gamespot article.


Eco Pack 28 April
The Eco pack, mentioned a few days ago, is now available in the Sims 3 store. It's not announced yet though; The discovery of the location of this pack can be credited to 'LefthandedGeek' from the Sims forums. And the screenshot of the items to Sim Programs.
Most likely an official message for this pack will go out later today.
Download it here: Eco Pack.

UPDATE: Link was removed, but is now available on the UK (and other European) sites: Eco Pack UK.

New poll 30 April
Snooty Sims has a new affiliate! It's Exhibit Sims. It has news, a forum, downloads and lots more.

Time for a new poll. The question is if you're interested of buying a console version of The Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was how long you've been playing The Sims. Most people started around The Sims 1. Only about 20% around Sims 2 and a tiny part of the voters with Sims 3.
4894 people voted and here are the results:

How long have you been playing The Sims?
- From the very start in 2000: 31%
- About halfway Sims 1: 47%
- When Sims 2 appeared: 10%
- About halfway Sims 2: 11%
- Only recently with Sims 3: 1%