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The Sims 3

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The big difference in this picture is the shadow. In Sims 2, there's no shadow on the house AT ALL, just a shaded blob on the ground. In Sim 3, the shadow looks great.

The tomatoe plants look pretty good in Sims 2, but the hedge looks more like a green-painted piece of concrete. In Sims 3, it looks nice and fluffy and even seem to have different height.

No big changes here, however many cheats were needed to create the Sims 2 pic like Moveobjects, 45degree angle and Snapobjects. If the Sims 3 pic is completely made without cheats, that would be great news for those who like designing.

This Sims 3 pic was made to show the improved lighting and customization of objects. This customization makes the Sims 3 room look much better as all objects fit together.