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Site news 28 September
More Sims 4 site updates:
- Added a cheats section: Sims 4 cheats
- Added a modding section with mods, tools and tutorials: Sims 4 modding
- In the Infocenter there's a new page for Emotions: Sims 4 Emotions
- And lastly an infopage for item upgrades: Sims 4 upgrades

New poll 28 September
There's a new poll. The question is if you use the online Gallery. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think about The Sims 4 after a few weeks of playing. Interesting is that the Best Sims ever and Worst Sims ever camp is the same at 13%. Also interesting is that one third of all my visitors didn't buy the game yet.
1481 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about The Sims 4;
- Best Sims ever!: 13%
- It's ok. Better than expected: 18%
- I'm a little disappointed with it: 22%
- Worst Sims ever!: 13%
- I don't have The Sims 4 (yet): 34%

Misc. news 21 September
Sims real life
The Warp Zone made a hilarious Sims 4 parody movie. A group of people visit Willow Creek and find that being a Sim has its advantages AND disadvantages.
See it here: The Sims in real life

Venturebeat had a talk with Maxis senior vice president Lucy Bradshaw and Sims Studio GM Rachel Franklin.
Check it here: Venturebeat article

Site news 16 September
Some updates to the Sims 4 Infocenter:
- Added the goals for all Aspirations: Sims 4 aspirations
- Updated the icons for all the Traits: Sims 4 traits
- Made a Sims 4 Reviews page: Sims 4 reviews

I'm currently working on Collectables, a Cheat list and Modding page. Further I'm planning on infopages for Emotions, item upgrades and several other things, but that's for much later.

Sims 4 reviews 10 September
Reviews for Sims 4 are flooding in! Below reviews from the better known game-news sites:

- Polygon
- Rockpapershotgun
- Joystick
- Yahoo games
- PC Gamer

- Tom's Guide
- Game Trailers
- Strategy Informer
- Eurogamer
- NZ Gamer

Misc. Sims 4 news 8 September
No Sims 5 if Sims 4 fails
Producer Grant Rodiek posted on the Sims forums that if Sims 4 won't sell, there won't be a Sims 5!
Check an article about it here: PC Games N article

Sims 4 tops UK charts
Well that may not happen as the game sells pretty well. In the UK, it went straight to no1.
Read about it here: Joystick article

Censor patch
Want to get rid of that annoying censor when your Sim is on the toilet? Here's the censor patch: ModtheSims.info

Career list
I made a page about all the careers and their rewards here: Sims 4 careers

New cheats
Grant Rodiek posted some new cheats on the Sims forum here: New cheats

New poll 8 September
There's a new poll. The question is what you think about The Sims 4; Pleasantly surprised or utter disappointment? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're still interested in the Sims 4 with so many cut features. Wow, over half of all people decided to wait with buying the game. EA/Maxis sure did something wrong there. Only 9% still love the game as how it turned out.
1481 people voted and here are the results:

Were you still interested in the Sims 4?
- I still love the game!: 9%
- Still looking forward to it: 24%
- I'll get, but I'm very disappointed: 15%
- I decided not to buy the game for now: 52%

Sims 4 reviews and articles 5 September
Websites are slowly posting their Sims 4 reviews. Also lots of Sims 4 related articles:

- PC Games N.
- Softpedia
- IB Times
- Crave Online
- Game Revolution
- IGN review part 2

- WA Today
- Segment Next
- Canada.com
- Press Start
- Den of Geek
- Cheat CC

- Lazy Game Reviews
- Buzzfeed
- Venturebeat
- Continue-play
- Yahoo
- PC Games Hardware

Misc. Sims 4 news 3 September
Still no real reviews since EA didn't sent out review copies, but here are a couple of articles:

- Yahoo Finance: Sims 4 Press release

- Financial Post: Theres still a market for pricey pc based life-simulators

- The Geekiary: The Sims 4 review

- Associated press: 'Sims 4' aspires to greatness and fails

- IGN: The Sims 4 Review in Progress

- Polygon: The Sims 4 gameplay video - 48 hours in the life of a Sim

- Gamezone: The Sims 4 Review in Progress

- Sims 4 infocenter.: Sims 4 Skill rewards

Sims 4 getting released 1 September
The Sims 4 is slowly being released around the world. And some of them have a livestream.

Check them here: Twitch.tv

You also may be able to find some gameplay movies on Youtube in the coming hours. Just Search for "Sims 4" and filter on upload date.

