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Rod Humble interview 1 April
Some may know that Rod Humble (head of the Sims division) is also a fan of creating so-called indie games; Small non-commercial games. In an interview for Wired.com, he talks about this hobby and also shares some experiences with The Sims 3.
Check the interview here: Wired.com
(It's from a month ago, but I just found it).

Hands-on article 1 April
Wired.com posted a small Hands-on preview for Sims 3. However, they only write a bit about the new features and it doesn't look like a Hands-on session at all. A missed opportunity in my opinion.
Check the article here: Wired.com

New poll 6 April
There's a new poll. This weeks question is what kind of info you like to see from the Sims team. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you had problems with the Sims 3 VIP newsletter. A somewhat disturbing result; Almost 1 in 3 people (over a thousand voters!) signed up for the VIP, but never recieved a newsletter! And another 1 third had problems like not recieving it on time. Only 15% doesn't have a problem with the VIP mail.
3899 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have problems with the Sims 3 VIP newsletter?
- No problems what so ever!: 15%
- Just once or twice: 20%
- I had many problems with it: 16%
- I signed up but never recieved it: 28%
- Never signed up for the VIP: 21%

Back of Sims 3 box 6 April
Some who pre-ordered the Sims 3 game, have already recieved some material like the box. x_FrauDoktor from the Sims Uk forum posted a scan from the back which you can see on the left.

Also a new image from some pre-order goodies from the French Amazon here: Amazon.fr
Thanks to Simsdetoi.com for this link.

Hands-on video 7 April
One month ago, the UK community had a Sims 3 hands-on fanevent. Now the official Uk EA site posted a movie of this event.
Check it here: Uk Hands-on movie

New movies 9 April
TheSims3.com posted a new movie. It shows Creator's Camp visitor Lightside where he talks about the game and showing some of his creations.
Check it here: New movie

The official Norwegian Sims site posted a movie about a recent Sims 3 fanevent here: New movie 2

Another movie comes from the Italian Sims site where Rod Humble shows the game here: New movie 3

And lastly, part 10 of the French Sims 3 tour can be found on the official French sims site here: New movie 4

Sims 3 promotion 12 April
The official Sims3 Facebook page was updated with several pictures from Sims 3 billboards.
Check them all here: Sims 3 Facebook

New poll 13 April
There's a new poll. This weeks question is what you think of the big adcampain for the Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what kind of info you like to see from the Sims team. Most people would like to see Sims 3 movies, but new screenshots and an official Sims 3 chat is also a very popular wish.
3654 people voted and here are the results:

What kind of info would you like to see from the Sims team?
- New screenshots: 21%
- More previews/interviews: 13%
- An official Sims 3 chat: 20%
- Movies: 33%
- A totally revamped Sims 3 site: 13%

Mashup tool vids 15 April
Gamespot posted 3 movies showing the Sims 3 movie Mashup tool for Sims 3.
See all 3 here: Gamespot movies

Creator's Camp update 9 17 April
The official Sims 3 site updated with part 9 of the Creator's Camp. This week, a talk with Decorgal and Baconandeggzie.
Check it here: Creator's Camp event

Also, there's a new moviespotlight on a Simsplayer. This time with Parsimonious Kate.
See it here: Sims 3 movies

Misc. news 21 April
Sims 3 cheats
Dutch gaming site Games Guide posted a small article where they confirm 3 cheats for The Sims 3. The cheats are Kaching, Motherlode and Moveobjects on/off. They also say that not all Sims 2 cheats will appear in Sims 3.

New movie
A new Sims 3 movie from the Polish site was posted here: New movie

Sims 3 Q&A 22 April
Gamespot had a short Sims 3 Q&A with Grant Rodiek where they discuss the reason of the delay, lifetime dreams, traits and more.
Check it here: Gamespot article

Baby objects 22 April
TheSims2Store silently added a new category called Oh Baby. Though only 2 objects for now. They are quite expensive for 225 points each but perhaps they contain new animations.
Check the store here: Sims2 Store
Thanks to Capital Sims for the find.
Update: Steve from TSR told me that these baby items were originally supposed to be in Apartment Life. You can see them at the end of a videopreview for this expansionpack here: TSR preview

Sims 3 interview 24 April
Eurogamer did a live interview with Grant Rodiek where everyone could send in questions. Very interesting topics were discussed like how to change Sims' names, pet fish, same-sex marriages and much more.
Check it here: Eurogamer interview

New Sims 3 VIP 24 April
A new Sims 3 VIP has been posted here: TheSims3.com VIP (18704)

New poll 27 April
There's a new poll. This weeks question is if you would like to attend a Sims 3 hands-on session. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think of the big adcampain for the Sims 3. One third think it's a very cool campain. However another one third think it's a bit over the top. Only 10 percent say that EA went too far with the ads.
5077 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think of the big adcampain for the Sims 3?
- It's very cool!: 34%
- It's ok. They made a nice adcampain: 24%
- It's a bit over the top: 32%
- That amount and sizes is insane!: 10%

Online feature set 30 April
EA sent out a press release with a list of all the online features of The Sims 3. They mention that the second town, Riverview will be available for download from The Sims 3 website at launch. Also more info about the Sims 3 Store, the game launcher and much more.
Check all the info here: Press release