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 If you're unhappy with Sims 3... 
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Post If you're unhappy with Sims 3...
Why are you unhappy with Sims 3?

In the couple of years or so I've lurked here, I've noticed so many people complaining about Sims 3 and how it is completely non-awesome compared to Sims 2.

I've got a few opinions of my own about it; I think for instance that certain things that made Sims 1 and 2 quirky and charming were taken away. Not that I want to go back to the super-goofy days of Sims 1, but, I miss certain things like needing to go buy any clothing before I could wear it. Or, the fact that the top of the law enforcement career was a superhero, and at the top of the military career my carpool was a helicopter. I miss the social bunnies who appeared if you didn't have your Sim socialize with real people or animals. I miss the psychiatrist who'd show up if you had several motives too low for too long.

I miss the ability to make my Sims' faces somewhat realistic. I know that they can do better faces for Sims 3; after all, they did make somewhat better faces with Sims Medieval. But with Sims 3, I have to add facial hair to my men to make them look like men and no matter what I do, everyone looks pretty similar.

Being stuck on your home lot unless you wanted an annoying load time was annoying, but I miss those other lots being separate in some ways. For instance, the fact that you could leave and visit another lot at noon, stay all night on that other lot, and when you got back home it would still be noon at home and you'd have time to get your Sim's motives back up for work the next day. I guess "easier-to-satisfy motives" make up for that a bit...

I miss the fact that every expansion significantly changed gameplay in some way, rather than only if you took a vacation or only if you wanted to live in a city. And I miss that every (or almost every) expansion connected to the previous ones in some way or another.

Also, am I crazy for being annoyed that there's a specific Community Lot/Venue type for every kind of business imaginable? In Sims 2, I don't remember most community lots having separate types, even after Open for Business came out. To me, it's annoying that I have to go through and set all of these empty lots from Residential to Community or vice versa just to place what I want to place there. Why not instead just have three community lot types? Park, Open Community Lot (for bars, performance venues, consignment stores, etc.), and Rabbithole Community Lot (for workplaces and the Shops That Can't Be Visited)? Instead of No Visitors, the default could be Park. Though I know No Visitors is more realistic, it's annoying when you have one of those lots on the map and, well, you can't visit it. Almost as annoying as having to sift through about 30 types of lots to change an empty lot to the type of lot you need. There is much to be said for simplicity.

I don't hate The Sims 3. Actually I'm pretty fond of it. But there's no denying that it's lacking somehow in the charm of Sims 2, and it's not just because I'm older now. To sum it up, I think the reasons it is not as good as its predecessors are: too much focus on More Realism! as opposed to More Fun!, too little gameplay and content added per expansion, and too little focus on meshing each expansion with the others--because let's face it, unless you're playing a custom built world you are in most cases going to be unable to play all of your expansions. (Here's hoping Lucky Palms has enough open lots of the right size that you can drop in all of those venues that have been added.)

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