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Site news 18 July
Hello visitors, I'd like to apologize for my big lack of abscense. Nothing bad happened to me, I just completely lost interest in The Sims games. I have played the games for over 15 years and almost as long had this website. But now I'm just done with the game. Maybe it's because of the somewhat disappointing Sims 4, or maybe because I started playing other games.
I don't expect this to change for the remainder of The Sims 4 but perhaps a Sims 5 will spark a new interest.

I will keep the site online so you can keep checking out the big archive of the older Sims games (I know there are many people who still play Sims 2 and 3). I run several other websites on the server so it doesn't cost me anything to keep it going.
So for now; Goodby and who knows, see ye later.

New dlc underway 10 January
A new Stuff pack will be released soon. Movie Hangout Stuff will contain new items and clothes.
Read more info in this blog: DLC info

Get Together released 10 December
Get Together has been released. Here's the launch trailer: Trailer

Misc. news 7 December
New patch
There's a new patch for the game. This patch contains a lot of things like updated world maps, updated interfaces, new group behaviour, and a HUGE amount of fixes.
See the updates here: New patch

New blogs
Grant Rodiek wrote a blog about 15 reasons to get excited for The Sims 4 Get Together: New blog 1
SimGuruDrake wrote a blog about how to celebrate the Holidays with the new items in The Sims 4: New blog 2

Motherboard spoke with Azure Bowie, an associate producer about the Grim Reaper and they talk about the fact that a lot of players like to kill their Sims in all kinds of ways.
Check the article here: Why the Sims must die

Article II
If you're in for some nostalgia, Eurogamer wrote an article about The Sims 1.
See it here: Sims 1 article

New blog 11 November
TheSims.com posted another blog with video. This blog is about the two new Skills: DJ and Dancing.
Check it out here: New blog

New blog with video 5 november
There's a new blog on TheSims.com. It's about how to customize clubs. The blog includes a new video and some new screens.
Check it here: 11 Ways You Can Customize Your Clubs in The Sims 4 Get Together

Low divorce rate explained 13 October
Website Motherboard/Vice investigated why the divorce rate for Sims (6%) is so low. They asked Rod Humble and The Sims 4 senior game designer Daniel Hiatt what the reason could be.
Check the article here: Why the Sims have low divorce rates

Expansion delayed 9 October
The upcoming expansion Get Together has been delayed til December 8. The Sims team wants to add a few more items and features to it.
Check the news here: New releasedate

New blog 1 October
SimGuruGraham posted a blog about the recently released Spooky Stuff. Here you can read about how to make a scary looking house.
Check it here: New blog

New poll 1 October
There's a new poll. The question is if you want toddlers in Sims 4. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you buy every pack and expansion. A large 38% hasn't bought a single pack yet! And 1 out 4 only gets a few. Are the packs not interesting enough or is The Sims 4 just not appealing to many people? Only 22% will buy everything.
842 people voted and here are the results:

Do you buy every pack and expansion;
- Yes, I buy everything there is: 22%
- I get most, but not everything: 15%
- Only a few that interest me: 25%
- Haven't bought a single pack yet: 38%

Spooky Stuff 26 September
Spooky Stuff has been announced. A new Stuff pack that contains new clothings and items based on Halloween. Spooky Stuff will be released on September 29.
Read more about it here: Blog by SimGuruGraham

A new patch has also been released which includes a couple new interactions, a new trait and ofcourse some bugfixes.
Check the patchnotes here: Patch notes


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