::Snooty Sims::

An exclusive interview with Dexter Freebish!

How well do you know The Sims?
Pretty well. I know its highly addictive!

What kind of videogames are you into?
I was always a fan of Starcraft. I played that quite a bit while we were recording in the studio. I'm also playing a great little game on my I-phone called "Fieldrunners". Very addictive! Looking forward to Sims 3 too!

How did this co-operation with EA came together?
Steve Schnur, the head of music for EA, used to be at Capitol Records and signed us to that label back in 2000. We have remained friends ever since, and we were talking one day and decided it was time to work together again. We signed on with EA's Publishing Company, Artwerk. For us, it was a no brainer!. Video games these days is like MTV was back in the 80's when they actually played videos. It is a great way to reach a broad group of people with our music. We have been recording a new album this year entitled "The Other Side", so we are looking forward to more of our music being used in video games.

What did you decide, to make the Simlish song?
For Sims 3, our new song, "The Other Side", will be in the game. At this point, it won't be in Simlish, though. We have had another song in the past on Sims. That song was called "Pretty People".

How difficult was it to adapt the song to the language of the Sims?
It's a lot harder than you think! There is somewhat of a guideline to follow and its not as easy as we thought it would be. It was actually very hysterical watching our singer, Kyle, perform in Simlish and try to keep a straight face. We thought it would be fun to perform the song live in Simlish someday.

Did you get any feedback from people on having a simlish song?
Oh yeah! We got tons of emails from people wanting the simlish version. I think there is even a video of it on Youtube somewhere.

Would you do another simlish song, if they would ask?

What are your other plans for the future?
Our new Album, "The Other Side" comes out in January 2009. Will be available at most digital stores. Will play some shows and are already working on another release in late 2009.

For more information about Dexter Freebish check out the following site: myspace.com/dexterfreebish