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Below links to several Sims 3 programs and guides. Also sites where you can download mods and sites where mods are discussed and linked to.
A note on mods: All mods can be used safely; in the worst case, your game may be unable to load. If that happens, simply remove the mod. Also note that some mods are adult in nature (like the InTeen mod). So use those on your own risk.
If the mod requires you to overwrite a file, ALWAYS backup the original!

Having given these warnings, I do not feel responsible for any problems you may have with the game. Nor for being blamed by angry parents for raising the games' teenrating to adult.
Official Programs



Sites with mod-info and/or mod-downloads

Censor patch

Below is a patch to remove the censor which you see when a Sim steps into a shower or sits on a toilet.

This patch was made by CyberOps and is posted here with permission: Censor patch

Place this file in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages (or D or E or wherever you have your game installed).

The patch is safe to use. If you want your censor back, just remove the patch.

Above patch works for every game version, no matter what pack is installed. However, it is adviced to use an updated patch if you have a certain pack installed as some special effects like bathbubbels will be removed as well.

For World Adventures and High-end Loft: Mod The Sims
For Ambitions: Mod The Sims

If you want your sims to have realistic nude skins, go to Sexy Sims.