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Celebration out in Australia 1 April
The Celebration Stuff pack will be released in a few days, but Australia already has it. 'CalalilyPlayer' from the SimsBBS posted some screenshots.
See them here: Celebration pics.

H&M Fashion Stuff 2 April
Gamestop has put up their pre-order for the next Stuff pack called H&M Fashion Stuff. It was unclear for quite some time what the theme would be but now we know it's about fashion.
Find the link here: Gamestop.com
Thanks to Simtimes.de for the info.

IGN Seasons guide 4 April
IGN has a tradition of making a long detailed guide about the latest expansionpack. They've just completed the Seasons one and it covers all the various features like Gardening, Game changes and Seasons.
Check it out here: IGN Seasons guide.

Misc. news 6 April
Pets for Wii
Gamestop has a new Sims title for pre-order: The Sims 2: Pets. This is most likely not the version with the cute characters as that title won't be out for at least 6 months. This title has a release date of June 19.
Check it out here: Gamestop.com
Thanks to Paul for the info.

New Machinima tool
A press release from 'Short Fuze' announced that it has engaged machinima studio Britannica Dreams Productions to create movies using the forthcoming machinima tool, Moviestorm. According to the article, this new tool makes it much easier to make movies using the Sims 2.
Read it here: Press release

New poll 8 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if you like Pets or Seasons better. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was which Sims1 pack should be remade. Vacation is the most popular with 42% of the votes, but the other packs are still quite popular as well. 9% only wants to see something completely different. 5291 people voted and here are the results:

Which Sims1 pack should be remade?
- Vacation: 42%
- Superstar: 21%
- Makin'Magic: 28%
- No more remakes please!: 9%

Celebration mini-game 9 April
A new minigame has been made for Celebration Stuff. It's the known decoration game similar to Family Fun Stuff. I found it in a couple different languages.
Find the links below:
- America
- Nederland
- Portugal
- Norge
- Deutschland
Thanks to Simtimes.de for finding it.

Official chat 10 April
The Sims 2 site will be holding a Seasons and Celebration chat this wednesday, April 11. It starts at 3 pm and for Europe that means midnight.

New download 11 April
The Sims2.com has updated with a new download. A Ford Mustang GT. Interesting is that for those that don't have Nightlife, there's a seperate download named the 'car kit' which includes a driveway. For people with just the Sims2 game and University, the download won't work.
Download it here: Ford Mustang GT download.

Chat transcript 12 April
The transcript from yesterday's Seasons and Celebration chat has been posted on the official Sims 2 site.
Check it out here: Chat transcript.

'New' Sims titles 14 April
This year there will be at least 11 Sims titles released on 5 different platforms (not even counting the next expansionpack). Again 2 new titles are added to the releasedate list.
First there is The Sims 2 Deluxe, which contains The Sims 2 game, Nightlife and a bonus dvd. Find all the info here: The Sims 2 Deluxe
Also for those that have a Mac will be happy to know that Aspyr is working on The Sims 2: Seasons. They opened an info page for this title however there's no releasedate yet. Find it here: The Sims 2: Seasons

New poll 16 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if you enjoy the Seasons gardening feature. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was if you like Pets or Seasons better. A very low amount of 6% likes Pets better then Seasons and almost 2 thirds likes Seasons better. Even if you take into acount that Seasons is the newer pack, it's still remarkable. 30% Likes both packs just as much. 3265 people voted and here are the results:

Which pack is better. Pets or Seasons?
- Pets is much better then Seasons!: 6%
- I like them both just as much: 30%
- Seasons is the best out of the 2: 64%

Pets patch for Mac 16 April
Aspyr has released a patch for the Pets expansionpack for Mac. It fixes an install issue with later expansions and several other things. It's quite big at almost 150 Mb.
Download it here: Aspyr.com

Sims music for TV 17 April
EA sent out a press release about an agreement between EA and APM. This makes it possible that game scores from many games from EA (including The Sims) are being made available for use in television, films and other media. APM is the world's largest provider of this media.
Read the press release or go to the APM site directly where you can hear some music samples:
- Press release
- APMmusic.com

The 6th expansion pack 19 April
Could the 6th expansionpack be The Sims 2: Bon Voyage and be released on September 17? Normally I prevent to post rumours as much as possible but this looks very credible; 'ecaguimbalu' from the Sims BBS found this name on VideoEta.com. This site posts releasedates from upcoming DVD's, games, etc. According to their Faq:

"Where do you get your information?
Our information comes directly from the studios. Anytime a title goes from an estimated release date to an exact release date, it's the studio that provides us that information"

Check it out yourself here: VideoEta.com

Maybe farms in next pack 20 April
In the Sims2.com BBS topic which revealed the Bon Voyage title, user 'maokri3' posted a translation of a Spanish article where Sam Player is interviewed.
In this article he says "We will end up creating a farm because of the insistent demand of horses".

