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Misc. news 3 April
Site news
2 FreeTime updates for the Infocenter. The first is information about all 10 hobbies. Also the 5 new career rewards are posted. Check the links below:
Hobbies info - Career rewards (scroll down for these).

Community news
- ArtSim15 created Sims 3 puzzles for the Vista Sidebar. Check for more info here: Sims2.com BBS
- Inlimite is holding a Standout contest. Check it out here: Inlimite

Sims 3 Q and A 7 April
1Up posted a small article in which executive producer Ben Bell answers questions from community members. I must say it's a very disapointing article; Only 5 questions were answered and not even very interesting ones, like "can you still remove the pool ladder".
Well check it out yourself here: 1Up Q and A

Prototyping The Sims 3 8 April
Before Maxis even started the development of The Sims 3, they made several (2D) prototypes to explore the principles of The Sims - Simulating a town, how the player interacts with the characters, etc. Gamesindustry.biz has now posted a huge article on these prototypes.
Read it here: Gamesindustry.biz

Apartments confirmed 9 April
In the most recent FreeTime boxes are now flyers with info about the next expansion pack, called Apartments. A small part from it: "from getting along with new neighbors to meddle-some landlords, building their reputation, to visiting new local hangouts."
Thanks to AztecGoddess from the Sims BBS for this info.

Misc. news 10 April
More Apartments info
A member from the Primetimesims2 forum posted some interesting new info about the next expansion pack. It was found in a certain survey from EA Game Lounge. Some very interesting options that could show up in the pack include Spiral stairs, a Butler. Ceilings and Playground watchtower.
Check the complete list here: Survey options or the original post here: Primetimesims2 forum
Thanks very much to Primetimesims2.com for the info.

New Sims 3 Q and A
Yahoo games posted a Q and A with executive producer, Ben Bell. He talks a bit about the Nhood, CAS, career tracks and other things.
Read it here: Videogames.yahoo.com
Thanks to Infinitesims.com for this news.

IGN FreeTime guide
For every Sims expansions, IGN creates a game guide for it. They just created one for FreeTime and in this guide, they look at all the changes and additions and also show a lot of Hobbie information.
Check it here: IGN guide

Sims 3 article 11 April
Spanish fansite Sims en sumolari.com posted an English translation from the official Spanish Sims magazine. The article has several little new details like leaves moving by the wind, avoiding the cars and enjoy beautiful sunsets.
Read the article here: Sims en sumolari.com

Small Sims 3 article 13 April
Earthtimes.org posted a small article on Sims 3 containing a few quotes from Nancy Smith and Ben Bell. The article doesn't give much new info, but it's a nice read.
Check the article here: Earthtimes.org article

New poll 13 March
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the idea of an 8th expansionpack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about FreeTime. More then 6 out of 10 people think it's a good expansionpack. 15% a bit disapointed and a quarter doesn't have it yet. 3958 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about FreeTime?
- I love it! It's great!: 26%
- It's a nice expansionpack: 35%
- I expected a bit more from it: 15%
- I don't have FreeTime yet: 24%

Profile of Nancy Smith 15 April
OC Register posted an article about Nancy Smith which is the current president of The Sims Studio. Here you can find some details about her, and there's a piece about the success of The Sims series (which this week, celebrates its 100th million units sold). Also several people give their views about the game like the NPD director and an editor of GameSpy.com.
Read the story here: OC Register article

Sims article 15 April
Chicago Tribune posted an article about the fact that EA celebrates selling its 100th million copy this week. Also in the article you can read why and how it became such a succes.
Find the article here: Chicago Tribune article

100.000.000 16 April
As told yesterday, EA is now celebrating the fact that The Sims series has sold its 100th million copy. They sent out a press release with that news and also say that for this occasion, a complimentary outfit will be posted on the Sims2.com today .
Read more here: Press release

Rod Humble sent a letter to the European Sims sites with a thanks to the Sims players here: Rod letter

Nydailynews.com posted an article about The Sims series with an overview of the history.
Check this article here: Nydailynews.com

More 100m news 16 April
The Sims 2.com has now also posted the 100 million news which you can find here: TheSims2.com

Also, the European Sims sites have posted the 100m. celebration outfit.
Get it here: Thesims2.co.uk

Sims articles 19 April
Recently, many articles about the Sims have appeared. Here are a few more:
The New York Times has a story about how big the Sims series has become and speaks about a $4 billion franchise.
Find the article here: The New York Times article

Joystiq.com has an interview with Rod Humble and talks mostly about the 100m milestone and the Sims' succes.
Check this article here: Joystiq.com article

Kotaku has a small article about the fact that focus groups (people who test ideas/products) are the cause of the rejection of several Sims ideas.
Check this story here: Kotaku article

New poll 23 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if you think that EA is ignoring the community. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about the idea of an 8th expansionpack. Most people are definately not tired of the Sims 2 yet as almost 7 out of 10 have no problem with an 8th title. 21% will take a close eye on it before deciding to buy it and 10% of the people think the Sims 2 is complete as it is. 4335 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the idea of an 8th expansionpack?
- Yes, keep the expansions coming!: 40%
- I don't mind getting one more: 29%
- I'll get it only if it's REALLY good: 21%
- Not another! 7 is more then enough!: 10%

Snooty Simgames 25 April
Today, Snooty Sims is 5 years old! That is quite a milestone and I'm happy to still be around.
Regular visitors know that news about other Simgames, like MySims and games for Mobile phones is pretty abcent. The reason is that I like to keep this site purely about Sims 2 and 3 for PC.
But many of these other Simgames are still quite popular, and there is a very large group of people interested in these games. For those people, I created a site that is completely dedicated to all Simgames. On that site, these games will get more attention then they could ever get on Snooty Sims. News, cheats, info, reviews and much more will be posted on Snooty Simgames.
Though it's not finished yet (several games still have to be added), the site is built and ready to expand quickly.

I would like to give a big thanks to Luis - also the creator of the Snooty Sims layout - who designed it and it has a very original style.
Go check it out here: www.snootysimgames.com.

R.I.P. EA Land 29 April
The Sims Online has been struggeling from the beginning. Luc Barthelet tried to revive it and not long ago, this project was renamed to EA Land.
But now, the end has finally come. As of April 29, no more paying subscriptions can be taken and on August 1st, the project will be completely shut down.
Read more about it here as well as a letter from Luc and the EA Land team: EA Land blog

Rod Humble interview 30 April
Rockpapershotgun posted a very big interview with Rod Humble. He talks about many things, like Sims 3 how time is a bit extended, about that he likes Open for Business so much, peeing jokes in the Sims and much more.
Read the interview here: Rockpapershotgun