Misc. Sims 4 news 29 August
Here are a few previews/interviews from the past days:

- Gamespot: How The Sims 4 Will Be Different To The Sims 3

- News 10: Senior EA game developer talks candidly about 'The Sims 4'

- PC Authority: Hands-on Preview: The Sims 4

- PC MMGN: The Sims 4 interview: Talking emotional, intelligent Sims

- Silentc0re: Build Mode - Getting lucky

- Stevivor: In-depth at E3: The Sims 4

- MCV UK: Life in boxes: The Sims 4 at retail

- The Guardian.: Sims 4: gaming's fascinating answer to reality TV

Sims 4 gameplay II 28 August
Another gameplay video on Twitch:

See it here: Live Mode part 1 - Live Mode part 2

Sims 4 gameplay 26 August
SimGuruRyan and SimGuruHouts talk about build mode in The Sims 4

See it here: Let's Play The Sims 4 - Build Mode

New trailer 23 August
A new trailer is released: The Sims 4: Official Launch Trailer

News from Gamescom 22 August
Dozens of sites went to Gamescom and made gameplay movies and previews the past week. Here's a big update on the most interesting ones (credit screenshot TheSims-4.fr).

- Sims Artists.fr
- Daily Sims
- TheSims-4.fr
- Simscommunity
- ActualidadSims
- Simtimes

- BeyondSims
- Crinrict I
- crinrict II
- SimsObjekt.de
- Simforum.de
- Electronic Arts

- Pixia Gaame
- Everyeye.it
- TF1.fr
- SimsFans.de
- FamilyGamerTV
- Sims3net

More Sims 4 info 17 August
Beyond Sims went to Gamescom and made a big preview.
See it here: New preview

Sim Cookie was also there and made a long gameplay video.
See it here: Gameplay video

With all this new info, I could update the Traits list and also made a Rewards page here: Traits - Rewards

Sims 4 info 16 August
Sims Community was at Gamescom and had the chance to take a closer look at The Sims 4.
Check their list of articles here: Sims 4 preview

Misc. news 13 August
The Sims 4 is presented at the Gamescom and executive Producer, Rachel Franklin shows a demo of the game.
Check it here: Gamescom gameplay demo

Joystick.com posted an article and talk about a few Sims 4 features. No new info, but there a few new screenshots.
Check it here: Joystick.com article

Gameplay video
The English Simmer posted a long video where they show Sims 4 gameplay.
See it here: The English Simmer video

CAS demo out 12 August
I'm probably not the only one that checked their Origin several times a day, but now finally, the demo is out for everybody!
You can find it in Origin's Free games/Demo's and Beta's. Or check Origin.com

More Sim Camp info 9 August
More reports from Sims camp (credit screenshots The Sims Resource).

- Simsnetwork II
- Simsnetwork III
- The Sims Resource III
- Sims Legacy Challenge IV
- Sims Legacy Challenge V

- SimsVip VI
- SimsVip VII
- Simatography II
- Simatography III
- Rachybop

Misc. news 8 August
Wierder Stories trailers
EA made several small Sims 4 trailers. Four of them have been relesed so far:
Stay Weirder - It's Amber - Epic Wood - Cow Plant Love

New blog
There's a new blog on Thesims.com about mods in Sims 4.
Check it here: It’s a Mod Mod World

LGR plays CAS
LGR got their hands on the CAS demo and gave their honest opinion on it.
See it here: LGR CAS demo review

Sims 4 on consoles
And lastly, producer Ryan Vaughan told to MCV that Sims 4 may be coming to other platforms.
Read it here: Videogamer article

Sims3Store update 7 August
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Last Venue of Amore: 30 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

Even more Sim Camp info 6 August
Again, many reports from Sims camp (credit screenshot Billsim).

- Simsnetwork
- Sims Legacy Challenge III
- The Sims Resource II
- Simcookie II
- SimFans.de II

- Simply Ruthless
- Simply Ruthless II
- Simply Ruthless III
- Simply Ruthless IV
- Simatography

- Sims Artists.fr
- L'universims
- Sim Times.de II
- SimsVip IV
- SimsVip V

More Sim Camp info 5 August
Below more reports from Sims Camp, and 2 previews from Gamezone and Kotaku.

- Sims Legacy Challenge II
- TheEnglishSimmer II
- The Sim Supply II
- SimsVip III

- Gamezone preview
- Kotaku preview

Sim Camp info 4 August
Below you can find the first reports from several fansites about Sims Camp. More will follow later.

- SimsVip I
- SimsVip II
- The Sims Resource
- Sims Legacy Challenge

- SarademoorGames
- TheEnglishSimmer
- Simcookie
- The Sim Supply

- SimFans.de
- SimTimes.de
- Sims-artists.fr
- Billsim


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