Note that this does not make it certain that it will be in the upcoming pack; Just a possibility. By the way, MaxoidSam himself even reacts to this info a couple post above this translation.
Find the links below:
- BBS post translation
- Original Spanish article

Misc. news 20 April
Pets for Wii
The Sims2.com has officially announced Pets for Wii with an infopage, screenshots and movies. Find the infopage here: Pets for Wii
Seasons for Mac
A couple days ago, Aspyr opened an infopage for Seasons. Today this expansionpack is officially announced and the releasedate will be 'late May'.

MySims interviews
Tim LeTourneau is promoting MySims and made 3 video-interviews sofar. For Gametrailers, IGN and Gamespot.
Check them here: IGN - Gametrailers - Gamespot

MaxoidSam blog 21 April
MaxoidSam updated his blog 3 times the past few days. In the first blog, he talks about some of the Sims2.com updates and sending in bugreports. In the second, he briefly mentions something about the discussions concerning the new expansion/stuff pack and in the last he posts a long list of Seasons bugs that they have recieved.
Find all 3 blogs on the following page: MaxoidSam blog

New poll 23 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if you look forward to a Vacation type pack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you like gardening. It seem that most people find the new garden feature quite fun. Only a very small amount of people doesn't like it. 2531 people voted and here are the results:

Do you like gardening?
- Yes it's great!: 33%
- Yes it's pretty fun: 37%
- Well it's ok I guess: 17%
- No it's boring!: 3%
- Didn't garden yet/Don't have Seasons: 10%

H & M first screenshots 23 April
The first screenshots from the upcoming new Stuff pack have been found on the official German EA site. Find them below.
A big thanks to Simtimes.de for finding them.


Stuff pack announcement thursday 24 April
MaxoidDrea posted a newsmessage on the Sims2.com BBS telling that the next Stuff pack will be officially announced next thursday.
Find this BBS post here: MaxoidDrea message
Thanks thesims2.co.za for the boxpic.
Update: Dutch fansite Sims2 weblog found the large box. Click to enlarge.

Sims art 25 April
About a month ago, several artschools started an art competition and exhibitions celebrating the art of The Sims.
MTV is now showing several of the entries and also wrote a big article about it. Find it here: MTV.com
Pictured left is the winner of the competition. It's called a 'Zoetrope'.

From the article:

"By turning the crank and squinting through the slats of the zoetrope, a viewer could watch the stills spin into motion as a story of "Sims" life turned to one of "Sims" death."

Pet stories first screenshots 25 April
Though it's not officially announced yet, EA South Africa has already put up a product page for The Sims Pet Stories. Find it here: EA South Africa


Site news 25 April
As you may have seen, today is Snooty Sims' 4th birthday. How time flies. From a small 4 page Geocities website in 2003, to one of the largest Sims 2 news sites in the world. It has an average of a quarter of a million vistors a month and hundreds of pages full of info about the Sims 2.

And since there's always a big update when there's something to celebrate, 10 pages have been added today. Together with co-worker Jusinbuzz, I started a new part of the site in the form of information about all past and future Simgames. From SimEarth to MySims; You can find it there. It's not finished yet, but over the next few weeks/months it will be. Also I'm working on several other updates as well.

There's no Menu link to it yet. The next stuff pack will be announced tomorrow and the Menu will need to be reorganized for that. So for now check the following link to the new SimGames section.

Site news 26 April
As said yesterday, the Menu is rearanged a bit. The Stuff packs, except for the latest one, are now put together in a tree-menu.

Today, the H&M stuff pack will be announced but all the current info and screenshots have already been placed in the new section. It will be updated when new info will be published.
Find it here: H&M infopage

H&M Fashion Stuff officially announced 26 April
The 5th Stuff pack H&M Fashion Stuff has now been officially announced. The Sims2.com posted an info page, screenshots, artpics and a movie.
Check it out here: H&M Fashion Stuff

New Sims titile spotted 28 April
While browsing the Internet, I came across a new Sims title on a South African shop, called The Sims 2: Travelin Fun with a releasedate of 1 August, 2007.
I consulted the owner of Thesims2.co.za and told me that it's a reliable shop and the price is that of a Stuff pack. Which is possible since it comes out about 6 weeks before Bon Voyage.

Note that this title is not confirmed at being official and it's even possible that it's going to be the English title for Bon Voyage.
Check out the shop here: Digitalplanet.co.za

Site news 29 April
The Menu is again reorganized. The Downloads section wasn't growing and also did not need a whole seperate section since this is mainly a news/info site.
The Simgames section is added and since the Releasedate list is quite popular, it's moved to the main Menu.

Family Fun for Mac ships 30 April
Aspyr sent out a press release stating that Family Fun has been shipped for Mac.
You can read it here: Press release

New poll 30 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if what you think about having real-life brands in the game. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you look forward to a Vacation type expansion. This pack seems to be quite popular; No matter if people played Vacation or not, almost everybody (combined 88%) wants a Vacation pack. 2993 people voted and here are the results:

Are you looking forward to a Vacation type pack?
- Yes I loved Vacation, so I'm very happy with this!: 55%
- I didn't like Vacation, but Maxis will make this one great!: 16%
- I didn't like Vacation and I'm not looking forward to it: 9%
- I never played Vacation but I'm looking forward to it: 17%
- I never played Vacation and I'm not looking forward to it: 3%