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 Common Answers. Got problem? Read this first 
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Post Common Answers. Got problem? Read this first
Yes I under it's way to much info and I will try to make it shorter or something.
How To Find an Answer First

If you know the name of the video card search for it, If you don't know if your pc meets everything go to the "requirements" topic and read the first page. If you don't want to spend money on hardware read the topic on need new hardware maybe not. All else use this link, Click this link or at the top says "search"

If you need help searching or other related forum questions then post or read it in the forum section.

How to Post correctly.

Give a "brief" statement for the Title.

If you don't know the specs of your pc go here
Or free way without downloading
Go to start->run paste this
Then under system and display there's your info.
DO NOT post every line just the main ones at the top with basic info about your display driver, sound driver, etc Not all the dll's files.
All Sims 2 system spec checker, including some stuff packs. Please go here.
If you want to do it yourself read this Long Detailed Method

Before you install O4B please read this and do what it states. I can't stress thing enough since I've been saying the same thing on many forums :)
Official Steps
For users that asked how to set up games for vista here's a video explaining how to "tune" it for games.

If you have problems with your graphic card, changing settings, or anything related to resoloution, graphics, drivers, etc.

Try to update your drivers, check the display settings, etc.
Poor graphics, blurry, or general graphical problems

Do you have red/black/etc flashing type walls?
You graphics card doesn't handle the features in GL+
Flashing Walls ... t&t=191799
What does it take to run every pack at all high setting with little to no lag?
Faster CPU
More RAM
More Space

You can get a way with lower hardware but that depends on the user and what they understand.

Remove bloatware from a pc that hogs your pc down

If you have Crashes, Freezes, Lockups, install probs, etc
This is exactly what he said but in detail and explains it better.
This will only fix crashes, lockups, long loading times, strange pagefile errors, and anything that deals with the game except you downloading something and putting it into your game.

That's the best place to find steps to find the source of the problem.

1.That's the best place to find steps to find the source of the problem. ... me_Problem

2.Remove everything you don't need on the pc. Go to start/control panel/add,remove programs/remove everything and outdated programs.. Then clean up all the hidden things like cache/cookies/temp/bad installs/old files/old movies/pictures/audio/etc. To do this I love ISM which is found here
Reason why is because it can do everything such as repair bad things, clean up the pc, make the internet faster, fix the hard drive, etc.
But if you want free he explains how to delete the cache, temp, etc on his site by using the run command. But it's really will take awhile.

3.After you removed everything you don't need. Now you have to deal with msconfig. Go to start click run type in msconfig. Uncheck, disable everything in services and start up. Click ok and do not reboot. This will tell windows you don't want anything to start up. But you only want this on the game account. But we will do that later. Remember this is for your main admin account not the game account yet.
Now go to his site and he explains how to turn off services that you don't need. This is so windows won't turn them back on when you start. I can't tell you exactly what you need to turn off because it's your pc. And I don't know what you need or don't need. Like if you are web admin you will need the ftp servers, sql, logs, etc. And if you are not an IT then turn them off. If you are on wifi connection to a router leave that on. See what I mean? Now you need to check the registry for errors for the games, programs, etc. This way the game can find the files it needs faster. Use something like Regcleaner or any registry fixer tool out there. ISM has a nice one.

4.Now that they are off. Right click the start menu and choose explore all users. Now in startup/programs/ remove everything in there by delete or "move" them to your main accounts. This way when you have a game account nothing is there to lag the game. Also you won't have anything on the desktop as well. So explore all users/desktop and remove/move them to your accounts. This wil free up tons of resources the the game or anything you have in the new account. If you don't understand use the start up manager I listed above in task manager or ISM. And just tell the start up programs to load in your user not in all user. Because if it's in all users it will load in the game account.

5.Now it's time to scan your pc for spyware, antivirus, adware. He has a good explanation on his site on dealing with spware, adware. But whatever antivirus scanner you have please update it and then scan everything in my computer. Then scan for spyware,adware using the method he has on that site. Also make sure to get his hostfile so they won't come back at all. Or you will be scanning everytime. If you use firefox or another type of browser check out adblock plus extension which will basically block the new ones :)

6.Now it's time to scan your pc. Go to start click run type sfc /scannow and put your windows cd in the cd rom drive. This will fix anything that got changed in windows like bad programs that toke over and so on.
Now right click your drives and choose properties click tools tab and click check for errors. Let it fix everything. When it's done you can defrag from here. But it won't defrag for performance just puts the files alltogather. For that you need something like Norton Speed disk, Perfect Disk, or Something along these lines. These programs will make your dirve perform best for games. Run the program at this step.

