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New poll 2 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if you have a Servo. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you decorate your neighbourhood. Most people voted for the second option; Decorating the Nhood but not over the top. Still quite a surpising high number keep it near empty. 1962 people voted and here are the results:

Do you decorate your neighbourhood?
- Yes, my neighbourhood is filled with decorations!: 15%
- Yes, I enjoy decorating it, but not over the top: 38%
- Just a couple of trees and rocks: 28%
- No, besides the houses there is not much there: 19%

Easter pack 3 April
  If you would like to have some more easter items in your game, Sim Fantastic 2.com made a whole easterpack. 40 items like baskets, paintings and furniture as well as easter themed walls and floors can be found in this pack.
The filesize is about 38 Mb and it's completely free! The special easter minisite can be found here: Easter pack.

New cheat 4 April
This may be old news for some, but besides the new cheats in the Readme File, another cheat came with Open for Business: Sethour [0-23]
With this cheat, you can set the time to any hour of the day. It's quite usefull; You can max out all your skills or get all craft-table talent badges in a day, have more time for homework, teach toddlers to walk etc, and for storymakers, quikly jump from day to night.

Misc. news 5 April
  Several official European Sim sites have now a pre-order bonus. Order the Family Fun pack and get a free dress. It is unknown if America or other countries will follow with this offer.

In other news, Aspyr announced that it is shipping Nightlife for the Mac.
Read a bit more about it here: Macworld.com

Lyndsay mail 6 April
  Lyndsay Pearson, Assoc. Producer sent a Family Fun mail (or 'L-Mail'). In this mail she talks about what these 'Stuff' packs are all about and shows concepts of the making of the Toyboxtopus.
Find the mail here: Family Fun mail

Family Fun shipped early? 6 April
Someone from the Sims2.com BBS has strangely enough already recieved their copy of Family Fun. A week before the official shipping date. Normally you would say this is a joke but 'raye1forTS2' supplied pictures as proof.
Check it out yourself here: BBS post 'raye1forTS2'

New poll 9 April
A new poll. This weeks question is how high your highest ranked business is. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you own a Servo. Almost half of all people don't have a Servo, but most of them plan to have one soon. 1766 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have a Servo?
- Yes, lots of Sims have Servo's!: 7%
- There are several: 11%
- Just 1 or 2: 33%
- Not yet, but soon there will be: 36%
- No I don't think I will buy or build them: 13%

Sims BBS/Family Fun pics 10 April
It's probably not news mentioning that the Official Sims 2 BBS has been hacked, however, 'raye1forTS2' BBS message (which was posted about a couple days ago), has been unreachable because of that.
The album with the Family Fun pictures can be found here: 'raye1forTS2' pics

Sims BBS back online 11 April
Just a quick note; The Official Sims 2 BBS is back online.

Misc. Family Fun info 12 April
Thesims2.com has updated with a Family Fun minigame. In this game, you can decorate a room with the Family Fun items.
Find it here: Family Fun minigame.
Also for those that already have it, you get a new icon on your Sims page. See left.

MaxoidKane posted a message on the Sims2.com BBS about an issue with the Family Fun pack concerning the new outfits in Create-A-Sim. She also gives a solution for it and they promise a fix soon.
Find it here: MaxoidKane BBS post.

Commercial contest winners 15 April
On the Sims2.com, the the winners of The Open For Business Commercial Contest are announced.
Find it here: Commercial contest winners

New poll 16 April
A new poll. This weeks question is if which business type you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what your highest business rank is. It's a very devided result, but that almost 1 third of all people have a Rank 10 business is quite impressive. 1576 people voted and here are the results:

What's your highest rank yet?
- Business is great! Rank 10!: 31%
- It's doing pretty well. A rank of 8-9: 15%
- Could be better but nothing to complain about. Rank 4-7: 31%
- I must be doing something wrong. A rank of 1-3: 16%
- Oh boy, this is not good. -1 or zero...: 7%

Many bugs in Family Fun 17 April
There seem to be quite a few problems with the Family Fun pack. A thread at the Sims2.com BBS about this, recieved dozens of replies from people.
The biggest issue seems to be certain graphics cards not being compatible and the clothes issue is even worse then previously mentioned. Apparently it is advised not to use ANY clothing from the pack what so ever. Using it in CAS or buying it at a community lot will make the item disapear from the game.
Personally I found that the game started to crash quite often. Sometimes even during loading the game.
Maxis did promise to have a patch ready soon though. Find the thread here: BBS post.

Site news 19 April
Thesimszone.co.uk brings the news that they recieved the 10th million visitor to their site. Surely worth a mention as that is quite an achievement.

This site however will also achieve something special as next week, Snooty Sims will be 3 years old. For this purpose there will be a major update.

For those that haven't followed it in the forums, this site will get a completely new layout. Also you may have noticed the lack of updates the past weeks. Like the new Open for Business stuff in the Info Center (new foods,npc's,etc); In the new layout, it's already updated. There will also be many new downloads in nearly every section, new tutorials, articles, a newsarchive and much more.
To implement all this, on April 25, the site will be offline for a couple of hours to make all the changes.

