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Sims3Store update 5 April
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Deliciously Indulgent Bakery: 17 items for $19,-

Read a blog for this set here: Blog

New Sims 4 screens 21 March
A Sims 4 presentation on the GDC has been posted online at GDC Vault.com. Besides a lot of technical data, there were also some screenshots:


Thanks to Honeywell's Sims 4 blog for the find.

Sims3Store update 8 March
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Bohemian Garden: 24 items for $17,- (temporarily $14,50)

Sims 4 interview 23 February
It's been pretty quiet on the Sims 4 front the past few months, but here's a new interview with Grahame Nardone on the upcoming game: GamesTM.co.uk

Free valentime items 14 February
There's a free new set in the Sims3Store:

Happy Valentines Day 2014!

Sims3Store update 6 February
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Prism Art Studio: 11 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

The Sims is 14! 4 February
The Sims series turned 14 this month! As an anniversary gift, Town Life stuff is now free if you registered The Sims 3 through Origin.

Check all the details here: Anniversary

Did you know? 2 February
I made a 'Did you know' page where you can find several 'hidden' things in the game.
Check it here: Did you know

New blog 31 January
SimGuruTaterTot posted a blog in the Sims3.com forum about the new upcoming Prism Art Studio. A new venue that will be released on February 6.

Check it here: SimGuruTaterTot blog

New patch 15 January
There's a new patch for the game. Check the changes here: Game Update for 1.66

Sims3Store update 3 January
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Homecoming: 42 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

Free stuff 31 December
There will be a free item from the store everyday until dec 31st!

The Sims team has been very generous and gave us 13 free gifts the past few weeks. The last free item was the Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining.
You may want to check out the ongoing sale page though which contains some nice cheap sets: Sale page

Sims3Store update 12 December
Roaring Heights is now available:

Roaring Heights

Livestream 10 December
Check the live broadcast here: Live broadcast

Roaring Heights update 9 December
Here are 2 blogs about Roaring Heights: DIY Roller Coaster! - The Classically cool fixer-upper car.

The official Roaring Heights trailer: Official Gameplay Trailer.

Merry Simsmas 29 November
Merry Simsmas from the Sims team: 12 Days of Simsmas

Roaring Heights update 28 November
EA has put up the infopage for this new downloadable world (available December 12) here: Roaring Heights info.

And SimGuruTaterTot wrote a blog about the fashion from this world: It's all about the Fashion.


Roaring Heights 25 November
A new world is coming to the Sims3Store. Roaring Heights is a world based on the 1930 from America. In a sims3forum topic, all the details and more screenshots can be found: Roaring Heights info.


Sims3Store update 21 November
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Mother Russia: 31 items for $19,- (temporarily $16,-)

Site news 17 November
I have updated the page with all the free Sims3Store items. Check it here: Free items.

Sims3Store update 8 November
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Grandpa's Grove: 24 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

Site news 2 November
Two site updates; Plumbot traits and the two new Into the Future traits Unstable and Bot Fan have been added and updated: Plumbot traits - Into the Future traits.

Sims 4 in fall 22 October
For those expecting to play The Sims 4 in early 2014, some bad news; It's still a year away.
EA has just announced that The Sims 4 will arrive in the fall of 2014.
Check the small press release about it here: Press release

New poll 22 October
There's a new poll. The question is what you think about the fact there's no Create-a-Style in Sims 4. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're still interested about Into the Future after seeing so much Sims 4 info. A very interesting result; Only 1 out of 4 people is really interested in Into the Future. A huge 60% is not interested or lost their interest the last expansionpack.
1030 people voted and here are the results:

Still interested in Into the Future?
- No, totally lost interest: 10%
- I never liked it anyway: 50%
- It reduced my interest somewhat: 15%
- Yes, I still like it: 25%

Misc. news 19 October
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Grim's Ghastly Manor: 17 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

There's a new patch for the game. Check the changes here: Game Update for 1.63

New community blogs for Into the Future: Future Living - Part 1 - Future Living - Part 2

Livestream 17 October
Check the live broadcast here: Live broadcast

Into the Future trailer 8 October
EA released a new trailer for Into the Future: Launch Trailer

Sims3Store update 5 October
A new set in the Sims3Store:

One With Nature: $12,- (temporarily $9,75)

Sims3Store update 26 September
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Midnight Hollow: $24,50
Gold version: 43,50 (temporarily $39,-)

Midnight Hollow 13 September
A new downloadable world has been announced. It's called Midnight Hollow and has a Gothic/Steampunk theme. Available for purchase on September 26.
Perhaps the most interesting thing from this world is the Savvy Seller's Collection. It's a collection of items which you can use to open up your own shop. So it's basically a mini Open for Business expansion.

