::Snooty Sims::
Did you know...

This list cointains some options in the game that you normally wouldn't notice at first and some other bits of info. Some of the things in this list may be known to some from when you first started up the game while others didn't come across it after 2 years of intensively playing.
This info is collected from several forumtopics, the Prima guides and own experiences.

Did you know...

- that mean sims can cheat with chess and darts by clicking on the dart- chessboard?
- the mechanic can also be electrocuted during fixing something?
- the expensive grandfather clock can fall into pieces while repairing it?
- your Sim can swim on its back while clicking him in the pool?
- you can talk to the unborn baby?
- you can pay off a Sim that kicks your trashcan?
- the expensive wall TV falls into pieces when it's used after having it moved with Boolprop active?
- Sloppy sims may occasionally pee in the shower or the bushes?
- even Nice sims enjoy destroying the dollhouse?
- you can overwater your plant which make them all brown and dead?
- also that you can overfeed your fish?
- when you have 2 or more pc's, your Sims can play a LAN game?
- Sims can watch tv in bed?
- you can free the burglar after it's captured in the policecar?
- unaccepted pizza never turns bad?
- 2 social bunnies can make out with eachother?
- when a Sim is on the phone, another Sim can join that conversation by clicking on another phone?
- Sloppy Sims can lick a plate 'clean'?
- Sims that went through University have the option to sleep on the floor?
- Sim made paintings rise in value alot after the painter dies?
- really sloppy Sims (0-1 point) can salvage money from the trashcan?
- in the Sims universe, there are 2 moons?

- teens get zits if their 5 day average of hygiene is below 50%?
- a refrigerator will never be stolen?
- you can 'encourage' a younger Sim to add or subtract personality points?
- you can alter Interests by buying and reading magazines?
- a child with negative aspiration may stomp flowers, ruin paintings or even smash an urn?
- you can watch tv from the toilet?
- there's a free-moving camera in Bodyshop by pressing F3?
- you can place small statues and flowers on mantelplaces and some dressers?

- you get a §500.-- fine if you call the police or firebrigade when there's no emergency?
- kids can recieve a 1-time §100.-- reward from a non-existing grandparent if it has good grades?
- baby's/kids/toddlers taken away by the social worker may turn up for adoption?
- a teen can runaway if it has a bad relationship (-20/-20) with all household members?
- if permission to go out is denied, the Sneak Out option for teens comes available on the phone after 10 pm?
- when 2 Sims in a house follow the same career and 1 is higher up the careerladder, that Sim can 'pull some strings' to get the other promoted?
- when juggling coffeecups (not those from the fridge), another Sim can join the juggling?
- a Lazy Sim with low mood may smash the alarm clock when it wakes him up?
- toddlers that learned to walk, may sneak out of the crib autonomously?
- pressing TAB in the game or Neighbourhood makes it possible to zoom in real close (WS-QE buttons)?
- the game was delayed for 6 months, the main reason for adding wants & fears?
- that originally there was supposed to be a thirst and mind need?
- and that social was devided between friends and family social?