Family Fun patch coming soon 20 April
From the official Norwegian Sims site, comes the news that the Family Fun patch is just around the corner.
My norwegian is a bit rusty but from an online tranlator I could make up that one of the issues that will be fixed is a problem that occurs when the chopper and nanny visit at the same time.

RPG with Sims 2 technology 23 April
Here's something interesting: EA has announced an new RPG in which the AI will be based on the same technology that has been used in The Sims 2.
Find out more about this game, which has the working title of ' Project Gray Company' here: RPG with Sims 2 technology

New poll 23 April
A new poll. This weeks question is how long you have been visiting this site. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was which business type you like most. More then half of all people like selling items the most. All the other options don't score very high. 1699 people voted and here are the results:

Which business do you like most?
- Selling items (toys,flowers,electronics,etc):: 59%
- Selling food (like bakery): 8%
- Charging a fee (nightclub,bar,gym): 9%
- Service (make-over station): 7%
- Restaurant: 7%
- I don't like any/don't have OfB: 11%

Family Fun patch out 25 April
Finally the much awaited Family Fun patch is out. Get it here: Patch

Oddly enough, it only fixes 2 problems:
- Family Fun Stuff clothing assets will no longer disappear after creating a Sim with them in Create-a-Sim.
- Fixed object error that occurred when both the helicopter and nanny car arrived on family lot at the same time.

MaxoidMojo told in the Forum BBS that this patch will adress the most pressing issues but that they keep on evaluating the other problems.

Site news 25 April
Today, Snooty Sims is 3 years old! And for that, there will be a major site update later today including a brand new layout. However, to make the transition go smooth, the site will be off-line for a couple of hours. I expect to have it all ready at around 22:00 Europe time. For America that's about 1 Pm.

Site news 25 April
Welcome to the new Snooty Sims site! I hope you all like it. As promised, besides the new layout, there is also a big update. Read below for all of them. It's quite a long list, but feel free to explore all the new stuff yourself.

There is now a Newsarchive. Something that I should have had much longer ago, but it's finally here. 2005, however is not finished yet. Also there is now a Poll archive which will show the past 8 polls.

The Info Center
Not many changes there, but some things were added:
- Personality Traits
- Desperations
- Talent badges
Also the Miscellaneous tutorials (links to Sims2 BBS tutorials) has been completely updated.

There are some things added in the cheats section. There's a tutorial for how to make a UserStartup file and also there is a big section for the most interesting Boolprop cheats like Changing Lifetime platinum or how to get all talentbadges and Perks.

All absolete links have been removed and many new sites have been added. Also it looks much better now and is better sorted like Non-english sites or Forums.

New Extras section
In the past I had alot of ideas to add to this site but no place to put them. Now with the new Extras section I finally could realize that. More updates are planned for that section as I didn't have enough time to add everything. But for now there are 7 parts ready like Paysites, Maxis Stuff, History of Snooty Sims and much more.

Many new downloads; new Clothes, Make-up, Walls, Floorpaint; Nearly every section has new stuff.

Finally I like to thank the owner of Sims Extremos.com for creating this great layout!

Misc. Site news 27 April
Thank you for all the nice messages about the new layout in the Guestbook, forum and mail! Makes all the hard work and hundreds of hours spent more then worthwhile. Also thanks to the all the corrections and editions I recieved. I will implement them soon.
Further a thanks to French site Daily Sims who even mentioned the new layout on their site. Also a thanks to 'jusinbuzz' from the Sims BBS for providing the info about workbenches.

For those that have a Snooty Sims banner on their site, would you be so kind to replace it with the new one? You may link it from this site if you wish.

Something different; Some may have seen an occasional problem loading this site. My host had a big power failure on monday and since then, the site was sometimes unavailable. I believe everything is ok again.

Survey on Sims2.com 27 April
There was a survey on the Sims2.com asking what you thought of Open for Business. This survey, that was available for a very short time, also asked some things about future packs.
Read about these ideas here: Survey options

University minigame 29 April
Several European Sims sites posted the known Family Fun minigame. However, on their gamepage was also a University minigame that I believe was never published before.
In this game, the purpose is to kiss as many students/teachers as possible. The game can be played in several languages:
- America
- Deutschland
- Nederland
- France
- Espaņa
- Danmark

Family Fun sells well 30 April
In the week of April 9-15, Family Fun jumped straight to number one in the list of best selling PC games. Also 2 other Sim titles were in the top 5:
1: Family Fun
2: Elder Scrolls 4
3: Open for Business
4: Age of Empires 3
5: The Sims 2
Thanks to Planet the Sims for this info

New poll 30 April
A new poll. This weeks question is which layout you like the most. The old one or the current one. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was how long you have been visiting Snooty Sims. It seems most people found it a year ago, but I'm a bit surprised that 9% (191 people) visit it from the very beginning! 2062 people voted and here are the results:

How long have you been visiting Snooty Sims?
- From the beginning! 3 years ago!: 9%
- About 2 years ago, I found this site: 30%
- I found Snooty Sims about a year ago: 41%
- I found it alittle while ago: 16%
- This is my first time visit to this site: 4%