7.Now that's done you will need to create the game account. So go to start/control panel/accounts Create a new admin account with no password. Now reboot the pc. Login to that account. You have nothing on desktop and start menu. This is good so it's not being loaded. Right click the taskbar and choose properties Go to start menu tab and choose "classic" so it won't load the eye candy things that windows xp gives you. These eyecandy take up resources. Now go to start/control panel/system. Go to the advance tab and you will notice "performance" settings. Click settings. Now choose for best performance. And you will notice it's all unchecked. This is because they take up major resources that the game needs. Windows was never designed to be a game machine first. It was for basic users. Don't need it if you are playing a game. Right? Yes. now create shortcuts to the games you wish to play. Or don't and just use the start run and browse to the cd's autorun exe file to play the game. And you have no problems what so ever. But remember your main account is like this as well. So you need to turn them back on for each non gaming account. So go back to these accounts and enable the ones you need back. Now remember in that new account you can't do nothing but play the game or major things. There's no internet, word, etc. Because the internet takes up tons of resources and you are playing a game not worring about downloading files that contain virus or checking email. So have fun.

(guide by me but jonny made it easier to understand)

If you have blue screens or any related problems that can't be solved here you go =)
Send EA your problems
Please send and email to and describe what is happening to your game.
In this email:

Please attach a "dxdiag" of your PC so we know what kind of hardware you have.

Please tell us what Sims 2 packs you have installed and any patches you've installed.

Please go to \My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Logs. In that directory you may have many files that are named something like Sims2Exception 2007.01.26 15.25.36.txt. If you do, send us the 4 most recent of those files.
Please also go to C:\Windows\Minidump. You may see similarly named files to those described in the previous paragraph. If so, please attach the most recent 4 of those as well. If you don't have this directory, please tell us this as well.

If you do not have any of these files mentioned in the previous 2 paragraphs, please let us know that as well.

If you have ever downloaded anything not provided by EA or Maxis (custom content, hacks, mods, etc.), please tell us that as well. I would also ask that before you send us an email, you should remove all of this content and restart your game without custom content enabled to see if the bug still occurs.



Does something not work right in game, or too slow?
First it's best to use this
Try remove some CC and run the game in window mode and see if the problem still there. If it is remove the other half and put the CC you just r emoved back in. Then half that and so on until you find the problem.

What order should I install everything?

It's best to install the game game and the packs in order BUT you do not have to since ea left things so you can install any order you like. You might have problems like CC and globals but 99% of you will not. So install any order you want to untill you see problems then ask away :)

Sims not aging or time clock is messed up?
Go here but make sure you are not using or had used any cheats or downloaded any hack that mods the process.

Always install the newest patch. Need a Helpful Patch?

Can't find Cd for insert?

Ea Help or problem with file copying to hard drive?

How to backup right
Or just right click ea games inside of your documents folder and click copy then paste it on the desktop by right click->paste. Then if something goes wrong with the family or you saved after something happend, you just paste the desktop folder you created backover and rewrite.

What happened to my screenshots or where do they go?

Brit wrote:
So depending on what place you were in (Pleasantview pictures were in the N001 folder for me) that's where the pictures might be. So yeah...and then you go to whatever neighborhood you were in and click storytelling.

How do you deal with downloads?
If you want to know everything about installing, downloading, whatever with Custom Content Go here

What are some sites I can download from?


Now that I have downloaded Custom Content It doesn't appear in my game.

After instaling Sims 2 X pack (any pack), ALL custom content wouldn't show up in the game.

At the start on the game, Custom Content window appears
enable it then restart the game asap.

Which downloads work with what game?
If you have Pets make sure you udpated it for "pets" because tons of them needed to be updated. Also download the bodyshop patch up above.

