::Snooty Sims::

An exclusive interview with Evan Taubenfeld!

How well do you know The Sims?
Not as well as most hardcore Sims fans but better than your average layman.

Do you play videogames yourself and if so, what games do you play?
On my computer I'm big on Flight Simulator and X-Plane 9. In terms of game console stuff basically anything EA touches is usually fun.

How did this co-operation with EA came together?
I don't know exactly, I was just honored to be asked and jumped at the opportunity.

How did you 'learn' this odd language? Did you, for example, listen to other Simlish songs for inspiration?
EA actually has Simlish translators on staff who help us out. They sent me a copy of the new lyric with phonetic pronunciations and I used that when I re-sang it.

Did it take longer then usuall to record it?
Yup, I mean, not only did I have to get a good vocal performance, but it was a whole new language for me.

How was the feedback from your fans on having a simlish song?
They love it, and even cooler is all the Sims fans who never knew my music before.

Would you do another simlish song, if they would ask you?
Of course!!

What are your other plans for the future?
I'm going to be taking over the world very shortly...

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Thanks to EA Trax for making this interview possible.