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The Sims 3

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Here are 4 comparisons with the Sims 2. The Sims 2 pics are taken with a standard 1024x768 resolution with all graphic options at max. To make these pics, several cheats were used like: Moveobjects, the 45 degree angle cheat and 'Snapobjects to grid'. Other then that, the pictures are not 'photoshopped'.

Here you can clearly see the improved lighting. The light from outside just shines through the windows. Also the Sims 3 build/buy mode grid is much smaller as you can see at the flooring around the fireplace.

The Sims 3 Sim looks obviously much better. It's less blocky. Also the plantlife in Sims 3 is much improved.

Again, the tree/plantlife looks much better, the sea also looks more real. The biggest difference here though is the expression on the Sims face. The Sims 2 looks almost emotionless while she runs. In the Sims 3 this is much better.

Here you can see that the lighting is much better. In the Sims 2 pic, the floorlamp only lights up half the chair. Objects can also be placed closer together as the floorlamp almost touches the chair.