Here are some links with info: Preview - Blog - Official forum discussion

Sims 4 articles 12 September
- IGN had an interview with Grant Rodiek on emotions in the Sims 4: Maxis on The Sims 4's Many Innovations

- Another article with Grant Rodiek from VG247: The Sims 4: Your own personal soap opera

- And lastly, an interview with Graham Nardone: The Sims 4 - Offline Single Player, New Features & Meteors At Weddings

Sims3Store update 6 September
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Farm Fresh Folk Set: 20 items for $14,- (temporarily $12,-)

New patch 4 September
There's a new patch for the game. Check the updates here: Game Update for 1.57

Misc. news 3 September
Designer Copeland wrote a blog about tomorrow's new Store set which you can find here: Milkin’ It Dairy Corral

SimsVip posted their Sims 4 preview here: The Sims 4 Preview

And here's part 3 of the Movie Stuff trailer: The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Trailer - Part 3

Misc. news 1 September
Sims 4 emotions
Platinum Simmers posted an article about emotions in the Sims 4: Emotions and Interactions in The Sims 4
Simified also has an article about emotions here: Simified’s Emotions And Your Sims

Into the Future
The Sims Resource wrote a lenghty preview for Into the Future here: TSR Hands on with 'Into the Future'
And Pinguintech also has a very detailed preview about this expansion: Into the Future GamesCom Preview

Cows 31 August
SimGuruTaterTot twittered a picture from the upcoming new Store set, to be released next week. Cows will be a nice addition to everybody's farm.

Misc. Sims 4 news 30 August
- Curse.com had an interview with Sims 4 producer Rachel Franklin: Video interview
- Softonic went to GamesCom and wrote the following preview: Hands on with The Sims 4
- Another hands-on article made by Gamerzine: Hands on: Toying with humanity
- DusDavidGames interviews Graham Nardone: Video interview Note: It starts in Dutch but interview is in English.

Misc. Sims 4 news 29 August
Edenstyle had an interview with Sim Guru Jill about Create-a-Sim.
Read it here: Interview

Sims 4 content sharing
Videogamer.com posted an article about how you can share creations with others. For example, it is possible to check out a house that a friend made without leaving the game.
Read this article here: Videogamer.com

Video interview
Ryan Vaughan gave an interview to Dailymotion here: Video interview

Site news
I added a page in the Sims 4 section with the most interesting Sims 4 articles and previews. Also added some screenshots from GamesCom to the 'Misc. screens' section.
Find it here: Previews - Misc. screens

Into the Future trailer 27 August
There's a new trailer for Into the Future.
Watch it here: Producer Walkthrough

Misc. news 25 August
Screens from GamesCom
The Sims 4 was not the only Sims game on GamesCom. Into the Future and Movie Stuff was shown too. Simified made tons of screenshots from those games.
Check them here: Info the Future - Into the Future CAS - Movie Stuff CAS

Sims 4 poster
Free in the Sims 3 Store; A Sims 4 poster! Get it here: The Sims 4 Poster

Round walls?
Sims Globe found something very interesting. In the live broadcast, the camera was moving around the game floor and for one second, it focussed on a monitor showing Sims 4 buildmode. Here we see a rounded fence. Perhaps there are round walls too?

Sims 4 Hands-on
The Sims Resource posted a large 5-page article on Sims 4. Anything from CAS to Sims emotions, you can read it in this preview.
Find it here: Sims 4 Hands-on

Masterclass 2
Edenstyle posted their second Sims 4 Masterclass. This one is about the Sims emotions.
Check it here: The Sims 4 Masterclass 2

Info from Sims Camp
Sara's Sims and Games posted their findings on GamesCom. Check it here: Sims Camp - Sims 4

Here's Lazy Game Reviews take on the Sims 4: LGR Sims 4

IGN preview
IGN posted a big Sims 4 preview where they talk with Sims producer Ryan Vaughan about Sims' emotions.
Find it here: IGN preview

New poll 25 August
There's a new poll. The question is if you're still interested about Into the Future after seeing all the Sims 4 stuff from GamesCom. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what kind of graphics you would like for Sims 4. Not many voted for cartoony and though Sims 4 can't really be called that, it's a bit closer to that than the other two options. The game is still in early development though so who knows how it turns out.
959 people voted and here are the results:

What kind of graphics would you like for Sims 4?
- Cartoony: 8%
- Sims 3 HD graphics: 41%
- Photo realistic: 51%


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