I lost my code for the installation of the game.
Well snootysims will not give it out. Or this page to see how to get it back if you registered the game *you should ALWAYS register the game* So your best bet would be to contact Ea at


Why can't your breed your animals?
Make sure you have enough room for the family size.
Hawk Eyes wrote:
Also you need an enclosed pet bed. e.g. a kennel.

Are you being told you need to reinstall the game after you patch?
Go here
MaxoidSam wrote:
If you are being told to reinstall, the likely cause is that you have modified (either knowingly or unknowingly) two files that the patch is looking for specific versions of to install correctly.

One of these file is the Graphics Rules.sgr file that is located in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\Config\Graphics Rules.sgr. You may have modified this if you wanted to change your resolution settings from the game default, or for other reasons.

The second, but less likely, file that may have changed is the objects.package file, which is located at C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\Objects\objects.package. This file is often modified by hacks or mods or custom content that players install. Not all CC will touch this file, but some does.

A patch essentially overwrites files specific files on a players hard drive with new versions of those files that have bug fixes. And it's looking for the versions of those files to overwrite that it knows in order to pick the right files to copy over...the files that shipped with the original Seasons game. If those files are modified from that version, the install will fail because it does not know what to patch.


The easiest (but most time consuming) way to restore those files is to uninstall Seasons and then reinstall it. Whenever you uninstall or reinstall a game, make a backup copy of your The Sims 2 folder in your My Documents\EA GAMES directory. Otherwise you'll lose all your saved games and your custom content!

The quicker, more advanced way is to pull those 2 files from your Seasons game discs and copy them manually to your hard drive.

To find the original objects.package file:

1) Put Seasons Disc 1 in your CD/DVD drive while holding the SHIFT key (to keep the game from auto-running).
2) Explore the CD using Windows Explorer
3) Open the file "" (requires a compression program like WinZip to open).
4) Unzip the file "objects.file" to your hard drive.
5) Copy this file into C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\Objects\ folder on your machine, unless you chose a different directory to install your game when you first installed it.

To find the original Graphics Rules.sgr file:

1) Put Seasons Disc 2 in your CD drive while holding the SHIFT key (to keep the game from auto-running).
2) Explore the CD using Windows Explorer
3) Open the file "" (requires a compression program like WinZip to open).
4) There are two Graphics Rules.sgr files in there with identical names. If you use WinZip you can see the paths that these 2 files are from. Grab the one that references the TSData\Res\Config directory.
5 Unzip this file to your hard drive.
6) Copy this file into C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\Config folder on your machine, unless you chose a different directory to install your game when you first installed it.

Once these two files are replaced, THEN install the patch.

NOTE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE DVD VERSION: Both files are located in the file. Ignore the Disc 1 and Disc 2 instructions.

The incorrect "H&M Stuff causing patch troubles" has likely started by the prompt that tells you that the game is installing the Seasons patch during the H&M install process. This is because H&M shipped after the first Seasons patch was completed.

BUT note that this is the FIRST Seasons patch. Yesterday's patch was not included with H&M, so if you want that you have to download that patch separately from our patch site.

Hopefully this clears things up and gets you patched and ready to play! Let us know if not.


Bon Voyage
BugFix by J.P.

Non sims related
If you need help and you met all the requirements then check out the FAQ section

Got a slowdown or have windows slowing down?
Speed up by removing services

Think you need updates to drivers, software/etc?
Check this page out

Do not pm, email, etc us asking for help that isnt personal or we won't answer anything because other people won't gain any info if they want to know the answer.

[center]Never Just put HELP ME HELP or saying a persons name in the title because we will surely not even bother to read it lol.[/center]
Without the info I and other people might not even bother to read it or even answer it because it just makes the thread look popular with questions instead of answers. Thank You.

I will not be responding to people without certain things because I'm very busy now with everything as well as some other members that keep telling me things to make this section better for you all. I will not waste my time anymore linking to sticky's, searches, etc without details :)

If any link does not work Let me know (Click the pm and tell me which part or give url) that way I can fix it or add my own flavor to it.

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Yuppy now I can unlock this


If you have any info on this forum or any BBS posts made by a Maxiod (there's soo many to list)

Post the links here on what they do so people have answers to what everybody might be having.

First update your drivers for your computer before trying anything.

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